Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Haul-age - Sephora

I know, I know lol!  Welp picked some eye shadow palettes from Sephora (like I really need more eye shadow).  I got the eye shadow palette from the Tarte for True Blood Collection.  I also got the Sephora Collection Color Palette for $12 bucks!  Not a bad deal.  I have one of their color play palettes that I like.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Haul-age - e.l.f.

Yeaaaa ummm.  Picked up some stuff from e.l.f's studio line.  Got one of those deals where I paid $10 for $25 worth of products or something like that.  Here's what I got:

  • 2 blushes - Peachy Keen and Blushing Rose
  • 4 eye shadows - Amethyst, Coffee Bean, Raspberry Truffle and Saddle
  • Powder Brush
  • Conditioning Lip Balm - Bombshell Brown
  • Daily Brush Cleaner
  • 2 Anti-bacterial Hand Wash -  Lavender Blossom
Used to use e.l.f years ago but their regular line.  Hoping I like the brush cleaner.  $3 for 8.5 fl oz is half bad when I've paid $12-$15 for half the amount of product (Sephora brand, Smashbox and Ulta brand).  I picked up two of their studio brushes from Target that I like too.  Any e.l.f. lovers?  What cha like/don't like?  

Friday, June 24, 2011

Haul-age - MAC

So I ordered a few things from the new MAC Bloggers' Obsession collection.  I got two lip glasses, All My Purple Life and Evolution Revoltion.  I got one eye shadow Sparkle Neely Sparkle.  Was tempted to get one more eyeshadow butttt now looking it's sold out and lipglass.  Gah! *hides* lol.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's just a phone....right???

So says the girl who always has her phone in hand! LOL!

Along with buying up beauty stuff, a tech toy is thrown into the mix every now and then.  Let's see the last tech toy I bought was a Nook Color which I love.   It has satisfied my want for an e-reader and tablet (well for now on the tablet end).  Now my interest has turned to a new cellphone.  I currently have a Blackberry.  Trying to decide if I should wait on the new ones that are supposed to come out later on this year oooooooorrrr...should I go with the Droid or *holds breathe* an iPhone!  I'm not all into Apple like some people I know.  I've played around with the iPhone and it is nice. *sigh* Haven't played around with any Droid phones but they are allllll the rage now.  Or will they fade into existence? What to do??

Haul-age - Ulta

 Soooooo I went to Ulta today.  Had some rewards dollars to use by the end of the month.  Had my eye on like 1 to 3 things and came out with MORE than I intended...GAH!!  Anywho here is what I picked up:

Yeeeaaa ummmmm lol!!!  I said after this month I'm going to put myself on restriction from buying beauty products.  We shall see how THAT goes.  Anyone else pick up anything fun this month?  How do your restrict yourself from overdoing your purchases?