Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Hate Packing!!

(Courtesy of Microsoft)

Ok sooooo next week I have a work trip and I hate packing.  It's a process that really starts for me like two weeks out.  I've mentally in my head started packing.  I'll have to dress somewhat business like during the day and then the evening it's whatever.  Then since I'm a makeup/product junkie I have to get that side of my packing together.  I needs my stuff!! :) I just sat here an went ahead and pulled out what makeup items I plan on taking.  THAT in itself is a task.  I had so many lip gloss and lipstick swatches on the back of my hand.  Luckily enough I recently ordered the smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette from the Q.  So that helped a lot teehee!  I did grab some additional items just because *shrugs*.  Next task is to do tackle the mountain of laundry and then start pulling clothes together.  My tech toys, I said I was going to make an effort to work out so there's that stuff and let's not talk about shoes!! Oye vey.  Then a last minute store run if necessary.  If I had the money I would just get on the plane, go and buy what I needed when I got to my destination.  This packing stuff is for the birds LOL!!!!  Then there's the lovely task of unpacking.  A vicious cycle I tell ya!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 2012 Favorities

Like to hear it, here it go!


The Tarte TEN palette has been the main thing that I have used for the month to do my eye looks. It a versatile palette that you can do neutral and smokey looks.  You also have some nice colorful shades thrown in as well.  It would make the perfect travel palette because you can create so many different looks.  Also it a magnetic palette so when you use up a shadow you can replace it with another tarte shadow.  I had fun rediscovering this palette in March.


I played with various lip products this month but the only one that stuck out to me was Pretty Amazing Lipgloss in Sass.  I got this in a mini size that came in a set of four.  It was one of Bare Escentuals 2011 holiday sets.  I pretty nude color that's your lips but better color and can go with any look.  I really want this in a full size.  I even emailed Bare Escentuals to see when it would be available.  No official word yet.  It is available in full size in another BE set that's at Sephora.


I picked up Black Radiance's blush in Toasted and used it a good part of the month.  It adds subtle color and warmth to the cheeks.  Very very purrrrty!

I've had the Bare Escentuals Full Flawless Brush for a while and never really cared for it.  Picked it back up this month and use it to apply my BE foundation and really liked the application.


Played around with two purple shades from Zoya.  Nimue is described as a smoky muted purple #kanyeshurg.  Yasmeen is described as a dark blue toned purple.

This and That

Baby Phat Luv Me was the last perfume that Kimora Lee Simmons launched before she left Baby Phat.  I never tried any of her other perfumes but after trying this one I'm intrigued.  I think I remember her mentioning it had a hint a vanilla and I was like welp I'm sold!  I picked it up from Target for about $25 I think (picked this up some time ago).  While I was trying to use up a vanilla shower gel and body cream by Carol's Daughter, I layered with this scent.  I used it everyday for about two weeks.

Inside Out Stuffed Green Peppers is a recipe that I made twice this month!  Yep twice!  I follow @400cal on twitter and she tweeted this recipe.  All of her recipes are under 400 calories.  It was on a Sunday and I had to go out run errands.  So I picked up the few ingredients that I didn't have and made it that evening.  It was soooooooo good!  Simple to make tooooooo!  I ended up making it again like a week later for my lunch during the work week.

(From 400caloriesorless.com)

Ahhhhhh Pinterest, my recent addiction!  I love it because you can put your favorites/wish list items in one place!  I have a board for recipes and I have gone to it and pulled a few recipes to make.  I have one for clothes and shoes.  I recreated a couple of looks from what I have in my closet.  I have many other boards with this and that.  It's a nifty concept that have taken the internet by storm!

Wendy Williams Medium Leather Satchel w/Detachable Strap has been the bag that I've been carrying for well over a month.  I got this in green and loooooove it!!!!  I started carrying it towards the middle/end of February and I'm still carrying.  I have gotten tons of compliments on this bag.  I more than likely will pick up another color (probably cognac).  It says medium but to me it runs larger.  Fits and my crap and then some lol! I love all the pockets it has.  There several on the outside of the bag and inside.  I hate hate hate haaate bags that only give you one teeny pocket!  I also love the lining on the inside is a light color.  I also hate bags with dark lining!  This bag is a winner all around.

Short and sweet.  Not a lot this month.  See you in April!