Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bag of the Moment - Gucci Joy Hearts Boston Bag

I think this is the "official" name of the bag. I purchased it from one on my handbag loving Sorors. When I got it pretty much looked brand new. I love the shape. It's big enough to hold my junk and it has a light lining on the inside. One downside there's only one pocket on the inside. Not a big big deal. It's trimmed in dark brown and the body of the bag is the signature Gucci print. I like it a lot, a lot :) I've had my eye on the Sukey tote but highly doubt I'll get it any time soon lol. I know with the bags I have I could have bought a "big girl" bag but I do liking having the variety and changing it up every now and then :)

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