Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Makeup Purge Senses Are Tingling Again!

I know, I know lol! You're probably like yea right chick. Not this topic again. Well yes again!

I've gone through my collection and bagged some stuff. Gave some friends dibbs to go through it. The rest I'll probably let family member scrounge through next time I see them lol. I've also pitched items that needed to go.

I recently found an 8 piece drawer organizer set at TJ Maxx for $5.99. I picked up two. I got my blush drawer organized. I was also able to get all my Bare Minerals blushes and radiance powers out from my Joy Mangano Better Beauty Case. The case sits on the corner of one of my dressers. So out of sight, out of mind. I want to get ALL my makeup in the 10 drawer cart I have. So now I have loose eyeshadows that I need to get out. So I'm hoping these organizers do the trick. Plus my bottom drawer that had bath and body stuff in it is pretty much empty. What's left are unopened products that can go in my gift giving basket for the holidays.

Next I'm going to tackle my lipsticks. I've already gotten rid of some of the Maybelline Vivids (I'll explain why in my June favorites post). So I'm going to have a swatchfest and have plenty of baby wipes on hand. If you recall from my makeup collections posts, I have 2 drawers of lipsticks. I'm aiming to get it down to one. Let's see if I'm successful.

Any extra unopened Bare Minerals Mineral Veils are going. The Bronzing Mineral Veil is my favorite and I have a super size jar that I haven't cracked open yet. I also like the new BB one that I got in a TSV set from QVC. I think I have 2 more of those coming in auto delivery sets from QVC. I'll keep one and the other will go in my gift giving basket. I probably don't need to keep the one *shrugs*.

The biggest "battle" is eyeshadows (palettes and single shadows) and blushes. I'm an eyeshadow palette whore and I did get rid of some blushes already. What I do have left I really do like and rotate through. I'm also tempted to get rid of lip glosses that aren't Bare Minerals (100% Natural, Moxie and Buxom), Maybelline and maybe a few others. My lips have really been on some stuff lately. So I've only really been reaching from a few brands that I know won't aggravate my lips. Mally's glosses that have been favorites since I discovered her brand, haven't been friendly to my lips as of late. Which is really bumming me out. Ok not really but you know what I mean. You have something that you really like and it stops working for you and you're like what the what!?!!!

So we shall see what comes of my makeup purge senses tingling.

I can't remember if updated you guys on my current books situation with donating books to the library and giving books to friends. May get rid of more since my get rid of more books senses are tingling too. Plus I'm "neglecting" some of my favorite authors and series that I usually keep up with. I don't like that at all!

I'm just to the point where I'm tired of having a lot of "stuff". Don't get me wrong, I still love beauty, books, fashion, etc but I mean come on? I'm not making myself "feel bad" and I know I will still buy things. Just trying to find a happy medium. If that's even possible.

My favorites for June might be a little late. Laptop charging cord at home is acting up and the battery charge is already low on my laptop! Gah! #thetechstruggle

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Got Water?

I was in Safeway this morning eyeballing some things. I stumbled upon Sparkling Ice during another Safeway trip. Sparkling Ice is a "naturally flavored sparkling spring water". I initially tried the lemonade flavor. It was good, so I picked up a few more flavors to try.

As I'm walking down the water aisle, I saw this HUGE bottle of Smart Water. I was like that's a big bottle. So of course I picked one up lol. I have been terrible lately at getting my water in for the day. Plus I'm 'weird' when it comes to drinking water.

Like if I drink water out of a glass, it just sits there (unless I'm eating out). Drinking it out of a bottle makes me drink it. Also I don't like really cold water. If I take a bottle of of the refrigerator, I  usually let it sit.

So I'm trying to figure out how to do better with drinking water. I had been doing really well. Can't tell you what happened. How do you go about getting in your water in for the day?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sign of The Times!

Ran across this post on Twitter today from Clutch:

Woman Beaten to Death in McDonald's Because She Refused to Give a Man Her Phone Number 

WTH! And this was caught on video? Who was calling the police or trying to help the woman? I swear. Sign of the times I tell you. 

This pic sums up the warped state of our society.

*sigh* May she rest in peace.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Palette Play June 2014

I had nice little blurb all typed up.  Said I was going to play around with some palettes that I was undecided on if I wanted to keep them or not. Then I was like scratch that. I ended up keeping one and put the other two in my giveaway pile. So that's that.

I ordered the  Bobbi  Brown TSV and the end of April. I didn't get my hands on it until I came back from my work trip. So why not play around with some Bobbi Brown palettes this month! I love me some Bobbi Brown! She's my play auntie in my head LOL! I got stick with Bobbi Brown and Bare Minerals for my pretty needs and be happy.

Here are the palettes I will be playing around with for the month!

Week of June 1 - Nude Basics Palette

This palette was in the Nude Basics Collection April TSV. I've played around with it a couple of times already and I do really like. The set is still available on QVC's website. If you want nude and you want it done right, you go to Bobbi Brown.

Week of June 8 - My Bobbi Brown Single Shadows

These two palettes have my Bobbi Brown single shadows. She has empty palettes available for purchase and her eyeshadows and blushes snap right in. In the quad the shades are Cocoa, Black Plum, Black Velvet and Black Cocoa. The three shadows palette has Soft Peach, Gold and Eggplant.

Week of June 15 - Downtown Beauty Palette

Another TSV palette which some nice everyday shades.

Week of June 22 - Smokey Eye Palette

If you're someone who is intimated by doing a silver/gray/black smokey eye then check this palette out. You can achieve a smokey eye with ease using this palette. You can go light or as dark as you want but not look crazy. Bobbi Brown always says with her shadows it's all about layering.

Week of June 29 -  Peony & Python Palette

A fun palette with purples and grays.

I also have a blush palette that I put together. The blushes are Plum, Apricot, Washed Rose and Desert Pink (my all time favorite pink blush which is slightly washed out in the pic grrrr). I have travel with this palette and it was great to have options in something compact.

Let the fun begin!


Last night on OWN, they did a tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou. Part of the tribute was the re-airing of snippets and the behind the scenes of Oprah's Legends Ball Weekend that she put together honoring 25 women. I remember watching it when it originally aired back in 2006 (I think it was 2006). I got the significance of the event back then. But being a little older and a tad bit wiser, I REALLY got it! I was in tears. I'm still choked up about it as I type this post. Dr. Angelou was one of the women who was honored and she was in tears. She was "There is nothing greater than thank you." This was their thank you and as Oprah said, it still isn't enough. A lot of those legends are still with us but a few have been called home to Glory.  We've lost a lot of leaders and guiders, who paved the way and fought the fight. The question has been asked and I often wondered, who got next? There is work still to be done.

Next up was the re-airing of Dr. Angelou's Master Class. It was....there are no words. It was a master class indeed. I sat there listening to snippets of her life, the people and things she encountered and the life lessons that she has shared with the world. It is awe-inspiring. The hashtag on social media to follow was #HonoringMaya. Seeing everyone's outpouring of love and admiration for Dr. Angelou was wonderful to see. But what got me more was seeing how she inspired so many people. Some said they became writers because of her. Some said they were able to overcome various adversities they faced due to her writings and teachings. Bottom line, Dr. Angelou was a teacher.

There were many tidbits I took away from her Master Class.  The ones that stuck with me are "just do right," do what you can where you are and be a blessing to somebody. One of the many quotes I ran across last night said:
“Just do right. Right may not be expedient; it may not be profitable, but it will satisfy your soul.” 
Ain't that the truth! When you do good, you feel good. There are so many things going on in this world. Just think of the things going on in your own community.  I'm sure some of us have said what can I do? Dr. Angelou made it so simple by saying do what you can where you are. We always want to go big or go home. That's a great mentality to have but I also think that's what deters people when things don't go the way we expected. You don't have to do a big grand gesture to make in impact. We hear about this everyday. Imagine everyone doing small gestures here and there. It could possibly turn into a grand gesture. When Dr. Angelou said be a blessing to somebody, I started shaking my imaginary tambourine. It's so true! You never know how an act of kindness may impact someone. Remember that. There is more I can pull from her Master Class, but I'll stop here :)

 If you have not seen Dr. Angelou's Master Class on OWN, I highly recommend that you watch it. There is a video up on Oprah's site. I most definitely want to watch it again. I'd purchase it if it were available. I'll have to look into that.

The world has truly lost its voice. Rest in paradise Dr. Angelou and we thank you.

Be easy good people!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Polish Play June/July 2014

Another work trip is on the horizon, so you get another two month combo. I recently picked up 2 different sets of Julie G polishes from Groupon. Her nail polishes are available at Rite Aid. I don't really shop at Rite Aid much, so I jumped at getting these two sets. You can also order online from the brand's website. One of my new favorite YouTubers Young Wild & Polished, did a video on her favorite Julie G polishes. I've noted some of her picks I want to try. So I might make a trip to Rite Aid or hell just order them online. My patience with being out and about at various stores, dealing with traffic, people etc. is getting worse.

So the first set I got was from Julie G's Cruise Collection which is this year's summer collection. The polishes in the collection are Santorini, Rio de Janeiro, Canary Islands, Tahiti, Old San Juan and Miami Beach. The other Julie G set from Groupon had Fred, Anthony and Romeo. Hey boys!

I also picked up some Funky Fingers polishes from Five Below. It's all stemmed from hunting down the polish called Union Farts. I saw it in a haul video. The name alone was enough to go and look for it lol!!!! The other polishes I picked up were Saved by the Glitter, Bizerk Turq, Highlighter and Power Play.

Ok this wasn't planned lol. CVS has another beauty sale going on. Revlon ColorStay polishes are 50%. I don't have any of these and was never moved to try them. I heard that they are being discontinued. Annnnnnnnd Milani polishes are 50% off. I discovered their polishes during the last sale. So I said why not lol! Some of the the polishes I picked reminded me of  the polishes from the Zoya Naturel collection. I picked up Vanilla Almond, Natural Touch, Peach Innocence, Mauve Medley and Sangria Rush. I'm not saying they're dupes. I also picked up a black polish called Black Swift. You can never have too my black nail polishes. And I don't know what's up with my and blue/green polishes but I picked up Showy Sea-Green. So I decided to add these to the mix.

Thennnnnn I got Essies Bikini So Teeny from Target and Formula X Thrilling as a 100 point perk from Sephora.

And a partridge in a pear treeeeeeee!!

This is A LOT of nail polish to play with lol! And the reason why I'm going on a nail polish no buy for June.

I rest my case lol! I was too lazy to take pics of ALL of these. Remember Google is your friend :D

See you in August for more polish talk!!