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May 2012 Favorites

Ok let's get to it!


Ok I needed another neutral palette like I needed another hole in my head.  But the Too Faced Neutral at Night palette is awesome!!!!  Too Faced has other neutral/natural palettes but I didn't think that they would do much for me or show up on my skin tone.  Even though it toted as a "night" palette you can definitely used it during the day.  Since I am a deeper skin tone, I feel like I can "get away" with the deeper shades in palette during the day.  This is my first time using Too Faced shadows.  They have great pigmentation and stay powering.  I had to force myself to cycle this out of mt basket of items for June!

Lancome had their first beauty today's special on HSN not too long ago.  One of the items that was included was the Taupe Craze eye shadow palette.  When it comes to eye looks I do like color every now but I can say that neural looks are my fav.  This palette is great for everyday and can definitely take you into night for a more smokey look.  These palettes are pricey on their own and the special that HSN offered was a good deal.  I'm trying to be good and not get another palette.

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara was also included in the kit I just mentioned.  I've used it before and I liked.  I never bought another on it's own.  This gives your lashes a nice full look and it's buildable.

I think I can finally say that I have found my holy grail eye shadow primer.  The NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base works with any kind of eye shadow I use.  Usually my eye looks would crease by 2pm or sometimes as early as noon.  Not anymore!  I come home in the evening and my eye looks the same as when I applied it in the morning!  Woohoo!!!  I had some other primers that I was going back and forth between.  They have been pitched and I will be getting another tube of this soon since I'm almost out!


I was at the mall with a friend of mine and we walked by the Chanel counter.  Shhhhheee did the slow walk and started looking at stuff and I was like oh lawd here we go.  We looked at the orange lipstick and lip gloss that is in their Summer 2012 collection.  We both ended up get the Glossimer in Calypso. The color is beautiful and right on trend with the orange being the color is makeup.  This is my first Glossimer and ummm yea.  The lip gloss junkie in me is quite pleased.

Ok sooooooo I have several Buxom Lip glosses and there are some of my absolute favorite glosses.  I have seen on one of the blogs I follow that some new Lip Creams were being released.  I was like huh?  I wasn't istantly moved and was like ok I'm good and don't need em.  Welllllll fast forward to watching some youtube videos are people were raving over the lip cream in White Russian.  This shade is hard to keep in stock online and in stores at Sephora.  So for giggles I put in my email address to be notifited when it back in stock online.  So I get the alert that is's back so I ordered White Russian and Purple Haze.  I love em!  I was in Sephora in JcPenny not too long ago and looked at some of the other shades and I'm in trouble lol!  White Russian is the perfect nude color!  I use it with a brown lip liner and can you say perfection!  Purple Haze is an awesome color.  They make look scary in the tube but they apply nicely with the right amount of color on your lips.  I really can see myself getting the other 5 colors *head palm*

A go to lip combo for May was Bare Minerals lipstick in Berry Cordial and lip gloss in Cherry Pie (got in a set).  I saw lipsh0ck used the lipstick in one her tutorials.  After watching it I grabbed it out of my lipstick drawer.  A nice berry/red look that I like a lot.


tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Amused is quite scary when you look at in the pan.  It's the very bright hot pink.  However it does not show up on your cheeks as such but as a nice pink shade.  The title is spot on beceyse you do look amused lol!!! These blushes are my favorite because I don't have to keep building and building to show on my skin tone.

I had smashbox's Blush Rush in Gingersnap for a while now and it's one of my go to blushes when I don't know what to use.  It adds a nice color to my cheeks and can go with any look.


Chanel Holiday is also part of Chanel's Summer 2012 collection. So I picked it up along with the gloss I mentioned.  I wore it on my hands and it's very pretty!  Next time I go get a mani/pedi I'm talking this one with me to the nail shop.

Julep's Ellie and Kylie were the polishes I received in my April Maven Box.  Very pretty colors.  Kylie came  with a magnetic and you're supposed to get some waves or whatever when you use the magnet.  Didn't work for me the first time I tried it :(  I may try it again but if it doesn't work I'm fine with it since I like the color.

So I've had a couple of interviews this month and I looked through my nail polish stash to see what would be acceptable to wear for interviews.  I had tried a couple of options and they were ok but then I stumbled upon OPI San Tan-torino.  This is a good neutral for me.  Even outside of going on job interviews, I liked it just because.  I see myself reaching for this when I don't know what to put on but don't want bare nails.

This and That

 I think I mentioned the WEN cleansing conditioners back in January.  I hadn't tried the Fig cleansing conditioner at that time.  This one is toted for being good for those that need moisture in their hair, coarse hair, overprocessed hair and ethnic hair.  Well that's me through and through.  I am rough on my hair and use way too much heat on it.  So I finially got this forumlation and I love it.  It's definitely moisturisixing and this go round I think it has helped me strecht out my relaxer.  Right now I'm sitting on 9 weeks and I've neeeever gone this long without a relaxer.  My hair is thick and usually I can only go but so long between relaxers and this mess would be hard to comb.  I'm lightweight tempted to go another weeek or two but then my hairdresser is going to be like ummmm what is wrong with you! LOL!  We shall see.  I'm also kind of freaking out because some people have exerperienced hair loss due to WEN.  Some folks said  it was immediate while others had be using it for years and then experienced the hair loss.  Sooooo I'm like what to do!  Ugh!

I pick a pack of three of the Barr Co. oatmeal soaps from a store called Jade when I was in New Orleans for work.  They're pretty pricey and I'm not sure I will get more.  The bars are huge and last a good while.  They smell awesome and feels good on the skin.

I picked up a pair Marcos Santi Bronze Metallic Flats from Sole Society.  They were a monthly subscription shoe service.  Now you can buy whatever you want and only pay for what you buy.  I didn't buy this pair until they removed the monthly fee lol!  These go with anything and are comfortable.  For my skin tone they are almost a neutral for me. I wouldn't mind buying another pair since the pair I have now are kinda worn out.  I didn't take a pic of my pair because the are not as pristine and I don't what y'all talking about me :)  They're kind of similar to this pair style wise in the silver color.

In a couple blog posts a while back I talked about getting a new phone.  My previous phone was a Blackberry Storm 2.  I toyed around with going Team iPhone or Team Droid.  Up until I went to the Verizon store I was set to get in iPhone.  Then I went into the store and I was like uuhhhhh.  Of course the sales person showed me some of the other phones and I seriously did not know what I wanted!  This is soooooo not like me when it comes to tech toys!  However one of the phones he did show me stuck out and I ended up getting the Droid Razr Maxx.  I've had it for about 3 months now and I'm happy with my choice.  I'm having fun downloading a bunch of apps.  The one downside is the email but I think the MailDroid app is helping with that.  Next upgrade who knows I might get an iPhone.  I lightweight anti-Apple but then again I want an iPad lol!!!!

On to June!

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