Monday, May 30, 2016

#ManicureMonday Essie Bikini So Teeny

So I was all set wear the last polish in the Ashley Graham Formula X collection. Then Essie's Bikini So Teeny popped in my head. I either saw someone wearing on Instagram or Snapchat and it would not go away. I kept thinking that I gotta wear it, I gotta wear it, I gotta wear it, I GOTTA WEAR IT! So I'm wearing it. It's described as a cornflower blue. I wearing two coats. It's a nice light blue shade that very flattering on a variety of skin tones.

Spoiler alert! I'm going to do a mid week polish change post on the last Ashley Graham Formula X nail polish. All three polishes are still available at Sephora. So I wanted to get a post on the last one up since they are still available.

See you Wednesday!

Monday, May 23, 2016

#ManicureMonday Formula X Sexy as Hell #ColorCurators

Happy Monday!

I have one question. Where is Spring!?!?! Another rainy and gloomy Monday here *sigh*. The sun needs to stop playing these games!

Today I'm wearing Sexy as Hell from Ashley Graham's Formula X collection. It's described as a vibrant pinkish red. I am wearing two coats. I'm so so when it come to red nail polishes.  I think this is doable for me since it is a pinky red.

See you next Monday!

Monday, May 16, 2016

#ManicureMonday Formula X 36DDD #ColorCurators

Happy Monday!

Today I'm wearing 36DDD from Ashley Graham's Formula X collection. It's described as a pastel peachy coral. I'm wearing two coats. The color is a bit washed out in the pic. I wasn't sure I would like this shade but I'm digging it.

See you next Monday!

Monday, May 9, 2016

#ManicureMonday Essie Strut Your Stuff & Zoya Dream

Happy Monday!

It's been cloudy and dreary here for the past week. So a bright nail polish is in order.

This is the nail combo I mentioned in my April Top 5 & More post. Essie's Strut Your Stuff is blue just pops and I quite enjoy wearing it. Zoya's Dream pairs with it nicely for some balance. Maybe I'll do a post on my favorite bright nail polishes. We shall see.

See you next Monday!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

May 2016 Shop My Stash

This month is going to be interesting because I am going to attempt a no buy. Keyword being attempt. I tried back in March and failed miserably. So May it is! Or at least I hope. Plus I ordered a bunch of stuff at the end of April, so the beauty beast should be soothed for a while. My hope is to carry it over into June or more so a "low buy". Ok enough rambling. Here's what I'm playing around with this month.

Palette Play

I was drawing a blank on what palette to play around with then the Naked 3 palette popped in my head. I haven't used it in a while. I'm may use some Bare Mineral Ready eyeshadows for a week. I want to see if I like the looks for work travel.

Polish Play

I delayed this post to show these polishes lol! I was on YouTube and saw a video for the new Formula X #ColorCurators collection with Ashley Graham! I wasted no time ordering these from Sephora. I've been following her on social media for a while and I heart her. So I jumped on picking up these 3 polishes to support her. The shades are 36DDD (pastel peachy coral), Sexy as Hell (vibrant pinkish red) and #beautybeyondsize (bold berry magenta). These are the first full size Formula X polishes that I have paid full price for. Usually I scoop them on sale but these are only around for the month of May. So if you're interested in them, don't wait to pick them up.

Fragrance Play

For fragrance, I didn't know what I wanted to use. I decided to reach for Bath & Body Works Be Joyful. The key notes in Be Joyful are: Sparkling Clementine Golden Mango, Frosted Jasmine, Winter Melon and Shimmering Sugar. I'll probably play around with some other Bath & Bath Works to see if they're staying in my fragrance stash or moving on. Note to self, stay away from the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual sales! Only thing I'm getting from their sales going forward is hand soaps and possibly replenish items for Amber Blush and Cashmere Glow when they are back in store.

Out of My Face

Here's is what I used up in April:
  • Serious Skincare A Force XR Retinol Serum Concentrate 
  • Ashea Shea Butter Pomade
  • Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara
  • Josie Maran Dvine Drip Honey Butter Balm in Pure Honey
  • Serious Skincare Creamerum Eye Evolve
  • Philosophy Orange Cocoa Cream Shower Gel
  • L'Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper Brow Gel Mascara in Transparent
  • Bare Minerals Moxie Gloss in Rebel
Play time go!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

April 2016 Top 5 & More!

I'm still quite tired form my work trip. So let's see if I can keep this short and sweet *insert side eye*

Top 5

Mally Ultimate Nude Palette

I had a 20% off Ulta coupon and decided to scoop this up. This is a really nice palette. The palette is broken down into 3 quads and 6 duos which I think is pretty cool, if you need some guidance on how to use it or just some inspiration. The shades are pigmented and easy to blend. The brush that's included is nice as well. I was going to travel with this palette but I took some Tarte shadows instead. But I can see this coming along with me on my next work trip.

MAC Dej Loaf Lipglass

This is a more recent purchase and I knew it would be an instant favorite. The color is described as a caramel-tinged gloss. It's a very pretty nude for my skin tone. Something told me to order two. I went back the other day to scoop another one and it's sold out! *head palm*. It's only available online through their website. I'm hoping they bring it back.

Essie Strut Your Stuff

I scooped this from Ulta's website for 99 cents! It's a very pretty vibrant blue shade. I tried snapping a pic when I wore it with Zoya's Dream but it didn't come out on right. It's on my list for a post. So stay tuned.

Philosophy Lemon Custard 

This scent is new to me and is a new fast favorite among philosophy girls. I used it before my work trip and ended up taking it with me. The lemon scent is not overpowering, It's a quick zest of lemon. The custard component helps balance the lemon and gives a smooth and creamy feel and scent. Now I want to try the glazed body souffle.

Bobbi Brown Blush Palette

This is a palette that I put together. You can purchase empty palettes from Bobbi Brown and pop in her eyeshadows and blushes. I have Apricot, Plum, Desert Pink and Washed Rose. I hadn't reached for this in a while and debated on what blushes to take with me on my work trip. I instantly thought of this palette. It is a good mix of shades for various looks. I used Desert Pink and Plum the most and I used Washed Rose as a highlight. After looking at this palette some more, I decided to get rid of the two elf blush palettes I had. I hadn't reached for them in while and I enjoy my Bobbi Brown blush palette more so than both elf palettes.


IT Cosmetics Your Bye Bye Breakthroughs 5-pc Anti Aging Collection

I really wasn't checking for this when it was a TSV on QVC.  The set includes:
  • Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Full Coverage Anti-Aging Concealer
  • Bye Bye Pores Blush Poreless Finish Airbrush Brightening Blush in Naturally Pretty
  • Bye Bye Pores Pressed Silk Airbrush Poreless Finishing Powder
  • Bye Bye Makeup 3-in-1 Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm
  • Heavenly Skin Bye Bye Pores Powder Brush
A friend who got this set sent to her, had already given me the finishing powder because she already had it. The blush, brush and cleansing balm sealed the deal for me lol. I like all the pieces in this set. The concealer is one that I have to work with just a tad more than some of my other go to concealers but I still like it. The blush is a very pretty pink shade that is good for everyday and it does show up on my deeper skin tone. The cleansing balm is really good and gets everything off. The brush is freaking fantastic! I'm glad I scooped this set up. I did do auto delivery for some odd reason. Future shipment only come with 4 pieces (minus the brush). Everything else is the same. It would have been nice if they blush color was different. I've skipped my next shipment that was in July. We'll see if I stay on auto delivery.

Milani Moisture Lock Oil Infused Lip Treatment

I picked these up during two separate trips to CVS. They are also available on Milani's website. My friend had mentioned that she like them and I said why not. I picked up 01 Moisturizing Almond Coco and 04 Conditioning Grapeseed. I guess these are a drugstore take on the Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Tint-In-Oil. I've never tried the Yves Saint Laurent ones. They are $32 each. No thank you. At first,, the Milani ones are a product I use in the evening after I wash my face and want to put something on my lips. Now I reach for them whenever. I don't use them in the morning to moisturize my lips before apply a lip product. They smell nice, they don't have a color like a gloss and they feel nice on the lips. The applicator is kinda big but it doesn't bother me. I'm going to hold off trying some of the other formulas until I use the two I have up.

Tarte Tartelette Tease Palette

When I saw first saw this palette, I said yea I'm not getting this. It's so small and doesn't look like much. Well I scooped it up during Spring VIB sale at Sephora. I took it with me on my work trip and this little joker is amaze balls. You can do quite a few looks with just these six shades. It's smells good and the shadows are pigmented and easy to blend. I was surprised how much I like it. So I'm glad I got it. I can see this coming with me on other trips.


Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

*clutches chest* When I saw this palette, I was sooooo HYPE about it. Even before all the "real hype" set in. This joker was sold out everywhere. I ordered it from HSN and even that was a hot mess and I never have problems ordering from HSN. When I finally got it, I didn't use it at first. I hadn't really played around with the Tarte palettes I pulled out for April. I took the palette home on a Friday. I went to use it Monday morning. I literally stared at this palette and NOTHING! I could not figure out what to do with it. The more I looked at it, the colors did not move me. As I continued looking that the shades, I was like I already have similar shades. The Nubian palette from Juvia Place that I just mention in my Palette Madness post is BOMB and half the price. ANNNNDDD some of the shades do look similar to ones in the previous chocolate palettes. I'm kinda bummed about this since I've enjoyed the 3 chocolate palettes from Too Faced. But not bummed to keep it since this joker is $50. It's not worth the price and you can dupe it easily. As you can tell from the pic, I didn't even finger swatch any of the shades and I only dipped a brush into one shade. So back to HSN it went.

MAC RiRi Woo

This is the red lipstick I took with me on my work trip. It's a Retro Matte which is super dry! I hadn't worn it in a while. I remember liking it for the most part when I got it. I do like the color but I am not a fan of the Retro Matte formula. I may give it another go and make sure that my lips are exfoliated and hydrated before apply it.

And there you have it! On to May!

Monday, May 2, 2016

#ManicureMonday China Glaze I'll Pink to That & OPI Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel

Oh it feels good to wear nail polish again!

I'm getting back from a work trip and I usually take a few nail polishes with me since I'm gone for about a week. Wellllll this time I forgot my base AND top coat! I was like seriously dude??! This was a first for me. There was a CVS within walking distance from my hotel but it wasn't all that close. Plus by the time the meeting got going, I really didn't feel like walking to it. I checked the hotel gift shop and they didn't have a Wet n Wild top coat. I tried to make it work but I'm so used to quick drying top coats and this took FOREVER to dry. So I basically went nail polish free. I couldn't wait to get back home and paint my nails. I threw an extra base and top coat that I have in my travel bag, so I won't have this issue again!

Today it's all about PANNNK!!! I saw China Glaze's I'll Pink to That in an Instagram post and said yep I needs it. It's fun bright pink and is part of their Summer 2016 Light Brites collection. Of course now I'm curious about other shades in the collection but that will have to wait. I have OPI's Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel from the Hello Kitty collection as an accent nail. It is a fuchsia glitter.

April Top 5 and May Shop My Stash posts are up next! I've been slacking on #ManicureMonday posts soooo there will be one every Monday in May! Woohoo!

See you next Monday!