Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Non-driving Mofos!!

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Now I don't claim to be the best driver in the world.  I have a lead foot and have a teeeeeeeny bit of road rage.  However there needs to be a a recall on driver's licenses!  Aye Dios Mio! These fools hold up traffic just to switch lanes or catch an exit.  They zip in and out of lanes where the speed limit is like 35, there are only two lanes and you're in a residential/business area.  Folk don't use their blinkers.  Some people don't know how to do the speed limit and go super slow for no reason.  They ride your bumper.  If I have to slam on brakes for some reason yo azz is gonna be in my trunk!  One morning on my way to work, there were two accidents on the same street not even two minutes a part.  Oye vey! Deeeeeeen all these radios ads run stating that police are cracking down on aggressive drivers yadda yadda yadda.  Bullish!  One thing police in my area have done is strategically place a cop car at various intersections.  Let me tell you there is NO ONE in the doggone car!  And here's the kicker.  The same car will sit in the same spot and in the same position for at least 4 or 5 days!  I'm like come on!  If I ever come into some money, one of the frivolous things I would do is get me a driver stat!  I swear these mofos get my pressure up just about everyday!  My drive to and from work is my time to get my mind right and also get my jam on lol!  I don't have the patience for the foolishness I see how on the road on a daily basis.  Other drivers on the road probably think I'm crazy because I'll go off in a minute.  The next thing you know there is like 8 car spaces between me and the person behind me.  HAAA!!!  Shoot on the weekends if I don't have to go out I keep my simple self in the house! -___-  If I do go out I try to do it eaarrrly so that by time everyone is out and about I'm already back home!  Hmph!

And there you have it.  My take on non-driving mofos!  LOL!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Neglecting Me

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We all get caught up the daily happenings of our lives.  We all wear different hats and try to juggle many things. While doing this you may stop and realize hey I'm neglecting me!  You keep putting of doctor's appointments, you eat more fast food because you're on the go or don't have time to make something that may be a little better for you.  Or you get a rut where you don't care and get kind of lazy.  Well for me it's a mix of all of the above.  I've put of making various doctor's appointment when my azz knows that something is wrong or that I need to go for routine check ups.  I let other people transfer their crap to me and then I get all frustrated and stressed out.  This is more so work related stuff  but there's some family stuff thrown in there which is touchy (and a whoooole 'nother post all together).  I had been doing good with working out and trying to eat a little better. Some things here and there have thrown me off.  Well good people I need to stop neglecting me!  If I do then I won't be here long.

One of my favorite stand-up comedy movies is Martin Lawrence's Runteldat.  At the beginning and end he says ride the m'fer until the wheels fall off.  He's taking about life.  You only get one shot at it.   Yes you will encounter your trials and tribulations but in all things there's a lesson to be learned.  Take it and run with it.  Don't get caught up in the dumb stuff.  I have to remind myself of this allllll the time!  You have to learn to take the good with the bad.  That's life.  Of course we want everything to sunshine and roses.  I guess it can be depending on your outlook and how you handle the various seasons of your life. *ques Dixie Chicks' version of Landslide* LOL!

On Facebook one of my friends posted that she had a recent health scare and needed to rethink on some things and start taking better care of herself  I saw another friend comment that she takes off two days out of the month for "mental health" days.  Lord knows we all need days like those.  I can honestly say since I've been working I've never taken a real vacation .  I take days off here and there.  Usually it's to do things that I don't have time to do over the weekend.  Sad I know.  Again I need to do better and stop neglecting me.  I've make some doctor's appointment's that I've been putting off.  I've gotten back to working out this week, I made a small grocery store run, going to continue with purging and organizing things.  So slowly but surely I'm going to do better taking care of me.  If I don't do it then who will?

Until next time folks...

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

April 2012 Favorites

Here are my April favorites (late I know)!
So instead of putting in a pic for every item I'm going to do 1 - 2 of all the items or maybe for each grouping.  Let's see how this goes.  I just feel like these posts can be too picture heavy.


I started using Wet n' Wild's Silent Treatment trio again when emilynoel83 mentioned it in one of her recent shopping list ideas videos.  This is an easy go to trio on days when you don't know what to do or when you do want to much going on with your eye makeup.

I picked up The Balm's Nude 'Tude and Shady Lady vol 1 palettes from Hautelook during one of their sales.  I so did not need another neutral/nude palette but the reviews on it were good and the price was good.  The Shady Lady palette has a nice mix of colors.  The eye shadows are very pigmented, soft and have good staying power.  There are two other volumes of the Shadowy Lady palettes but I think I'm good with the first one.

I'm not a big MAC person.  I have a few items in my collection and what I do have I like.  I did pick up two MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows from one of their recent collections in Rich Core and Havana.  I've only worn them alone all over the lid.  They are very pretty shadows.  Lightweight tempted to pick up one or two more.  But at $20 each I think the two I have is enough.

The smashbox Photo Op palette is freakin awesome!  It contains all of the reformulated eye shadow trios along with two additional quads.  You also get two blushes, lip glosses, brow powders, cream liners annnnnd 3 highlighters.  It's came out during last year during the holidays and it's still available on QVC.  This is the perfect travel palette.  I took it with me on my recent work trip and I was good to go.  I've always loved smashbox eye shadows.  The new formulation is amazing.

I was going to mention Wet n' Wild's eyebrow pencil which I've been using.  I like it but the pencil is waxy and I don't feel the staying power is all that great.  Before that  I was using Maybelline's pencil in black which I felt was too dark.  I went to Ulta and picked up Iman's brow pencil in Brownest Black.  This right here!  The pencil is not waxy and looks very natural.  I've been using it the last two weeks and I think I may have found my HG brow product.  And it's only $8 which I'm happy about becuase some of the other products I was looking to try are at least $20.


MAC's Heroine was recently released as part of the Reel Sexy collection.  Wasn't checking for it until I saw a youtuber (crystalis007 I believe) post a video on it and I was sold.  It's a matte purple color.  It's not super matte which I like and it's a pretty color on.

I ordered a Mary Kay lip gloss in Berry Tart when I went to a Mary Kay party (which started me back in using some products that I already had and got me to get some other products, mainly from eBay).  I love berry colored lip products since they look good on my skin tone.  I used this product for a good two weeks.  I've used this with MAC's Heroine and on its own.

Revlon lip butter in Raspberry Pie is a great option is you're not a fan of or scared to wear a red lip.  I thought I had lost this but it was buried in my purse lol!!


**blush colors are seriously washed out in this pic -___-
Mary Kay Blush in Berry Brown is a perfect everyday blush for my skin tone.  On me it's very natural and goes with just about any look.

MAC's blush in Notable is another perfect everyday/goes with any look blush.  I took it with me on my work trip and I used it just about everyday for the week I was gone.  This isn't available via MAC anymore.  I lucked up and found it on eBay for a reasonable price.

I have several versions Bare Minerals Mineral Veil. I used the original version pretty much the whole month.  Mainly because I want to use it up.  While I was using it I forgot how much I liked it.  In the container it a white powder which I know for a lot of people is a no no.  However it doesn't leave any color on the skin and I can't explain it but it does make your skin look better.


I've been on a blue kick this month.  I've gone back and forth between Revlon's Royal, Midnight Affair and Spoiled by Wet n' Wild Your Fly's Down.

This and That
Safeway's Vanilla Milk - random I know lol!!!  I usually get Horizon's Vanilla Milk which is good but expensive.  I randomly stumbled on this a Safeway one morning.  They usually have a promo going on and the small bottles are $1.  I use it for my oatmeal and I don't add any sugar.  Very tasty :)

I was all over Target brand's baby wipes.  A pack of 88 is less than $2.  Then one day I didn't feel like going to Target and hit up CVS (which I've been doing a lot lately) and picked up the CVS brand baby wipes.  They're a little more price wise but I like them better because they are thicker like a cloth.  I use baby wipes to help remove my makeup before I was my face and for personal needs *shifty eyes* lol!

Ok that's all. TTFN.  Ta ta for now!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

No Buy...Take 2!

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So I just go back from going to the mall with a friend of mine.   She wanted to try out some Bare Escentuals stuff so we headed over to Macy's.  There was no one at the BE counter which I thought was odd.  They said the girl left at 6.  Again odd.  So we walked over the the Sephora in JCPenney.  I looked at some things, swatched some things, picked stuff up, put stuff down and I ended up getting three things *head palm*. We walk back to Macy's and some items on the Chanel counter caught my friend's eye.  I ended up get a nail polish and glossimer *head palm*.  I am going to try this no buy thing again.  I'm going to look at some auto delivery orders that I have from QVC.  I did cancel one last night which felt kind of good.  I'm going to go through my collection (mainly eye shadows and blushes), have an honest conversation with myself and give some stuff/throw stuff away.  Let's see how this goes.  Wish me luck.  It's fun to look and buy but after while it's like really dude you only have one face!!  Oye vey!