Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tech Lovin - Samsung Galaxy S II

Sooooooo one of my tech lovin sorority sisters sent me an email yesterday about this phone.
Introducing the Samsubng Galaxy S II .  Pretty snazzy huh?  Maybe one or two of the Android phones have made me take second glance but haven't moved me.  This one on the other hand....we likey!  No deets on which US carrier or carriers will get it.  This phone just might be mine *fingers crossed.  Now time to take to the blogs to get the scoop on this here phone!  Late birthday gift to myself perhaps *nods head in approval*


  1. I wonder who that tech lovin' Sorority sister could be??? LOL!!! You know they have a name for what we are right?? It's called enablers!!!

  2. Hmmmm I wonder WHO could it be LOL!!!!! I guess this is your way of gettin me back for all the times I sen you stuff :)


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