Saturday, November 12, 2011

Book Lovin - Still in disarray

(Courtesy of Microsoft)

So I'm in the process of moving some books around and trying to decide what I want to read next.  I have a few books that I will be purchasing soon (ebook, hardcover and possibly paperback).  As I move books from my bookshelf to a bin under my bed I pull some books aside to get into today.  I do have a spreadsheet with a catalog of my books, a spreadsheet to track my current reads and I use Shelfari.  As I go to add one book to "reading now" on Shelfari I see that I have already rated the book.  I was like bwah??!  Sure enough I had already read the book! *head palm*.  I'm still somewhat at a crossroads with some of my books being with me at home and rest being in storage. Grrrrrr!  Hopefully this will get sorted out next month.  Or at least the process of getting everything sorted out can begin next month.  I'm trying to hold off on purchasing some books I already have in ebook form.  But I'm also frustrated by not have access to my books.  When I do get into what I have in the storage unit, the plan is to give some away to other avid reading friends or donate them to the library.  I don't have the patience to do the eBay, Amazon thing.  Again we shall see. Stay tuned............

Friday, November 4, 2011

Is going on a "no buy" realistic

We all have our "things" that we buy.  For some it may be different kind of candles, scarfs, ties or watches (you get the idea).  I would love to buy any tech toy I wanted, when I wanted it, but I know that's not realistic.  I've gotten better with buying clothes and shoes.  I think it's more so I'm happy with what I have and there's not point in buying more (other than if something needs to be replaced like tees, socks, etc).  I've gotten better on the handbag front.  There are couple I have my eye on.  I have gotten better with the "I gotta have it now" feeling.  I've gone through what I have and pulled some to give away (I can't be bothered with the whole eBay/Craigslist thing).  On the beauty front....weeeeellll...

In a couple of earlier posts (How Much is Too Much? and Fall 2011 Makeup Collections) I mentioned that I was toying around with the idea of going on a "no buy" when it comes to beauty products (skincare, hair, makeup, etc).  I'll admit *raises hand* that I'm a product junkie.  I like trying out different things.  I do use stuff up and when I get tired of something or if I don't really like it I give away to friend and family (depending on the product) who want it (they appreciated it lol).  Again like with my clothes and such I think I have a nice collection if you will, of various products.  My ramblings lead to the question is it realistic to completely go on a "no buy" of a particular thing or product?

When I go to Target or CVS to pick up something I need I then on auto pilot go over to the beauty/makeup sections and peruse the aisle.  I don't always buy something.  I also like watching various youtube videos and they highlight various products in their tutorials or review products.  I also watch QVC and HSN when certain brands are presenting to see what's new and to learn new makeup tips and tricks.  Again I don't always buy something.  Same with twitter with the various people and brands I follow that are beauty related.  I also have friends that I talk to on a regular basis about makeup/beauty stuff.  I would think that for this "no buy" to be effective I would have to shut myself off from these other things so that I won't know what going on or so that I won't be "tempted" to buy.  Or this a bit extreme?