Monday, June 4, 2012

Book Lovin - I'm so behind!

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I am so behind in my reading!  Some my favorite authors I'm behind on and that usually does not happen.  I'm behind on several series books.  I have books on the ereader that I want to read or new ones I want to download.  I have some books that I got out of our storage unit and brought home.  It's already June and I've only read about 33 books so far for the year.  Oye vey!

I've started purging some books that I know I'm not going to read.  Around 2005/2006 I went on a book buying craze on sites like, sellers on Amazon, eBay, etc and the bargain/sale section at Barnes & Noble and Borders when they were still around.  I did find out that the place where I donate clothes and shoes to takes book donations.  I was like excellent!!!  Was going to take them to library but I know they only take so many books per visit.

Now I'm trying to figure on how to get "caught up".  Doubt it'll really happen but I need make heads or tails on this some kind of way.  In the past I would list whatever books I'm going to read for the month on a spreadsheet.  Yes I track what I read from month to month.  I told y'all I have a lot of books! (And have nerd...I mean intellectual bad ass tendencies).  LOL!  I may do this again and try to stick with it.  It works for the most part unless something comes out that I really reallllly want to read or if I get the urge to reread a book.  I'm going to make a go of really sticking to it for the rest of the year.  Let's see how this goes....

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