Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Four or More Tag!

I saw this tag on Instagram. Nycmakeuplover has some of the items on her Instrgram and a link to her blog post. I thought it was kinda of cool. Basically you show all the beauty items in which you have four or more of from your collection.  So I pretty much started off the top of my head, knowing what it's in my stash for the most part and listed the items. Then I went through the drawers to see if I missed anything lol. Fair warning this post is kind of looonnng *embarrassed face* I should have broken it up but oh well. Ok so here we go!

L'Oreal Hip Duos - I love these shadows. I've mentioned before my eye looks on a day to day aren't elaborate with a bunch of different colors. So these duos are perfect for me. I reach for some more than others.

MAC eyeshadows - I have exactly 4 singles lol. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have a love/hate relationship with MAC. So I don't have a lot in my stash compared to some people. I do have 2 quads as well from the Wonder Woman collection.

Smashbox eyeshadow quads - I have exactly 4 from a QVC TSV auto-delivery. Smashbox shadows are in my top 5.

Maybelline Color Tattoos - these need no explanation since I've mentioned them in favorites posts lol. I have all from the original line. And I'm only missing 2 from one of  the limited edition sets that I still want. May have to take to eBay for them because I wants them! -____-

MAC Lip glosses  - I have 2 Cremesheens and 11 lipglasses. I like what I have but they are not my favorite lip glosses overall. I do have some favorites out of what I have. They are Indigo Pink, All My Purple Life and Evolution Revolution.

MAC blushes - I didn't think I had at least 4 but I do lol. I do like MAC blushes and have my eye on Raizin since that is the "staple brown girl blush".

Smashbox Lipglosses - these were some of the first glosses I used when I got back into makeup. They feel good and have nice pigmentation.

Mally High Shine Lipsticks/Lip glosses - these are really nice. She as a set up on QVC for the holidays and I'm trying to be good and not purchase it *shifty eyes*

Mally Eyeliners - I have quite few. I had more but passed them on. They're just ok to me and not as "bullet proof as Mally clams. Well at least not on me.

NYC Liquid Lipshine Glosses - I have all of these glosses except for maybe 2. I don't have clear and I had one of the lighter pink ones but it was too frosty and didn't look good on me. I got them from Target for around $2. You can't beat the price. They are not sticky, excellent pigmentation and they feel good on. Nude York City is one of my favorite nudes be it drugstore or high end. The deeper shades are excellent as well.

Kissable Couture lip glosses - a friend of mine got me into these. They are nice glosses  Kind of on the expensive side. I was able to catch a sale here and there.

NYX Mega Shine Lip gloss - I have 4 of these. They are nice and have been tempted to pick up more but haven't since I have more than enough lip glosses and I have other that I like better.

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils - got some in sets from Hautelook and my local beauty supply store. They're nice. Haven't reached for them a lot lately.

NYX Lip Liners - I have 4 and only use 2. I pretty much use a brown lip liner with all my lip looks. Smashbox nude lip liner in dark has been my go to. Found a NYX lip liner that was pretty much identical to it.

Milani Lip Mixer Lip glosses - I picked these up when CVS had their big Milani sale. These are great! They have nice shine and feel good on the lips. I liked them so much I extras where I was able to find them and enlisted my friend to help look when I couldn't find more lol. They still may be available online from sites like Cherry Culture. I haven't seen them in stores since that sale.

Squeezy tube glosses from Bath and Body Works - I got these during the holidays lol. I don't even know what they're called and don't really reach for them.

Revlon lipsticks - this includes ALL of Revlon lip stick brands lol. Revlon makes some of my FAVORITE lipsticks. I'm always finding a new color to pick up.

Revlon Lip Butters - I have several and love them. Very moisturizing and adds color to your lips. What's not to like?

Revlon Colorburst Lip glosses - these are nice glosses that work well on their own or over a lipstick.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains - these are awesome! I have 4 in the deeper shades. They go on smoothly and truly stain your lips. They are great for when you have a long day and don't have time to retouch your lips.

Wet n' Wild Lip Liners - I have 4 and don't use em -___-

Wet n' Wild Glassy Gloss - I have 4 from my wanderings at the drugstore lol. They're nice. They don't give off a lot of color.

Wet n' Wild Megalast lipsticks - you can't beat these lipsticks for $2. CVS has had a buy one, get one free on Wet n' Wild products over the last few months. So I've added to my stash *head palm* They're a lot of MAC dupes too. Awesome pigmentation and color selection.  Some are more moisturizing that others but that's not thing applying a lip balm before hand can't solve.

Wet n' Wild Color Icon blushes - there were only 4 and I have all 4. These are really nice blushes and you can't beat the price.

Wet n' Wild eyeshadows - I have quite a few trios, all 6 pan palettes, 8 pan palettes and a few single shadows. These are amazing shadows and not just for drugstore. You can't beat the price and the quality is awesome. It's a great way to build your eyeshadow collection or try colors you might not necessarily try and don't want to spend a lot of an eyeshadow or larger palettes.

NYX Roundtop Lipsticks - I got the majority of what I on through sets on Hautelook. Their nice but I haven't purchased any I want to say in the last year or so. I've been all over Revlon and Wet n' Wild.

NYX Jumbo Eye pencils - I got caught up in the "hype" of these. I really don't reach for them. I like the Maybelline Color Tattoos better. You can even use a good eyeliner as a color base. So I may pass these on.

Bare Minerals Big and Bright Eyeliners - these are good everyday liners and apply easily.

Bare Minerals Round the Clock Eyeliners - nice and smooth liners. They kind of remind me of Urban Decay's 24/7 liners.

Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lipglosses - another nice gloss that feels good on the lips and keeps them moisturized.

Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Colors - got most of them in a QVC TSV auto-delivery sets but I have purchased a few on their own. They take some getting used to. They are cross between a lipstick and a gloss. You can't throw these on and go. Well at least I can't.

Bare Minerals Ready eyeshadows - I have various 2.0, 4.0 and 8.0 palettes. I LOVE these shadows. I would be satisfied sticking to these shadows. They are that good an are my #1!

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil - this comes in a lot of their sets and soooo I have a lot of mineral veil. I like it so that's a plus.

Bare Mineral loose eyeshadows - These are some of my favorites as well and I have quite a few. I highly doubt I'll ever use one up lol. My absolute favorite loose shadow is Drama. It's my go to when I do know what to do or can't be bothered doing anything.

Bare Minerals loose blushes - these blushes are gorgeous! They go on smoothly, easy to blend and the color is buildable. These are in my top 3 for blushes.

Bare Minerals Moxie lip glosses - these are kind of similar to the Buxom glosses so of course I love them.

Buxom Lipglosses - These are my favorites lip glosses hands down. They tingle when applied but that doesn't bother me. They keep my lips moisturized all day and I love em!

Bobbi Brown eyeshadows - I have several palettes and individual shadows that I put in her ready made empty palettes. Her eyeshadows are in my top 5.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliners - goes on smoothly and lasts all day. What's not to love?

Bobbi Brown Blushes - similar to the Bare Minerals blushes in application, pigmentation and in my top 3.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes - these are my #1. They last all day on and the color payoff on these is amazing.

La Femme blushes (center) - got em off of YouTube buzz. I do like them and debating on getting more. Like I need more blushes! *insert side eye*

Mary Kay Blushes (left) - I have 4 of these blushes. They are nice. Doubt I would get anymore since I have more than enough blushes right how. They are inexpensive too.

Mary Kay Mineral Eyeshadows (right) - nice shadows. I use them and like them when I do. But I don't go crazy over them. They are also inexpensive. The color range has your basic shades.

Mark Kay lipsticks - didn't think I had 4. Who knew lol. They are nice lipsticks that are not that expensive. I have deeper shades in these lipsticks.

Urban Decay Cream Shadows - I think I got these during some sale and don't really use them #kanyeshrug

Urban 24/7 eyeliners - didn't think I had 4. I have 2 full size ones and some mini ones. These are great eyeliners and should have picked up their 15th anniversary set last year *stomps foot*

Urban Decay Single Shadows - Got these when they were $6 on their site. The UD shadows I have are their palettes.

Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes - I LOVE their palettes. UD is in my top 5 for eyeshadows. I have the original Naked Palette, the Roller Girl palette, the Feminine palette, The Black palette and the Show Pony Palette.

Covergirl eyeshadows - Most of these I got during a sale at CVS. The drugstore strikes again lol! I will say that Brown Smolder is my favorite dark brown eyeshadow and  I use it almost everyday. It's a good substitute if you don't want to use black to define a look.

Maybelline eyeshadow quads - I have 3 of the Stylish Smokes quads and Chai Latte. These are some really nice eyeshadows with nice pigmentation and easy to blend.

Phew!!!! I think that's everything. Even I missed something what I listed is enough!!!!! This was fun to do and eye opening *shifty eyes*. It was interesting to see what I had more of and remembering "why" I had them. I potentially see some more items to pull from my stash. The other day I started a spreadsheet in attempt to inventory my makeup collection.

If you read up to this point, you deserve a gold star! :D

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What is it about Christmas music?

(Courtesy of Microsoft)

I'm talking about both kinds of Christmas music. Meaning the songs that are in reference to the holiday/season and those that in reference of the birth of Christ. I have two mix CDs (yes CDs lol) that have both kinds of music on them.  I was listening to them on my way to work this morning and my commute was rather pleasant and I have this peaceful like feeling over me. I'm going to create a list on Spotify so that I can list to it on my computer at work. One of my absolute favorite Christmas songs that references Christ is O Holy Night. I have quite a few favorite holiday ones. One that gets my bopping around is Rockin Around the Christmas Tree lol! I also like listening to The Preacher's Wife soundtrack during the holidays. I may try and see if I can post my Christmas Mix list to this post.