Saturday, June 16, 2012

I HATE Going to the Hairdresser!!!

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Today was the day of my much needed hair appointment.  I was excited too.  I had tweeted about it early in the week and this morning.  So I head out, made a couple of stops along the way and then headed to my appointment.  I arrive on time as usual.  I walk in and there are a lot of people about.  I walk in my hairdresser's area which is in a separate room.  There was already one lady in her chair, someone under the dryer and she was at the shampoo bowl with another later.  Annoyance starts to set it.  So I sit down, make small talk and wait and wait.  I hop in her chair so that she can prep me.  This was only a few minutes and I'm back waiting again.  It was over an HOUR before she did anything with my hair.  I was so tempted to walk out!  When I got in her chair she told me how she got behind due another client and what really needed to be done to her hair. Then she was like she needs an assistant and how she hires people but they don't want to work.  I'on know what to tell you!  Then I had to wait on her AGAIN to actual style my damn hair!  I was too through.  My situation could have be avoided if she would have just called me.  I live about 10-12 minutes away from her shop.  It wouldn't have been a hardship for me to either come later in the day or reschedule the appointment.  When I called her earlier in the week to make my appointment, I said what's the best time for YOU, NOT where you can squeeze me in.  Because from jump I already know what the deal is so I'm giving YOU the chance to be realistic.  Well that shit didn't work!  One of the ladies who was in there before me told my hairdresser that she needed to leave at 11:30.  She had to be some where at 12 and of course my hairdresser was like ok and that she would be done by then.  My hairdresser was rinsing my hair and the lady came in and was like I have to go.  Old girl took her own rollers out her hair and was OUT!  I'm not mad at her one bit!

This is the main reason why I hate going to get my hair done.  No one wants to be sitting in a salon all day getting their hair done.  Well at least I don't.  Then she was like "I wish you would come every two weeks".  I'm thinking hayle to the naw!  If you can get me in and out then cool.  But I know this isn't the case.  My time just like yours is valuable.  I don't what to spend a Saturday or whatever day in your salon hours upon end.  Not to mention cost is a factor.  It's not cheap to get your hair done.  Heck I'd rather spend that money on quality products that work for my hair and only see YOU when I really need to.  Not to mention having the flexibility to do my hair when I need to and not waiting on YOU!  I was in there almost 4 hours!  I've heard other horror stories where ladies have been in the salon like 6, 8 and 10 hours!  That's a doggone work day!  I had other errands and such I wanted to do today.  But now I'm so wiped.  I was starving when I left.  I went to get some food and high tailed in home!  So yea I'll see you when I see you hmph!

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