Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 2013 Top 3

Here are my three favorites for May. Didn't have too much trouble this month picking three items.

L'Oreal released the Miss Candy Colour Riche nail polish collection for summer. These polishes are gel/jelly texture. I originally picked up two of these polishes (Lilac Coolers and Miss Pixie). Then I searched for nail swatches of the entire collection. That was a mistake lol. I went back and picked up three more (Berry Nice, Jolly Lolly and Bubble Trouble). At first I thought I wouldn't like them. They're are not opaque. You can build up the color somewhat but you can still see your nail. But they aren't bad. I think they are perfect for spring/summer. I did a jelly sandwich with a glitter polish and I loved it. These will probably be my go to polishes for spring/summer.

I picked up my first MAC Paint Pot in Eclair. I can't remember which collection it was released in since it seems like MAC has a new collection every other week (a rant for another day). But it was a fairly recent collection and it's limited edition. It's described as light chocolate with gold pearl. I'm really loving this shade. I've worn it on it's own and with a powder eyeshadow over top of it. It has really good staying power. I have Indianwood and Constructivist on my wish list.

I randomly grabbed Tarte's emphasEYES aqua-gel eyeliner in black that came with the True Blood palette. I used off and on throughout the month and realized that it's an awesome eyeliner. It's a true black. Some black eyeliners have a grey/off black look to them which I don't care for. It goes on smoothly and lasted on me all day without fading. I also love that it is a retractable liner and you don't have to sharpen it. I looked on Tarte's website and found it in the sale section. So I guess they are phasing it out which is a bummer. I may pick up another one since the price is really good.

And there you have it. Short and to the point. On to June! I already have some items in mind that I started using at the end of this month *shifty eyes*

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Reconsidered 2012 Favorites

Looking back over my favorites posts I noticed that some items that I listed are really not favorites anymore or I still like BUT I'm not as hype over them as I was when I did the post. For January, February and March I wasn't using my own pics and got freaked out from using ones from the Internet. I took them down and was going to post my own if I still had the product. Hadn't gotten around to it yet. I actually started this post in January but then kind of forgot about it. Whoops! So here they are.

From January
Only one item stuck out from January and it's the Revlon Photo Ready Volume 3D Mascara. At first I loved it and thought it was really good. The more I used it I was like oh no. It flaked something terrible on me. I would look in the mirror and go ekkkkk! So I pitched it and would not repurchase.

A possible try again item is the Ruby Kisses Eyeshadow Primer. I remembered really liking it. Thing is it's hard to find. I know most people find Ruby Kisses items in no name beauty supply stores. I had ordered it online from a beauty supply store. If I see it while I'm out and about I would scoop it up. But I'm not going to order it online just because.

From February
Another mascara that I loved at first was Benefit's They're Real Mascara. The thing that turned me off was that I noticed my lashes coming off when I would remove it. Just a lash or two but it was like that each time I would remove it in the evening. So that kind of freaked me out. I read some reviews on Sephora and others had experienced the same. So I pitched it. Also I'm over mascaras that make my lashes feel hard and this one did. A bunch of people love this mascara but it just isn't for me.

From March
Still loving everything from March :D

From April
All good for April! :D

From May
I'm kind of over Lancome's Hypnose Drama mascara. The brush is different. Not in a bad way but you have to work with it a little more. I think it's good for night time but not really as an everyday mascara. I prefer Lancome's Definicils Precious Cells over Hypnose Drama.

From June
Two more mascaras to mention! The Rimmel Sexy Curve Mascara was just ok. Like I said it the post it only gave me length. Wasn't a big fan. L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black *sigh* I wanted to like this. It's a cult favorite. For me it seemed too much. To me it was kind of goopy and didn't separate my lashes well. If I were going to try the Voluminous Mascaras again I'd stick with the original.

From July
Nothing from July :D

From August
In August I mentioned that I had been loving Cetaphil's moisturizer  I did like it at the time. The more I used it I realized it wasn't a good fit for my skin but I continued to use just so I could use it up. Then I kind of got feed up and was like nope. So I used it as a hand and body lotion.  Bare Minerals moisturizer for combination skin is a better fit for my skin.

From September
Oh boy another doggone mascara! I picked up the L'Oreal Voluminous Full Definition. It was ok at first. I like it for a short period of time and them I hated it. It's funny L'Oreal used to be my favorite brand for mascaras from the drugstore. Now I'm kind of over them.

From October
Phone case from eBay. The day after I did my favorites post, the design on that joker started peeling! So I took it off. No more hard cases for me! Hmph!

From November
Still loving everything from November :D

From December
Everything from December is still good :D

And there you have my 2012 favorites re-review. It's funny how you love something one minute and over it the next.

April 2013 Top 3

Ok so I had this post pretty much done in April and had meant to post it before my work trip. Which didn't happen. In looking at what I thought were favorites had me going hmmm. So I thought back over what I had been reaching for and really loving and re-did the post and got it back down to 3. Originally there were 6 things. So here we go!

Every now and then I reach for my Urban Decay Naked palette and fall in love with it over again each time. I love colored eye looks but I'm a neutral girl at heart. You can create a bunch of looks from simple to dramatic with this palette. This time around I used more of the lighter shades in the palette. When I first got it I only used about 5 of the shades and was kind of  "afraid" of the lighter shades. But now that I'm more comfortable with applying eyeshadows and know how to make things work for me skin tone, I don't have a problem with the lighter shades in the palette. I took it with me on my work trip as well. My favorite shadows in the palette are Buck and Darkhorse. I could wear these two shades together everyday and never get tired of them. It's one of my go to eye looks when I don't know what to do or don't feel like doing much. I love Urban Decay eyeshadows. I'm still debating if I want to pick up the Naked 2 palette. The Smoked palette is on my list to get.

I've had the Urban Decay All Nighter spray for a while now and have used it off and on. Wasn't sure if I needed to pitch it since I've had it for a while but it hasn't broken me out or irritated my skin, so I guess it's still good. When I first used it, I liked it but was never really wowed by it. I started using some new skin care products and they dried my out a little bit and my skin got flaky. So this made my Bare Minerals foundation look not so great. Once I applied it there were still some flakes. So I grabbed the UD spray, did a few spritz on my face and it really helped. It also helped keep my makeup in place all day.

Justin Timberlake's new album came out in March and I have been playing in non-stop in my car. I also have it on my phone. The album just flows from beginning to end. I love the beats and the outros he did on almost all the songs. It's like 2 songs in 1. It's hard for me to say what my favorite songs are. At first I kept listening to 2 or 3 and now I keep listening to another 2 or 3 on repeat. I will say that Mirrors is probably my main favorite. I first heard it when he performed on Saturday Night Live and kept listening to it on Spotify until I got the CD. Love the video for it too. JT is really on his grown man flow and I love it! He's coming to my area in August but I won't be able to go due to a work meeting. I know it's early but I'm calling this as album of the year.

On to May!