Sunday, January 29, 2012

I need to declutter!!!

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Clutter is taking over my life and it has got to stop!!! (dramatic much?? lol).  But seriously I look around and I'm like how did this happen?? At home I kind of know.  We had an abrupt move.  Moving is bad enough when it's planned and worse when it isn't.  Yes we've been here for a while now but I feel like you never truly  are unpacked.  With work it's lack of time and a boss who doesn't know which way is up.    The bulk of it is filing is paper.  Filing is the bane of my existence (among other things).  I need for them to step into 2012 and not use so much paper!  At work I'm also dealing with limited space to put things away.  Hell I'm dealing with limited space at home too.  I have stacks and stack of publications in my office due to the fact that there is really no where to put them.

One thing I've noticed is that I get more mail.  Most of it junk (catalogs, credit card offers, etc).  I'm like when did that happen??  Before I rarely got mail now...hmph!  I try to go through it when I check the mail but yea that doesn't always happen.  I have a small basket that I would put mail in and go through it weekly to trash, file, shred, etc.  That was working but I fell off.  First I need to go through the basket.  It's kind of overflowing with old stuff *head palm*.  I say that I'm going to this and that on the weekends but then other things pop up and let's be honest some times it feels nice just to do nothing on the weekends.  Judge me if you want but I'm telling the truth.  Then I say I can take at least thirty minutes in the evening during the week to go through stuff.  After dealing with the crazy mofos at work and traffic, I just want to chill when I get home (and make sure I get my workouts in)  

I feel like I'm on hoarders!!!  Ok for real it's not THAT deep hahaaa.  I can't bring myself to watch that show.  The commercials alone freak me out o_O.  So what do you all do to keep clutter to a minimum?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Makeup Basket

I have a basket that I got from the Dollar Store where I put the current makeup items that I want to use.  I got the idea from emilynoel83.  She has a video on how to not get stuck in a makeup rut.  Also I don't have a vanity.  I do my makeup in the bathroom.  So the basket is also helpful because I can grab it in the morning and not have to search for multiple items.  I have some containers on my dresser right outside my bathroom with current brushes and other quick grab go to items.  Typically I'll go through the basket on Saturday/Sunday and see what's what.  Some items do stay in the basket like my concealer and maybe a highlight or blending eyeshadow.  I try to keep items that stay in there to a minimum.  Then I go through my collection and determine what items I want to play with next for the eye, lips and face.    So here is what's in my basket:

  • Eyes:  NYX Mysterious Brown Eye palette, NYX Velvet Rope Palette, NYX Haute Model palette, Bobbi Brown Gel Liners (black ink and brown ink), NYX single shadows in Sahara and Nude, Wet n' Wild single shadow in Brulee, Tarte Gifted mascara
  • Lips:   MAC Lipglass in Evolution Revolution, Milani Lip Mixers in Lip Stir, Lip Blend, Lip Mingle and Lip Party, Milani Glitzy Glamour gloss in First Class and Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lip gloss in Glazed Donut
  • Face:   MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Comfort, Tarte blush in Exposed, Bare Minerals blushes in Hot Shot, So Fab and Pink Tourmaline, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

Last year I would try to do this weekly.  Then I felt like I wasn't really using the products.  I debated on this being the items that I use for the month but I'll see a blog post or youtube video and I'll be moved to grab other items.   I would like to stick to at least two weeks.  We shall see how I do for 2012.

Here's a pic of my basket.  Nothing fancy :)

January 2012 Favorites

Sooooo I guess for 2012 I'll try to do my monthly favorites.  Let's see how this goes :)

Maybelline eyeshadow quads - I have four of the Stylish Smokes quads (Natural, Emerald, Amethyst and Charcoal) and Chai Latte.  Inexpensive, good pigmentation and I don't have a problem with them lasting.

Maybelline Color Tattoos - this product has taken youtube and the blogs by storm.  I saw it and I was interested.  People have been comparing these to MAC paint pots.  I don't own any #kanyeshrug.  I picked this up in the 3 colors (Bad to the Bronze, Pomegranate Punk and Audacious Asphalt).  I've used this with and without a primer.  The lasted ok with out a primer but for my eyes they lasted longer with one.  These are amazing.  Awesome color and staying power.  I think I may pick up a couple more colors.

Ruby Kisses Eyeshadow Primer - I ordered this off of  It was a random purchase since it was cheap.  I didn't have high hopes for it.  Tried it when I first got it and I did not like it at all.  However I didn't throw it away.  I said I could use it when I do random play around looks on the weekend.  I pulled it out this month and was like let's give this another go.  Now I love it.  Usually I have the hardest time getting my eyeshadow to last all day.  Using this has helped a lot.  It's just as good at the high end brand that people mention all the time on youtube and the blogosphere.  I also love that when you blend it onto your eye it doesn't leave behind any "residue" or color.  Not sure I'm explaining it right but you get the idea.

Bobbi Brown bronzer - I had been using Cover Girl's Queen Collection bronzer in ebony bronzer for the looongest time and really really liked it.  Lately it has been looking red on my skin.  So I've shelved it for now and went back to Bobbi Brown's.  *whispers* I think I like it better than Cover Girl.  It's on the expensive side but I've had it for a while and I haven't hit pan yet.  I love that it matte.  Most bronzers have some kind of shimmer.  I have this in Deep Chocolate.

Bobbi Brown foundation  - I have 3 of her foundations.  I have the foundation stick, oil free compact and natural finish.  I've gone back and forth between the 3 and I really like all of them.  My top 2 would be the compact and natural finish.  All are easy to blend and your don't look made up.  It's your skin only better.

Bobbi Brown gel liner - I have this is in several shades.  The two I have been reaching for this month are Espresso Ink and Black Ink.  Goes on smoothly and lasts alllll day.  I mean it looks the same as when I put it on in the monring until I wash my face in the evening.  I use Smashbox's angled liner brush to apply it (another fav of mine).

Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks - I have a few shades but the ones I've had within easy reach are Va Va Violet, Black Cherry, Iced Amethyst and Berry Haute.  Berry Haute is a pretty good dupe for MAC's Up the Amp. is all I have to say lol.  If you are a women of color you need Va Va Violet and Black Cherry in your life.  They are inexpensive and very moisturizing.  I cannot stand a dry lipstick.  The color wears well throughout the day.  I usually don't touch up a whole lot.  By the end of the day there's still a good amount of color left on my lips.

Revlon Photo Ready Volume 3D Mascara - this is relatively new mascara that launched this month.  I've pretty much been using it everyday and wow.  I have pretty decent eyelashes to start so it takes a lot for a mascara to wow me.  This one separates, lenghtens and gives you volume.  I haven't had any major issues with it and would purchase it again.

Wet n' Wild Color Icon blushes - yup Wet n' Wild lol.  I have 3 of the 4 blushes (still need to get my hands on Berry Shimmer).  These are inexpensive and have great pigmentation.  I'm of a deeper skin tone and I'm always leery of wheter or not a blush will show up on my cheeks.  I have no problem with these.  Even Pearlescent Pink shows up on me and I don't look crazy.

WEN Cleansing Conditioners - I had seen the presentations many times on QVC and was somewhat skeptical.  I know co-washing your hair is the new "trend" but I was like huh what?  I got a sample size of WEN in the New Beauty Test Tube from QVC.  Randomly on a Saturday I gave it a try and I was like oh really now?  I actually liked it.  I picked up some other WEN items to try.  So I decided to give a real test after I got my hair done (chemically relaxed) and for the most part I'm impressed.  We'll see what my hairdresser says the next time I see her and if WEN remains a permanent part of the hair care routine.

Dooney & Bourke Leather Hobo w/ Logo Lock - I have this bag in two colors (yes two).  I have in natural and navy. I've been carrying the navy one.  I forgot home much I loooove this bag.  For me it's the perfect size to use during the week and even on weekends when I'm out and about.  It's not too big and it's not too small.  You can carry your essential items and them some.  It also fits nicely on the shoulder.  The one picture below is in natural.

Bose IE2 Audio Headphones- random right? lol!  I never got into the hold Beats by... craze.  I looked at them but was never really moved to purchase.  I had heard good things about Bose's music system and decided to see what they had.  Yes they cost more than you typical earbuds from Walmart or Target but if you really enjoy listening to music like I do then you don't mind the cost.  The sound quality of these is awesome.  I've used them with my Nook Color and laptop.  Another QVC purchase lol.

Clementines - antother random.  One thing I look forward to when the weather gets coloder is clementines. I get a crate thingy from the grocery store and I'm happy.  I've been eating at least 4 a day.

Peanut M&Ms - what can I say.  Sometimes you get a taste for stuff lol! - I had started using this site last year, did good for a while but fell off around the holidays (typical lol).  Well I'm back at in again for 2012 and so far so good.  It's a free site that helps you will your weight loss efforts.  You can track your calories and exercise as well as "friend" people which is kinda cool.  So it has a Facebook element to it.

Leslie Sansone's Walk-Eat-Lose 7 DVD Program w/Boost Cables - started using this off and on last year.  I've been doing this consistenly for this month.  It's basic in that they aren't a lot of moves to learn like with the your typical exercise DVDs.  But this joker right here gets you moving.  I think it's a good place to start or if you want something to add to your current workout efforts.  It comes with body boosting cables and they are no joke! Yowza!!  The DVDs also contain eating tips for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It's available on her website but I got mine through QVC.

Ok I think that's it.  I'll just get on listing stuff.  Until next month!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Product Junkie Files: Ulta

So I went to Ulta yesterday to see if they had the larger size of my face wash.  I figured they wouldn't but it was nice day yesterday and I wanted to get out of the office for a bit.  So I was right they didn't have the face wash.  So you would think that I would turn around and leave the store right?  Well of course I didn't! *head palm*.  I walked around and looked at this and that.  Swatched a few things.  Ended up purchasing some nail polishes, cream shadows (new tattoo ones from Maybelline), NYX single shadow and a mini nail file for my purse.  Didn't I just say that I need to curb my inner product junkie?!??! Gah!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 is here! Time to refocus!

(Courtesy of Microsoft)

I don't typically make resolutions.  I try to set goals and what not throughout the year of things that I want to do.  Been thinking on some things lately and here's a random list of things I've come up with:

  • Reduce my debt (outside of student loan. Them jokers ain't going away no time soon)
  • Get organized! Seems like paper and clutter have overtaken my life.
  • Curb sporadic shopping.  Well yea...y'all have seen some of my previous posts lol
  • Create "wish lists".  If I'm moved by something add it to the list, think on it and if I REALLY want it then plan for it.  Trying to see in Pinterest will help.
  • Cook more.  This will help not spending so much on food and help with eating better.
  • Try to work out 3 times a week between Monday and Friday.  
  • Workout on Saturday and Sunday.  Oddly enough I'm good during the weekday and slack off on the weekends.
  • Do better with taking care of myself (doc appointments, limit stress, etc).
  • Use what I have.  As I mentioned before I'm a product junkie. Sooooo I gots stuff lol!  I need to use up what I have before I buy something else.
  • Get my "professional self" together - updating the resume and cover letters, maybe find a mentor in my area, continue to "softly" search for a new job.
  • Do better with keeping in touch with folks.
I think that's it for now o_O Phew that's a lot! 

What are you planning to do for 2012?