Monday, August 8, 2011

Work Life - Bosses

So if you follow my tweets or pay attention to the stream in the upper right corner then you know every now and then I vent work frustrations.  Ok more like everyday and often lol! I'm sure I've lost a few followers because of it but dah well *shurgs* Everyday when I walk through the door I chant my various mantras.  "I'm going to do my work and go home",  "I an not going to let these mofos stress me out", "I am only one person" so on an so forth.  Then it's like when I open my email, check a voice mail or once my other coworkers arrive I get in a tizzy and I ready to go home for the day.  I work in a small office which has its ups and downs.  It wouldn't be so bad if my "boss" was truly a boss.  There's no real guidance, focus or direction from her.  She's knowledgeable in some areas.  In other she relies on outside people to tell her what to do.  I could go on but I'll stop here.  Looking back over the various jobs I've had I've ran the spectrum of the kinds of bosses one can have.  Strict, anal, micro managing, cool, easy going  knowledgeable  friendly, nit wits, etc.  I tweeted today that the role of manager is not for everyone.  In my boss' defense she's doesn't get the support that she needs for the higher ups and is working with limited resources.  However on the flip side she's not making an effort to learn the skills and what not that could help her be a better boss and make our present work environment less stressful.

And that's all I have to say about that *Forrest Gump voice*

Nail Lovin - Color of the Week

This week I'm wearing Reva by Zoya.  It is described as a strawberry red color with sparkle.  Pretty huh?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Haul-age - QVC & Sephora

This past Saturday on QVC they had Super Saturday were net proceeds from certain product sold went to Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.  Also items were at a special price.  So of course I had to do my duty and buy a thing or 2 or 4! lol :)  Here's what I picked up:

    Theeeen I had a coupon for Sephora that I just haaaad to use.  Got some more of the OPI by Sephora nail polish remover that I like.  The 4 oz bottle lasts a long time and I do paint my nails once a week (sometimes twice).  I also picked up Bobbi Brown's new Bronze Tortoise Shell Eye Palette. Loooooooove *sing song voice*

    A lil of this and that :)

    Tech Lovin - Samsung Galaxy S II

    Sooooooo one of my tech lovin sorority sisters sent me an email yesterday about this phone.
    Introducing the Samsubng Galaxy S II .  Pretty snazzy huh?  Maybe one or two of the Android phones have made me take second glance but haven't moved me.  This one on the other hand....we likey!  No deets on which US carrier or carriers will get it.  This phone just might be mine *fingers crossed.  Now time to take to the blogs to get the scoop on this here phone!  Late birthday gift to myself perhaps *nods head in approval*