Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Hair

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Ok soooooo...

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.  The hate part comes more so when it's time for me to get it done since by this point it is super thick.  Guess I should back up and say that my hair is relaxed and it's thick.  Yes I'm probably one of the five black women that still relaxes their hair.  I'm not there yet on the natural train.  Maybe I'll get there some time soon, then again maybe not.  I'm not knocking it by any means but for right now it's not the option for me.  As I've stated numerous times I'm product  junkie.  Hair products are not excluded.  The majority of the items I've used probably since I graduated college and got a "real job" would be considered "high end" with a few drugstore items thrown in here and there.  I've used Keracare for a good while.  I jumped to Ojon, Carol's Daughter and now I'm using WEN.  The main "issue" I have with my hair is that I use too much heat.  I can't find a happy medium when it comes to styling my hair on a daily basis.  The flat iron is the culprit but I don't know what else to do with my hair.  I hate rollers with a passion.  I don't like sleeping with them and 99.999999% I don't like how my hair looks when I take them out and attempt to style my hair.  My hair is long enough that I can put in a ponytail but I don't want to that everyday.  So what am I supposed to do?  I joke often that I'm going to karate chop all my hair off.  Short hair is cool but then you deal with the whole growing back process and when you have thick hair you HAVE to keep it up or you'll look crazy!  This go 'round is the longest time I've gone between touch ups which is ten weeks and it ain't pretty lol!  It's not bad bad just reaaaalllly thick!! When I do see my hair dresser she's probably gonna talk about me...ha!  When I do see her I'm going to be like look, real talk what am I supposed to do with this hair!?!

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