Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 More Years!!!!

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Well America has spoken and Barack Obama is STILL OUR President!!! \O/ Emphasis on the word OUR!!! I was on pins and needles yesterday. My adrenaline was on like 5,000 too. I feel like we all need a day to recuperate LOL!! My state doesn't have early voting. So I stood in line for an hour and half to cast my vote on Election Day. I would do it all over again! For those of you who made your voice heard (even if you didn't vote for President Obama) job well done! This election was a clear indication that your vote DOES count. And don't let anyone tell you differently!! Too many people fought and died for you to have this right. Don't ever, EVER take it for granted.

I will say this though....yes it is “over and done” but really not so much. Stay engaged and involved. Don't become complacent. Yes national issues are important BUT there are issues going on at the state and local levels that are just as important. If not more so because they directly impact the communities in which you reside in. Also hold these elected officials accountable! Your votes put them there. Their job security is dependent on YOU! Ok I’m done ☺ *walks away whistling Hail to the Chief*

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