Tuesday, May 16, 2017

April 2017 Top 5

Thought I would never get around to this. Better late than never I guess. Going to try and keep this short and sweet.

Let's go!

Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Cleansing Bar

My friend uses and has raved about Urban Skin Rx. She said it has done wonders for her skin. I instantly followed them on Instagram but hadn't gotten around to ordering anything. Then the brand appears on Evine and I ordered the Urban Skin Rx 3-Piece Skin Brightening Anti-Aging Set and the Urban Skin Rx HydraFirm Serum. I've enjoyed using all the items but the Even Tone Cleansing Bar in the Anti-Aging Set was the stand out product. It comes with sponge. You wet the sponge, swirl it around in the product and use the sponge to apply the cleanser to your face. My clean felt nice once I rinsed it off and it didn't dry out my skin. The more I used it, I noticed that my skin was clearer and brighter. I even used my Clarisonic in place of the sponge and it worked just fine. The only "downside" is that it is a two part system with the sponge and the cleansing bar. I would definitely repurchase the Even Tone Cleansing Bar on its own.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

When I used the Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Cleansing Bar in the evening, I used this balm to remove my makeup first. Typically I'm not a fan of cleansing balms and oils. They're messy and the don't rinse "clean". I do go in with a cleanser afterwards but after using a cleansing balm or oil, I always feel some type of film on my face. I did not experience this with this cleansing balm. To me it wasn't as messy to apply. It rinses really nicely. I don't feel a film on my face and gets all my makeup off. This is another product I would definitely repurchase. I picked this up from Ulta.

Morphe 35R Palette Ready, Set, Gold!

I told you all in my April Shop My Stash post that this was going to a favorite for April LOL! I don't know if this was limited edition but I don't see it available on Morphe's website. Here's the post initially announcing the palette. I don't really keep up with Morphe. However a friend of mine mentioned a YouTube video that used that palette. See I set myself up for failure by watching this video. I saw it and said SOLD! This is a nice mix of everyday colors. Gold scares me sometimes because some gold can too bright and they look crazy on my eyes. This palette has very nice wearable gold tones. Also the brown shadows in the palette! *swoons* Most folks say they judge a palette but the black shadow in the palette. I judge a palette based on the brown in a palette. The browns in this palette are flipping fantastic! You have warm,cool,dark, mid-tone and then some. I was seriously considering taking this with me to San Francisco but I typically don't travel with big palettes. I thoroughly enjoyed using this palette in April.

L'Oreal Nudes - Infallible Pro Matte Gloss in Statement Nude & Infallible Paints in Nude Star

I picked these up after seeing crystalis007 mention them on her Instagram. I'm typically not a nude lippie girl but I was reaching for this two a lot in April. They feel nice on the lips and they were nicely throughout the day for nude shades. for nude shades. Typically nudes shades are gone from my lips in no time. These did come with me to San Francisco and they are still in my daily makeup bag. If you're looking for a new nude lippie to try then check these out.

IT Cosmetics Brushes

I picked up the Love Beauty Fully Flawless Blush Brush #227 and the Airbrush Smoothing Foundation Brush #102 when they were on sale at Ulta. The blush brush is just your typical angled blush brush. It applies blush nicely to the cheeks. The foundation is so nice! I love the size. It's not too big and it's not too small. It's a good size for blending foundation all over your face.  Both brushes are super soft and clean up nicely.

And done! Let's see what's next. Some more favorites perhaps? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 2017 Shop My Stash


Long tine no see! I am back from my work trip and I have some posts to catch up on don't I? Plus I have a bonus post of sorts that popped in my head while I was away. But first, here's what I'm playing around with for May.

Shadow Play

I went back and for on what eyeshadows or palettes to play around with and I drew a serious blank! Then I said let me play around with some single eyeshadows. These are mainly from Makeup Geek. I have a couple of eyeshadows from Anastasia and one from Obsidian that I think came in a Allure Box. I recently purchased some magnetic palettes from tarte that are very nice. Trying to decide if I want to purchase some more eyeshadows to fill this palette up. I have my eye on single eyeshadows from Juvia's Place.

Polish Play

Butter London nail polishes are on deck for May. I traveled with some of these and I was annoyed by the fact that there was some serious chipping going on. I'm thinking it's the base and/or top coat I was using. I've used these polishes in the past and never had chipping issues. So I'm going to pay close attention to chipping while using my regular top and base coats. If the chipping is still an issue then these are going in the trash.

Teetotal, Sprog, Wallis, Brown Sugar
Pistol Pink, All Hail The Queen, Lovely Jubbly

Fragrance Play

Drew another blank here on what fragrance to use. Then I decided on philosophy's Falling in Love.

Phew! Annnnnnd go!

Monday, April 24, 2017

#ManicureMonday China Glaze Violet-Vibes and Point Me to the Party

Another Monday on deck and another Manicure Monday!

Today I am wearing Violet-Vibes and Point Me to the Party by China Glaze. These two polishes were from their Electric Nights collection. Violet-Vibes is bright berry creme. I'm wearing two coats. Point Me to the Party is a clear glitter topper with neon green, pink, blue and orange hex glitter. It's very pretty and the various glitters are different sizes. It applied nicely and it's not too thick. I think they pair nicely together.

TTFN - ta ta for now!

Monday, April 17, 2017

#ManicureMonday OPI Politcally Polished

Hey there. How ya doin? What's good?

I meant to post this earlier in the day but time got away from me.

This is not one of the polishes I'm supposed to be playing around with for the month. This is from the OPI Washington DC Collection. This was an Ulta exclusive and I couldn't get my hands on it. One of my beauty loving sorority sisters scooped it up for me and sent it to me along with an Urban Decay lip palette that I'm digging. So naturally I had to try it out. It's described as dark plum brown and I digs it. I like it against my skin tone. I'm wearing two coats but could have gotten away with one. This joker was hard to photograph. It doesn't look dark in the pic but it is a tad darker in person. I may travel with this polish and a couple of others from the collection. We shall see.

See you next Monday!

Monday, April 10, 2017

March 2017 Top 5

 Here's my top 5 for March!

Page Eleven Planner

I've been in a planning rut. I haven't been using my personal Happy Planner like I should. Which annoys me to no end because that's money being wasted. I saw The Posh Blog's review on the Page Eleven 2017 Daily Planner. This planner spoke to me. I like the week on one page layout. I played around with a traveler's notebook insert with a similar layout. I also liked how the next page with your top 3 items for the week, meal planning and grocery list. There's also budget and gratitude sections for each month. There is also a quote at the beginning of each month which I love. I'm a big quote person. I also like the portable size. This is the planner that I've been using for the last couple of months. It just enough and I don't feel overwhelmed but it. I definitely will continue using it for 2017. I've inquired about a planner for 2018 and they are working on it now. Woohoo!

Cargo You Had Me at Hello Palette

I randomly came across this palette and it instantly caught my eye. I picked it up from Ulta. I got a lot of use of it in March. I've never tried Cargo eyeshadows before and they are really nice. The are smooth, pigmented and easy to the blend. The matte shades are not chalky. The palette is organized in duos which is kinda neat. I really enjoyed the six shades on the right side of the palette. If you're looking for a new palette for the spring and summer then check this one out.

Exfoliating Cleansers

For about two weeks or so I used an exfoliating cleanser as part of my morning skincare routine. I forgot just how much I like using an exfoliating cleanser in the morning. They make your skin nice and smooth and foundation applies so much better. The two I reached for are past favorites. I used The Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash by philosophy and the Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub. The scrub is actually my brother's lol! He has it in the shower and I was hey why not HA! I have some other cleansers I'm working through and I'm still trying to pair down my products. The skincare addict life is real lol! But I will keep in mind to add an exfoliating cleanser back into my morning skincare routine.

Urban Decay Lippies

A friend of mine sent my a bunch of Urban Decay lippies. She sent me some lipsticks (After Dark, Gash, Nighthawk and Pandemonium) and one of their new liquid lipsticks (Rock Steady). Then I ordered three Revolution High-Color glosses (Gash, Shadowheart and Afterdark) from their website that are on sale. I really enjoyed using the lippies in March. They are GOOD! The lipsticks are smooth and didn't' dry out my lippies. I heard some not so good reviews on their liquid lipsticks. I have the shade. I actually like it. This shade went on evenly and the formula is not drying like some liquud lipsticks, I want to look into the other shades. The glosses are awesome! I only had one (Bittersweet) that I remember liking when I used it. But of course I haven't used it in a while They are not sticky, they are very pigmented for a lip gloss and they were nicely throughout the day. I also rediscovered Gash which is probably my favorite red. I highly recommend checking out some lippies from Urban Decay.

Bare Minerals Flawless Finish Brush

This is another past favorite. This brush applies face powder nicely and it super duper soft! This one is a definite keeper in my brush stash.

Short and sweet for March. Let's see what April brings!

#ManicureMonday Beach It Up

Back at it again on this here Monday!

Today I did a full manicure with China Glaze's Beach It Up.  It's described as a dense rose gold and copper glitter in clear base. The color is a bit washed out in this pic grrrrrrr! None of the rosey coloring is coming through. I'm not sure how I feel about it as a full mani. *shrugs*. I'm wearing two coats but could have gotten away with one coat. It's not a smooth glitter polish even with a top coat. I think that's why I'm not liking it as a full mani.

I forgot to take a pic of the bottle on its own. So here it is again with Essie's Angora Cardi. It's also pictured in my April Shop My Stash post. And as always Google is your friend.

See you next Monday!

Friday, April 7, 2017

April 2017 Shop My Stash

A quick up from March, I ended up returning both Makeup Revolution palettes. The Kat Von D dupe wasn't much against my skin tone and I wasn't really wowed by the other palette either.

Now on to April!

Shadow Play

For eyeshadow, I'm going to play around with the 35R Ready, Set, Gold palette from Morphe. I've already done a few looks with it and it is er'thang! I'm positive that it's going to show up in my top 5 for April. I'm also going to play around with The Sahara Palette from Juvia's Place. I went back and forth on this one. The shades are pretty but it's not a "complete" palette. But I can use it with the 35R palette or another palette in my stash. So no biggie.

Polish Play

I pulled out some China Glaze nail polishes to play around with for the month.

Violet Vibes, Beach it Up, Point Me to the Party, Glitter Me This...

Princess Grace, Oxygen, Let's Chalk About It

Fragrance Play

For fragrance I'm keeping it simple and going to use philosophy's Amazing Grace.

There you have it. Short and simple for this month!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

March 2017 Out of My Face

I cannot believe it is April! I had good intentions to get this up in March. Dah well!

Here's what I used up in March:

  • Wen Lavender Mint Treatment Oil
  • Serious Skincare Olive Oil Replenishing Body Oil
  • philosophy Living Grace Whipped Body Creme
  • Wen Styling Creme in Tea Tree
  • Andrew Lessman Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails 720 count
  • Skinfix Rich Hand Cream
  • Serious Skincare Reverse Lift Reverse Serum 1oz
  • philosophy Purity Made Simple
  • Wen 613 Ultra Nourishing Intensive Body Treatment
  • Skinfix Hand Repair Cream
  • Andrew Lessman Healthy Hair Skin & Nail 720 count
  • Beauty Secrets Acetone Nail Polish Remove 32oz
  • Covergirl Queen All Day Flawless Foundation
  • Dickson's Daily Refreshingly Clean Cleansing Cloths
  • tarte Gifted Mascara
  • Mally More is More Mascara
The Serous Skincare Reverse Lift Firming Facial Serum with Argifirm is a newbie item. I was going to mention it in my favorites for February. Then I was going to do a separate post on it but then I felt like I needed to use it some more. I got this in one the Serious Skincare Halloween surprise boxes I picked up from HSN. I was like ummm I don't have wrinkles and my face doesn't need any lifting. I went on HSN to check out the reviews and what surprised me was that several reviews mentioned that this serum helped with pores, smoothing out the skin, easier makeup application and brightness. I then said SOLD! So I gave it a go and I really like this. It definitely makes my skin smoother and my makeup more seamless. I've used it twice a day and then I switched to just using it in the morning. I have a 2oz size that I got in a set of serums. So I'm glad I have another bottle handy. After I used the 2oz bottle up, I'll decide if this is a keeper in my routine.

Another newbie to the list are the Dickson's Cleansing Cloths. These were on my list to try since I like their witch hazel toner. I scooped these up from Walgreens. There are pricey. I think they were either $6.99 or $7.99. I had a $1 off coupon. First use I used them on my eyes like a dummy! Then I was like they have witch hazel in them fool! So needless to say it burned my eyes *head palm*. So one "downside" is that you can't use these to remove your eye makeup. It removed my face makeup fine. Then I used these on no makeup days when I need to clean my face but didn't feel like using a face wash. They are nice but I more than likely will not repurchase them since I use cloths like these to mainly remove all my makeup.

The Skinfix Hand Repair Cream is another newcomer. After trying and loving their Rich Hand Cream, I wanted to give this a try. QVC has a deal on a set of 3. I really like it but I feel like I go through it quicker than the Rich Hand Cream. I've already ordered another set from QVC. Once is going in my travel bag.

And there you have it. My next empties post will combine April and May since I have work travel coming up. *sigh*

TTFN - ta ta for now!

Monday, April 3, 2017

#ManicureMonday Bobbi Brown Turquoise & Cult Nails Dance All Night

What happened to the days when you had aches and pains and all you had to do was take some Tylenol and lay down? Sheesh. First I had a knee issues. I got that worked out then my back wants to start acting a fool! I tell you. Smh. Dah well. Let's talk nail polish!

Today I'm wearing Bobbi Brown's Turquoise. The color of this polish is self explanatory. It's a pretty shade. It's a shade you can definitely find at a cheaper price point. At first I was only going to do an accent nail with Cult Nails Dance All Night. I liked the way it looked so I did it on each nail. Dance All Night is described as "multi sized blue and green glitter intermixed with a color shifting micro glitter that goes from gold to orange". The base of the polish is clear which is nice for layering with other polishes. It's a bummer that Cult Nails is no longer in business. They had some pretty polishes.

Going to keep the nail posts going in April. So see you next Monday!

Monday, March 27, 2017

#ManicureMonday Essie Angora Cardi & China Glaze Beach It Up


Here we are. Another Monday on deck. Traffic this morning was THEEEEE worst! I swear one day, I'm going to just turn around and go back home! I definitely need a shorter commute or the ability to telework.

Ok enough adulting ranting. Let's talk about some nail polish.

Today I'm wearing Essie's Angora Cardi. This is the polish that I mentioned in my March Shop My Stash post that was all the rage recently. It was their #1 most pinned shade for fall 2016 on Pinterest. It's supposed to look go on any skin tone. It's described as a lush, deep dusty rose polish. This is my second time wearing it and I really do like it. This may be one of my go to nail polishes for work travel. As an accent nail I am wearing Beach It Up by China Glaze. I picked this up yesterday at Sally Beauty. I always troll the nail polish displays whenever I pop in there. It is from their 2017 Spring Fling collection. It described as a dense rose gold and copper glitter in clear base. I like it. I want to see if I'll like it as a full mani. Stay tuned for that.

Now let the rest of Monday proceed. -______-

TTFN - ta ta for now!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

March 2017 Shop My Stash

Here's an update to my February Top 5 post. I decided to return the Mally Eyes on You 4-Piece Collection that included the Ageless Eyes V.2 Eyeshadow Palette. After looking at it some more, it is very very similar to her Nude Attitude palette which I do own. Also I forgot to mention that I did experience fallout with the lighter shimmer shades which didn't bother me a whole lot. The Ageless Eyes palette is still a favorite for the month. It's just not a keeper in my collection.

Ok now on to March! Here is what I'm playing around with for the month.

Shadow Play

More new brands on deck! I picked up two Makeup Revolution palettes from Ulta. I have done some serious damage at Ulta recently. Oy vey. I came across the Ultra Eye Contour palette (left) and I was like ok this is a dupe for the Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette! I also picked up the New-trals vs Neutrals palette (right). I was poking around on Ulta's website (trouble trouble!!) and came across the You Had Me Aloha palette by Cargo (top) The colors spoke to me but I went back and forth on purchasing it because I do not need anymore palettes! Guuuhh!!! But as you clearly can see I caved. Let;s see if these are keepers.

Polish Play

For nail polishes this month, I pulled out some of the higher end nail polishes I have from Bobbi Brown (Twilight and Turquoise), Dior (Amazonia), Dolce & Gabbana (Mint) and Chanel (Black Pearl). I also pulled a couple from Sally Hansen (Spark in the Dark and Bare Hug) and one from Essie (Angora Cardi) that was all the rage this past Fall. I can't remember who did the post, but the claim was that this nail polish looks good on any skin tone. From there it was sold out everywhere. I recently just go my hands on it from Ulta. Sorry for the lack of nail posts. My nails have taken a beating. I've been trying to get them back in shape and they seem to be on the mend. So hopefully there will be more nail posts this month.

Fragrance Play

I mentioned Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Sucre Eau de Parfum in my February Top 5 post. So of course I still want to play around with it some more. Cashmere Glow from Bath & Body Works is back. I also have the shower gel and body cream. Come the end of the month whatever I use up is what I use up. I'm ready to be done with this scent. Another new scent I recently picked up is La Nuit by Lancome. I've only worn it twice. So I need to give a good go to see if I'm going to keep it, Isn't the bottle pretty? Lancome is becoming another favorite for fragrance.

And here we go!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

February 2017 Top 5

Hey. Hey there. How ya doing? Here's my top 5 for February!

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Sucre Eau de Parfum

Juicy Couture is becoming one of my new favorite brands for fragrance. I got this from HSN when it was at an event price and free shipping. I have two other Viva La Juicy scents (Viva La Juicy and Viva La Juicy Rose). What sold me on this one was the fragrance notes. They are:
Top: Brazilian gardenia, mandarin and red currant
Mid: Orange flower, jasmine flower, peach nectar and almond cream
Base: Cocoa bean, sandalwood, whipped cream and vanilla extract
They base note alone caught my attention. I'm a fan of sweet scents but not overly sweet and look at the bottle! Could this be any cuter. When I got it home I wore for a week straight and I LOVE IT! It's a fun and flirty scent. Next time you're out and and about, give this a whiff.

NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette

I scooped this up from Ulta. Did I need more blush? Of course not but hey lol! I've been a fan of NYX powder blushes in the past. This palette is really nice and I like the shade selection. With some blush palettes, there are shades that are similar to each other. With this palette each shade is something different. Two of the lighter shimmery blushes I used as highlighters. The other blushes and nicely pigmented and show up nicely on my deeper skin tone. This palette will definitely come in handy for travel. Now I'm curious about the Strobe of Genius palette. Stay tuned to see if I pick it up. I probably will. *shifty eyes*

Origins Mask Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin

Two YouTubers I watch with a similar skin type as me (Nicole Guerriero and Kristina Braly) said that this mask had really helped their skin. So I was curious. I've looked at Origins skincare off and on but have never picked anything up. I made an exchange at Sephora and picked this up. When I put it on my skin, I said oh! I lik the smell lol. I'm weird and like minty/menthol smells. The scent is kind of soothing to me. Again I'm weird. It was easily to apply and rinse off. I can't stand masks that hard to put on and take forever to remove. When I removed it my skin felt soft and "looked" clean and bright. By that I mean, it brought all the gunk out of my skin. The next morning my skin looked even better. I used it a few more times just to make sure and had the same results. So I think I have found a mask to keep in my routine for when my skin starts acting up.

Mally's Ageless Eyes V.2 Eyeshadow Palette

I mentioned this palette in my February Shop My Stash post. I kept reaching for this palette during the month. It's a complete palette. I didn't have to pull in any additional shades to do an eye look. The dark matte brown is fantastic. The palette also has a matte black. Overall it's  neutral palette with some subtle pops of color. You can do a nice simple look or a dark and smoky look. The shadow quality is on par with Mally's other palettes I have tried. If you're looking for a new palette to play around with then check this one out.

Mally's More is More Mascara

A friend was nice enough to send me this mascara. I had seen it on QVC but really wasn't moved to try it since I'm stuck on Tarte mascaras. This mascara claims to give you the look of false lashes and I love it! The applicator is plastic and I tend to like plastic applicators more so than your traditional mascara wands. This mascara gives me length, volume and curl. It doesn't smudge on me and it's easy to remove. So score!

Sorry for the so so photos *head palm*. I have another camera I keep meaning to test out. I'll try to give it a go for the next go round. On to March!

Bag of the Moment - Vince Camuto "Cecil" Leather Slouchy Shoulder Bag


Let's talk about the Vince Camuto "Cecil" Leather Slouchy Shoulder Bag that I picked this bag up from HSN. I had my eye on this bag when it was a Today's Special but I couldn't makeup my mind about it. I saved it to my favorite items list. The favorite items list alerts you when something goes on sale, sells out, comes back in stock etc. I got an alert that the bag was on sale and I saw that it was on free shipping. Since I have been clearing out my bags, I noticed that I didn't have a go to black bag. So I ordered the Cecil bag in black to give it a whirl and I have really been enjoying it. It's a nice size for everyday. You can get a lot of stuff in the bag but it doesn't become too bulky. Also for a leather bag, it is lightweight with no items in it which is a plus. You don't want to start out with a heavy bag then add your stuff then it becomes super heavy. If you looking for a good hobo bag then check this one out. I was tempted to get another color but then one I was eyeing is sold out. So I think I'm good with just the black. See I'm making progress.

TTFN - ta ta for now!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jan/Feb 2017 Out of My Face

Helllllloooo and happy March! I can't believe it's March already! Life is still in progress but things are kind of getting back to normal. I have a few posts that I want to get up. So let start with some empties shall we? We shall!

Here is what I've used up in January and February:
  • Vaseline Cocoa Butter
  • One n Only Argan Oil
  • philosophy Falling in Love Spray Fragrance 4oz
  • Proclaim Cocoa & Shea Butter Hand & Body Lotion 3oz
  • Silk Elements Shea Butter with Olive Oil Hand Cream 3oz
  • Fresh Cream Glazed Body Souffle 16 oz
  • Duri Rejuvacote
  • Serious Skincare Ultra-Mare Pure Marine Serum Concentrate
  • Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray Oil Control
  • Skinfix Ultra Rich Hand Cream
  • Beaute Essentielle Antioxidant Facial Wipes in Pomegranate Acai
  • Serious Skincare Pure Pep Fading Fluid
  • Serious Skincare Dermal Crepe Resist Eye Cream
  • philosophy Take a Deep Breath SPF 30 Oil-Free Oxygen Moisturizer
  • Wen Fall Ginger Pumpkin Treatment Oil
  • Ween Fall Ginger Pumpkin Replenishing Treatment Mist
I came across the Beaute Essentielle Antioxidant Facial Wipes in Pomegranate Acai at TJ Maxx. They were $3.99 for 60 wipes. At first I thought they were just ok. The more I used them, the more I grew to like them. They are a nice size to remove makeup. They're not harsh feeling and nicely saturated. I also picked up another version that's next on my list to use. There were a TON of different facial wipes at the one TJ Maxx store I went to and the prices were very good compared to the drugstore, Ulta, etc. If you need to stock up on some wipes, I say check TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I think the philosophy Take a Deep Breath Moisturizer is a good one for the daytime. It didn't interfere with my makeup and it didn't make my skin extra oily. I would definitely repurchase it. I've purchased "fancy" balms, butters and what not but when I went back to using Vaseline Cocoa Butter on my feet, back and other places that needed a little extra attention, I said to myself yep I'm sticking with this. It gets the job done and you can't beat the price. Not too shabby these last two months in trying to use stuff up. I lost my mind in February and picked up a bunch of stuff here and there. So yea I have MORE stuff to try and use up. Oy vey lol!

Let's see what I use up next!

Monday, February 6, 2017

February 2017 Shop My Stash

Hello February! I really didn't know what I wanted to play around with for the month. But then I got some new stuff and rediscovered some nail polishes. So here's what I picked out.

Eyeshadow Play (and a bonus cheek palette)

I had no clue on what eyeshadows I wanted to play around with for the month. I thought about playing around with my Milani single eyeshadows. Then I debated between a couple of palettes. My makeup play is still limited so I've been kind of uninspired. I've placed some orders and I have some newness which includes 3 palettes! *twirls*  I ordered the Mally Eyes on You 4-Piece Collection from QVC and the set included the Ageless Eyes vol 2 palette. This palette kind of reminds me of the LORAC Mega Pro 3 palette. From Ulta I ordered the Perfect Filter Shadow Palette in Golden Hour. I also go the Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette. Then finally I got the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette mainly because it was on sale lol!

Polish Play

First I pulled Very Structured from Essie's Fall 2011 collection. Then I pulled out the rest and then I randomly grabbed other nail polishes. I'm still attempting to clear nail polishes out. -_______-

Very Structured, Glamour Purse, Case Study, Power Clutch, Lady Like, Carry On

Urban Decay Mrs. Mia Wallace, Ozotic 505, Covergril Emerald Blaze, Bondi Midnight Mystery, Bondi Starry Night

Fragrance Play

For fragrance I am going to play around with Wen's 613 and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy.

A nice mix of products. I feel like these posts are becoming redundant. We'll see if I stick to them or try to change them up a bit.

Less Stuff - ThredUp Review

As of today I have sent 5 clean out bags to thredUp. Over all I have been pleased with my experience. I will say if you're looking for quick cash then thredUp may not be for you. It does take some time for them to go through your items and determined what the payout will be. There is one caveat I didn't know until after I sent off my first clean out bag.

For items under $60 you get a pay out. For items over $60 they are considered consignment items and you get paid when and if the items sells. I did not notice this when I first looked at thredUP.  I saw this when I looked at the post "How I Made Over $3000 Selling my Clothes and Accessories Online". When I saw that I was like say what now!?! Had I saw that beforehand I'm not sure if I would have sent my items. But then again I knew that I probably wouldn't get much for what I sent. I just wanted the items out of my closet. So I was a little annoyed by this fact but they are doing most of the work that I don't want to do (ie selling items on eBay or similar site). Also funds are not available as soon as a item sells. You can use the money as a credit to shop with them immediately. If you want the pay out, you have to wait 14 days.

Most of the complaints I saw from various reviews is that people felt that thredUp didn't get them "enough" for their upfront payment items. Especially for items that they perceived as "high end" or "really nice" items. I just shook my head at them. Of course you will receive more for your items if they are new and still have the tags on them. However in general used clothing is not worthy a lot. There is a payment estimator on their site that gives you a general rage of what you'll receive. The condition of the item plays a factor. Also you can do your own research. I think on the Salvation Army website I saw an estimator for clothing donations and what to write it off for tax purposes. The amounts were not much. Generally when I have donated clothes I never wrote them off because it was too much of hassle to price everything and I knew it wouldn't be a lot of money. You can also donate your items to thredUP but they don't provide tax receipts. For me thredUp has been helpful in getting rid of handbags and getting a little something for them.

So do your research and consider your options before sending items to thredUp or any other similar site.

TTFN - ta ta for now!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2016 Handbag Favorites

I was going to include these in my top 10 for 2016 but decided to a quick post on my two handbag favorites for 2016.

Dooney & Bourke Multi Color Nylon North/South Triple Zip Crossbody

I mentioned this bag back in November 2015 and it has gotten a ton of use since. When it comes to a handbags the bigger the better! I'm a big bag girl. But I have enjoyed using this bag when I run errands, work travel, on the Metro or just when I don't want to carry a big bag. Even though it is small, you can fit a lot into it. I also love the color and the fabric. It's very neutral and goes with just about nothing. The fabric is nylon. It's very durable and easy to clean. Some options are available on ILoveDooney. This bag is available is in other versions besides nylon. If you're looking for a good crossbody bag then check this one out.

Emma Fox "Jutland" Leather Tote

I picked this tote up in Smoke/Black when I had a coupon. I got it home and carried it for a while and LOVED it! I turned around and got the Cognac/Black option when I had another coupon. This is a great everyday tote! With nothing in it, it's very lightweight. Once I added my items, it never felt super heavy. I like that it's a north/south tote vs east/west. It lays nicely against the body and it never feels like it's in the way or overwhelming. It's a workhorse bag. I carried this tote for a quite a while. I had to make myself switch out of it to go through some other bags I'm deciding on in my stash. I'm very tempted to get the Black/Cream Plaid option. If you're looking for an awesome tote bag, check this one out on HSN. It's currently on clearance and free shipping.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017 Top 5

Hey there!

This year these posts will be my top 5 favs for the month only. I may throw in a bonus fav but that's it. Any surprise products or products I don't like will be separate posts. I want to do these as I come across stuff instead of waiting until I'm ready to do my top 5 post. Make sense?

So here's my top 5 for January!

Covergirl Queen All Day Flawless Foundation in Almond Glow

I know, I know. You're probably like this foundation again lol. I'm still loving this foundation but I've been playing around with a new shade. I first took notice of Almond Glow when CKey Beauty used it a video. I guess we're around the same complexion shade, so I said hmmm. I forgot about it but then when I went to a Helmart (Walmart) that had a bunch of the shades, I picked up Almond Glow and Spicy Brown. Almond Glow is a bit more warmer than Mocha (my ride or die shade) but it's not as warm as Warm Caramel which I have tried before. Almond Glow has been working for me. It blends into my skin nicely and it's a really good shade match I think. I've already ordered another bottle from Amazon. I'll stick with this shade for the rest of the winter and maybe early spring. It may work for me year round like Mocha. I'm wondering if this foundation is being discounted. It's getting harder and harder to find in stores and online. I've tried finding out via social media and I haven't gotten a response. I may try to contact Covergirl directly. Stay tuned.

philosophy Glazed Body Souffle in Fresh Cream

This has been on my list to try. I got this in duo from QVC. I was actually on wait list and didn't think it would ship. So while I was waiting, I ended up ordering another set that included Fresh Cream and two other scents. I ended up returning the set and then the duo was shipped to me. This cream feels very luxe on the skin but it's not heavy. It makes my skin soft and keeps is nicely moisturized throughout the day. I definitely that need during the cold and dry winter months. Also Fresh Cream pairs nicely with a ton of different scents I wear. I did do auto delivery and it's one I will definitely keep.

Bobbi Brown Bronze Tortoiseshell Eye Palette 

I pulled this palette out to use in addition to the Bare Minerals eyeshadows for the month. I've only use one Bare Minerals eyeshadow! It's time to let some of them go *sigh*. Back to Bobbi. I haven't been doing my makeup everyday due to some schedule changes. When I have put on makeup, I have reached for this palette over and over again. It's a nice neutral palette. It has a nice dark matte brown which I enjoy and the other colors are easy to throw on the lid and go. I've been using the Banana shadow as a brow bone highlight and it's super pretty. This was limited edition but you may luck up and find it on a blog sale or it may be re-released.

Chapstick Medicated 

This was a random purchase I made trolling the lip balm section at Helmart (Walmart). I have used this on its on day and night. I've also used it under various lip colors and I have really been enjoying it. It's goes on smoothly and my lips feel super smooth and soft. This is from the Chapstick website:
"Some days, it takes a little more to get your lips looking and feeling their healthy best. That's what ChapStick® Medicated is all about. It quickly soothes the pain, hydrates with moisturizers and seals in moisture with a light, protective barrier to help heal severely dry, chapped lips."
I haven't had any pain from severely chapped lips so I can't speak to that but I still agree with this! So another score for Chapstick!

Serious Skincare Olive Oil Replenishing Body Oil

This is the same bottle that I mentioned back in March. I have been reaching it for a lot this month and as you can see it's almost gone. I have another bottle ready to go. I really like how soft and moisturized my skin feels after applying it. Also the scent is very calming especially at nighttime. I'm hoping I can catch another deal when Serious Skincare is back on HSN.

And there you have it. Nothing too overly exciting I guess. I have quite a few things I picked up in January that I will add to the rotation. So let's see what February bring!.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2016 Top 10

Ok I lied again lol!

I mentioned my grand plans of how I wanted to do my favorites for 2016 with a top 5 in different categories and ummmm yeaaaa...

I've had some stuff going on that really hasn't allowed me the time to my 2016 favorites in categories. Then I really didn't have 5 absolute favorites in each category. I didn't want to list stuff just to have five items in that category. I started to get frustrated. I was all over the place as usual. This is supposed to be fun and easy for me. I had to regroup and said ok let's just do a top 10 like I did in 2015.

So here are my top 10 favorites for 2016.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

This is probably the palette that got the most use in 2016. I traveled with it and kept it in easy reach when it was at home. You can do a variety of  looks with this palette from a barely there neutral look to a dark and smoky look. And it has a purple shade. I mean come on! LOL! I just think it's  very versatile palette with good quality eyeshadows.

tarte Tarlette Tease Palette

This is another palette that got a lot of love from me in 2016. It's an easy palette to use. I like that it doesn't have a ton of shades and that all the shades pair nicely together. Heartbreaker is the shade that I have gotten the most use of it. It's the perfect matte brown shade for a one shade look.

Laura Mercier Artist Palettes

I mentioned in August that I contemplated on sending these two palettes to Glambot.  I'm glad I didn't. I have constantly reached for these two palettes. I've used them on their on or paired them with other palettes. Especially if I need some darker shades. I also like that the packaging is slim and compact. It makes them easy to store and travel with. So it's safe to say that these are definite keepers in my stash.

tarte Shape Tape Concealer

This concealer right here is holy grail! I got it for giggles based off of all the hype I had heard on both YouTube and Instagram. It is well deserved hype! This concealer has awesome coverage and the u staying power is phenomenal. I originally picked it up in Deep to use under my eyes. More shades have been released and I picked up Rich to use on the rest of my face. I enjoy both shades. If you are looking for a new concealer, I highly recommend this one. It is pricey but you can catch it on sale and you a ton of product.

MAC Taraji P. Henson Collection

I rarely loose my mind over MAC collection nowadays. Well I lost my mind over this collection. I picked up 2 of the lipsticks and both MSFs. I was tempted to pick up backups of the MSFs. Not like I really need backups. These items were in heavy rotation for a good while. The lipstick (Strip Me Down) is a very pretty nude and you can have some fun pairing it with different lip liners. The MSFs (Highlight the Truth and Taraji's Glow) are pigmented and blend nicely onto the skin. I also like that this collection didn't have a TON of items like some MAC collections. Hopefully they'll do another on with her in the future since this one was so popular.

Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in Hot Toddy

I first mention this back in July and I just mentioned it again in December. It has gotten a lot of use on its own or with other lipsticks. Buxom glosses are my absolute favorite lip glosses because they give you more than just some color on your lips. They are conditioning and good for your lips. Hot Toddy is a good everyday shade. It's described as toasty nude and it's super pretty on. If you're looking for a new nude lip gloss to try, pick this one up.

LORAC Alter Ego Lipgloss in Secret Agent

I first mentioned this gloss back in March when I got it from Ulta on sale along with  Jet Setter. I have reached for Secret Agent the most. Secret Agent is described as a plum brown. Whenever I've worn a purple eye look, I instantly reach for this gloss. I've always had trouble finding the right lip color to wear with a purple eye and this pairs nicely with a purple look. I've also reached for this gloss when I don't know what to put on my lips. On me it's a nice nude shade that goes nicely with my skin tone. I pair with Colour Pop's liner liner in Too Lips.

Serious Skincare Vitamin A Line

If you've been following my Shop My Stash posts. then you would have noticed items from this line showing up a lot. I started using the line around June and I have enjoyed every item I have used. It has really been a game changer for my skin. It has helped smooth out and clear up my skin. If I had to pick only one item to stick with then it would definitely be the A Force Serum. If you're looking to incorporate Vitamin A into your skin care routine then I highly recommend the Vitamin A line from Serious Skincare. The items I have picked up have been from HSN.

philosophy Purity Made Simple Mask

I picked this mask up back in March from Sephora and it has been my go to mask. It is easy to apply and remove. You only have to leave it on for a couple of minutes. Once I remove it my skin is so soft, bright and clean. It does not have that tight feeling an my skin does not feel dry after removing. This is a product that will remain in my skincare arsenal.

philosophy Pure Grace

I got my hands on Pure Grace back in June from QVC and I have continued using it. It an easy fragrance to wear. It's a no frills scent. You just smell nice and clean. Also for me it's a calming scent. It's a scent that I'm plan to keep within easy reach.

And a non-beauty bonus fav is Beyonce's Lemondae! I mentioned this back in May and I'm STILL rocking out to it. It's just that good and definitely my album of the year.

I was going a separate post on my top brands for the year but I'll just throw it in right here. My top 3 brands for 2016 are tarte, philosophy and Serious Skincare. No surprises here.

Not a bad list if I must say. I probably could have added 5 more products. I tried to keep it short and sweet. Thanks for following me along, commenting and sharing. Let's see what 2017 brings.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

December Top 5 & More

Here's what was going on in December for all things beauty and we have a couple of non-beauty items too. Let's get to it!

Top 5

Trish McEvoy 24-Hour Eyeshadow and Liner Duo - Smokey Quartz and Topaz

I purchased this duo from HSN. The duo is currently sold up but the shades are available individually for purchase. I scooped this duo up when I had a coupon. I was tickled by the fact  that Mally Beauty has shadow sticks with the exact same names. I don't know who came out with theirs first. Smokey Quartz is very similar between the two brands. Topaz is different between the two brands. Smokey Quartz is described as a shimmering raisin and Topaz is described as a shimmering golden bronze. I LOVE Topaz! It's a bronze shade that not too warm and doesn't run red. When I first got these I swatched them on the back of my hand and the staying power was absolutely crazy! I washed my hands several times and these jokers would not come off! I was shocked. When I wore them on my eyes the staying power was good especially since I have oily lids. So I highly recommend these if you can catch them on sale or if you have coupon code. There aren't a ton of shades. So I may check out the others at some point.

L.A. Girl Pro Face Matte Pressed Powder

A friend was nice enough to pass on to me the three deepest shades available in these powders. I have Toffee, Chestnut and Cocoa. Toffee is the shade I use all over to set my face. Chestnut is on the warm side. I've used it to set my under eye concealer and I was surprised by how much I liked it for that. Cocoa is the deepest shade and I figured it would be too dark for me to use to set my face right now. I may be able to use it during the summer months. Looking at it, the shade kinda reminded me of Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powder in Chocolate that was my holy grail. So I said let me use it as a bronzer/contour and I really it for that. These powder have given the Black Radiance powsers that I have raved a run for their money. These can also be use on their own for a "soft radiant look."  I have not tried them on their own yet but I'm looking forward to it.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal

I got this little guy from Ulta as a freebie with an online order. It's so tiny and cute! For some reason I thought that Opal wasn't for deeper skin tones. So I never really looked at in store. Opal is described as a golden opal pearl and it is so pretty! When I put it on my cheeks I was like oh hello glow! It's not an extreme highlight. It just gives a nice glow to the cheekbones and wherever else you put it on the face. So score for this freebie! It should last me a while.

Lip Combo - MAC Whirl Lipstick and Buxom Hot Toddy

I mentioned Hot Toddy back in July as a favorite. I thought I had previously talked about Whirl but I guess not. MAC's Whirl lipstick is a matte and it is described as a dirty rose. To me it's more of a warm brown shade. Or it appears that why against my skin tone. It's one of MAC's lipsticks that everyone talks about. A friend was nice enough to pass it on to me. It has been a lipstick that I reached for a lot lately because it's so easy to wear and goes with just about any eye look. Recently I have been pairing a lipstick with a gloss for later in the day. In the afternoon I don't always want to reapply my lip color. So I've been reaching for lip glosses with some color and that are conditioning for my lip. Buxom Lip Cream fit the bill! Buxom's Hot Toddy is described as a toasty nude and pairs beautifully with Whirl. If you're looking for a new nude lip combo to try then check these two out.

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Krystal

This gloss had been on my wish list for a while before I got my hands on it. It had been discontinued, so I took to eBay to see if I could find one. Then I lucked up and found a Buxom set with this included. I've used it here and there but recently it was just sitting in my basket. Since I've had more no makeup days than wearing makeup days, this is what I have thrown on my lips and I love it. I'm already a fan on the Buxom glosses. This is just nice for some shine on your lips, along with hydrating and treating your lips. When I run out of this I hope I can find another one. Buxom needs to stop playing and add it back to their line up!

Bonus fav - Bruno Mars 24K Magic

I've been good all year sticking to five favorites but why not add an extra for December! I loovvve me some Bruno Mars and I picked up his new one 24K Magic. I have been playing it non-stop in my car. I'm kinda bummed that it's only 9 songs *shrugs*. The two songs I have been playing on repeat are Chunky and Versace on the Floor but I enjoy the entire album. I so want to go see him in concert. Maybe I can make that happen this year.


Turkey Haymakers Hill Tea in Sweet

I randomly picked this up from Safeway when it was on sale. I've picked up multiple bottles since then. It's different. It's not overly sweet and tastes really good. It has ginger, honey, molasses and vinegar in it. The vinegar part is interesting to me. I don't taste it. I do taste the ginger and I like it. I think I saw a lemon version that I may pick up next.


L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer

This isn't a total fail but more of I'm not sure about it. The same friend sent me the pressed powders alos sent me two shades of this concealer in Toffee and Fawn. I feel that these two shades may be too light for my skin tone. I did make them work and used them with the Pro Face Matte Pressed Powder in Chestnut. So it didn't look bad but I feel like it was a lot of "work" to make them work. If that makes any sense. I don't like my makeup routine complicated. I just want to apply the products and keep it moving.. If I'm comparing this concealer with other inexpensive concealers I've tried then I'd say go for the NYX HD or Maybelline Better Skin concealers. I know these L.A. Girl concealers have a cult following but they're just not my cup of tea. I may try the deeper shades, if I ever see them when I'm out and about in stores. Otherwise I have other concealer favorites that I enjoy.

Trish McEvoy No. 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk 9 Eau de Parfum

Yea so this was an impulse buy from HSN. I was getting some Christmas gifts and this was on sale for $85.50 (original price is $135) and on free shipping and said what the hey. It's 3.4 fl oz so you're getting a lot of product. I got it, gave it a sniff and thought this is just like philosophy's Falling in Love which is one of my all time favorite fragrances. I  noticed that over the course of the few days I wore it that the scent didn't last. I was like ooook. So I took to the internet and read reviews and saw people commenting on the staying power. I also saw others saying that it's similar to philosophy's Falling in Love. So after some thought I decided to send it back. This is pretty pricey even at the sale price I purchased it at. You can get a Falling in Love set with multiple items and layer the scent vs what you'll spend on this fragrance. Plus I don't have any issues with the staying power of Falling in Love.


I'm a nerd and I track how many books I read each year. My whooping grand total for 2016 was 35 books. I'm used to reading way more. Dah well. It happens. *shrugs*

And there you have it! Let's see what January brings.

January 2017 Shop My Stash

Happy New Year! I'm going to continue with these posts for 2017. I'm still on a clear out my stash kick. My hope is that posts will help me go through my stash, use stuff and then make some decisions on what can go. We shall see. I'm running out of ideas on what to do with the stuff I don't want anymore. So here is what I'm playing around with for the month.

Eyeshadow Play

I didn't really play around with the Bare Minerals eyeshadows I took out last month. So I'll use them and probably add some other to the mix. These shadows are ones I really want to clear out of my stash. Once I clear out the ones I don't want anymore, I have no idea what to do with them.

Polish Play

I've been trying to figure out what I want to do for nail polish this year. The idea popped in my head to go through my stash by brand. So that's what I'll do and you make see a brand for a few months at a time. I am going to start with Essie. Some of these colors aren't "appropriate' for the current season but I don't really care *shrugs*.

Tour de Finance, The Lace is On, Under the Twilight, Navigate Her, Vested Interest, Resort Fling

For the Twill of It, To Buy or Not To Buy, Cocktails & Coconuts, Cashmere Bathrobe, Ole Caliente, Find Me an Oasis

Fragrance Play

I'm going to continue using Living Grace since I had the whipped body creme that almost done.

Kinda boring but dah well. Even though I'm trying to stick to using what I have in my stash doesn't mean something new won't pop up here and there *shifty eyes*.

Let's go!