Monday, February 6, 2017

February 2017 Shop My Stash

Hello February! I really didn't know what I wanted to play around with for the month. But then I got some new stuff and rediscovered some nail polishes. So here's what I picked out.

Eyeshadow Play (and a bonus cheek palette)

I had no clue on what eyeshadows I wanted to play around with for the month. I thought about playing around with my Milani single eyeshadows. Then I debated between a couple of palettes. My makeup play is still limited so I've been kind of uninspired. I've placed some orders and I have some newness which includes 3 palettes! *twirls*  I ordered the Mally Eyes on You 4-Piece Collection from QVC and the set included the Ageless Eyes vol 2 palette. This palette kind of reminds me of the LORAC Mega Pro 3 palette. From Ulta I ordered the Perfect Filter Shadow Palette in Golden Hour. I also go the Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette. Then finally I got the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette mainly because it was on sale lol!

Polish Play

First I pulled Very Structured from Essie's Fall 2011 collection. Then I pulled out the rest and then I randomly grabbed other nail polishes. I'm still attempting to clear nail polishes out. -_______-

Very Structured, Glamour Purse, Case Study, Power Clutch, Lady Like, Carry On

Urban Decay Mrs. Mia Wallace, Ozotic 505, Covergril Emerald Blaze, Bondi Midnight Mystery, Bondi Starry Night

Fragrance Play

For fragrance I am going to play around with Wen's 613 and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy.

A nice mix of products. I feel like these posts are becoming redundant. We'll see if I stick to them or try to change them up a bit.

Less Stuff - ThredUp Review

As of today I have sent 5 clean out bags to thredUp. Over all I have been pleased with my experience. I will say if you're looking for quick cash then thredUp may not be for you. It does take some time for them to go through your items and determined what the payout will be. There is one caveat I didn't know until after I sent off my first clean out bag.

For items under $60 you get a pay out. For items over $60 they are considered consignment items and you get paid when and if the items sells. I did not notice this when I first looked at thredUP.  I saw this when I looked at the post "How I Made Over $3000 Selling my Clothes and Accessories Online". When I saw that I was like say what now!?! Had I saw that beforehand I'm not sure if I would have sent my items. But then again I knew that I probably wouldn't get much for what I sent. I just wanted the items out of my closet. So I was a little annoyed by this fact but they are doing most of the work that I don't want to do (ie selling items on eBay or similar site). Also funds are not available as soon as a item sells. You can use the money as a credit to shop with them immediately. If you want the pay out, you have to wait 14 days.

Most of the complaints I saw from various reviews is that people felt that thredUp didn't get them "enough" for their upfront payment items. Especially for items that they perceived as "high end" or "really nice" items. I just shook my head at them. Of course you will receive more for your items if they are new and still have the tags on them. However in general used clothing is not worthy a lot. There is a payment estimator on their site that gives you a general rage of what you'll receive. The condition of the item plays a factor. Also you can do your own research. I think on the Salvation Army website I saw an estimator for clothing donations and what to write it off for tax purposes. The amounts were not much. Generally when I have donated clothes I never wrote them off because it was too much of hassle to price everything and I knew it wouldn't be a lot of money. You can also donate your items to thredUP but they don't provide tax receipts. For me thredUp has been helpful in getting rid of handbags and getting a little something for them.

So do your research and consider your options before sending items to thredUp or any other similar site.

TTFN - ta ta for now!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2016 Handbag Favorites

I was going to include these in my top 10 for 2016 but decided to a quick post on my two handbag favorites for 2016.

Dooney & Bourke Multi Color Nylon North/South Triple Zip Crossbody

I mentioned this bag back in November 2015 and it has gotten a ton of use since. When it comes to a handbags the bigger the better! I'm a big bag girl. But I have enjoyed using this bag when I run errands, work travel, on the Metro or just when I don't want to carry a big bag. Even though it is small, you can fit a lot into it. I also love the color and the fabric. It's very neutral and goes with just about nothing. The fabric is nylon. It's very durable and easy to clean. Some options are available on ILoveDooney. This bag is available is in other versions besides nylon. If you're looking for a good crossbody bag then check this one out.

Emma Fox "Jutland" Leather Tote

I picked this tote up in Smoke/Black when I had a coupon. I got it home and carried it for a while and LOVED it! I turned around and got the Cognac/Black option when I had another coupon. This is a great everyday tote! With nothing in it, it's very lightweight. Once I added my items, it never felt super heavy. I like that it's a north/south tote vs east/west. It lays nicely against the body and it never feels like it's in the way or overwhelming. It's a workhorse bag. I carried this tote for a quite a while. I had to make myself switch out of it to go through some other bags I'm deciding on in my stash. I'm very tempted to get the Black/Cream Plaid option. If you're looking for an awesome tote bag, check this one out on HSN. It's currently on clearance and free shipping.