Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gone too soon...

Friday morning I received some heartbreaking news.  A sorority sister of mine had passed away due to complications of a medical condition.  I was speechless, floored, shocked, numb and a host of other emotions.  I could not wrap my head around the fact that she was gone.  I was talking to another sorority sister of mine who told me the news and I was just numb.  I was sitting on my bed and I could not move.  My heart began to ache for her two little girls who will not understand why their mommy isn't here anymore.  My heart ached for my other sorority sisters who knew her better than I did.  My heart ached for her other friends and family dealing with the loss.  Something like this brings your own mortality into question.  We are the same age.  It emphasizes the fact that tomorrow is not promised.  She just celebrated her birthday last week.  You want to know the kicker?  I never met her face to face.  We live the the same metropolitan area but I have never physically laid eyes on her.  We "met" through the power of the Internet.  We were on the same sorority listserves and connected via Facebook and Twitter. We connected around various things such as music and nail polishes lol.  She invited me to her baby shower for her second child.  I'll forever be heartbroken that I was unable to attend.

The news of her passing spread on Facebook and Twitter.  But you want to know the amazing thing?  A lot of these same people on Facebook and Twitter who were grieving had never met her face to face.  The power of the Internet connected her to so many of these people who were just as hurt and shattered by her passing just as if they knew her in "real life".  Her passing also got me to thinking (and folks on Facebook and Twitter) that at the end of the day you don't know when your time is going to come.  While you are here live life.  Sounds cliche I know but we you are gone there's no coming back!  You get one shoot at this thing called life.  Yes there are going to be times when you get stressed, frustrated and all of that but if you look at that particular situation and that particular point in time  is it really that bad?  Are there a few things that you can change now or work toward changing to make things better?  I know I bitch and moan about certain things in my life.  Some things I know I have the power to change.  Others it is what it is and either I can deal with it or remove myself from it.  Sometimes it's really that simple.  I think that we make things more difficult than what they need to be.  I guess this what I plan to work on.  I don't what to go through my time on the earth mad and frustrated all the time.  I want to enjoy life!!! My sorority sister lived life, spoke her mind, held no punches and genuinely was a good person.  She will be missed.  Gone but never forgotten.  RIP Soror Cryssy!!!

**I'm typing this on the fly and it my be jumbled and not make a whole lot of sense.  Just needed to get my thoughts out**

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Confessions of a produt junkie....

If you haven't gathered from a few of my blog posts I like trying out different things *insert sheepish grin* lol!  Not sure where I get it from but hey it is what it is.  It kind of happens in spurts.  Then I'm like ok kid time to pump your brakes.  Like right now I'm on this hair products kick.  Back in the day (circa high school and college) I would use drug store products and/or something my hairdresser would recommend.  Fast forward to 2008/2009 I started dabbling in products that were considered "high end".

Lately I've gone back and forth between Carol's Daughter and Ojon products.  I have various products from these two lines.  I've been skeptical of WEN for the longest time but received a sample size that I finally used.  So of course the product junkie component of my brain was like hmmmmm....So now I have what I have and it does get used.  However when I look at what it under my bathroom sink I'm like -_-  Now I'm trying to pinpoint what my daily and weekly product regime is going to consist of.  But I'm sure something else will come out and it will get my attention and my money.  As you can see #thestruggleisreal lol!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Book Lovin - Still in disarray

(Courtesy of Microsoft)

So I'm in the process of moving some books around and trying to decide what I want to read next.  I have a few books that I will be purchasing soon (ebook, hardcover and possibly paperback).  As I move books from my bookshelf to a bin under my bed I pull some books aside to get into today.  I do have a spreadsheet with a catalog of my books, a spreadsheet to track my current reads and I use Shelfari.  As I go to add one book to "reading now" on Shelfari I see that I have already rated the book.  I was like bwah??!  Sure enough I had already read the book! *head palm*.  I'm still somewhat at a crossroads with some of my books being with me at home and rest being in storage. Grrrrrr!  Hopefully this will get sorted out next month.  Or at least the process of getting everything sorted out can begin next month.  I'm trying to hold off on purchasing some books I already have in ebook form.  But I'm also frustrated by not have access to my books.  When I do get into what I have in the storage unit, the plan is to give some away to other avid reading friends or donate them to the library.  I don't have the patience to do the eBay, Amazon thing.  Again we shall see. Stay tuned............

Friday, November 4, 2011

Is going on a "no buy" realistic

We all have our "things" that we buy.  For some it may be different kind of candles, scarfs, ties or watches (you get the idea).  I would love to buy any tech toy I wanted, when I wanted it, but I know that's not realistic.  I've gotten better with buying clothes and shoes.  I think it's more so I'm happy with what I have and there's not point in buying more (other than if something needs to be replaced like tees, socks, etc).  I've gotten better on the handbag front.  There are couple I have my eye on.  I have gotten better with the "I gotta have it now" feeling.  I've gone through what I have and pulled some to give away (I can't be bothered with the whole eBay/Craigslist thing).  On the beauty front....weeeeellll...

In a couple of earlier posts (How Much is Too Much? and Fall 2011 Makeup Collections) I mentioned that I was toying around with the idea of going on a "no buy" when it comes to beauty products (skincare, hair, makeup, etc).  I'll admit *raises hand* that I'm a product junkie.  I like trying out different things.  I do use stuff up and when I get tired of something or if I don't really like it I give away to friend and family (depending on the product) who want it (they appreciated it lol).  Again like with my clothes and such I think I have a nice collection if you will, of various products.  My ramblings lead to the question is it realistic to completely go on a "no buy" of a particular thing or product?

When I go to Target or CVS to pick up something I need I then on auto pilot go over to the beauty/makeup sections and peruse the aisle.  I don't always buy something.  I also like watching various youtube videos and they highlight various products in their tutorials or review products.  I also watch QVC and HSN when certain brands are presenting to see what's new and to learn new makeup tips and tricks.  Again I don't always buy something.  Same with twitter with the various people and brands I follow that are beauty related.  I also have friends that I talk to on a regular basis about makeup/beauty stuff.  I would think that for this "no buy" to be effective I would have to shut myself off from these other things so that I won't know what going on or so that I won't be "tempted" to buy.  Or this a bit extreme?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nail Lovin - Shades of Pink

For this month I have been wearing various shades of pink on my nails for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Week 1 - Strawberry Shortcake (Essie)

Week 2 - Teenage Dream (OPI)

Week 3 - Go with the Flow-er (Sephora by OPI) topped with Black Mesh (China Glaze)

Week 4 - Areej by Zoya (color is bit washed out in the photo)

For the last two days and Halloween I'm going to wear a black polish (Ink Well by Wet n' Wild) topped with a pink crackle polish (Broken Hearted by China Glaze).

(Courtesy of Microsoft)

Friday, October 21, 2011

How do you...

shake the feeling of being a failure? Of worthlessness? Of serving no kind of purpose? It seems like no matter what I do lately, I just can't win/get ahead. I'm at home and I feel this way. I'm at work and I feel this way. I know that there are people who are far worse off than I am and that I should just shut up. I should count my blessings (which I do each and every day). I am not trying to sound ungrateful by any means. And I know that even people that love what they do in their jobs/careers/personal lives have their days of frustration. It could be the case of restlessness that I'm feeling all around and I just don't know or what I want to do next.

Ok enough whoa is me....Carry on good people.

Until the next post......

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Soundtrack of Your Life

Everyone now and then I may hear the comment "the music of such and such artist has been the soundtrack of my life".  Some people say The Beatles, some say Elvis, Madonna, Michael Jackson, so on and so forth.  If I had to pick just one right now I would say Mary J. Blige.  I was first introduced to MJB when we came back to the States in '93 (former military brat).  My cousin got me the cassette tape (yes I said cassette tape which I still have) of My Life.  I listened to it CONSTANTLY!  Then I went back and got What's the 411.  I have continued to purchase her music and I've seen her in concert twice (would pay to see her again).  Certain songs from her many albums/singles I can pinpoint various moments in my life.

 For example, Not Gone Cry makes me think of the time when my parents were going through their divorce.

MJB's Everything and some other songs on Share My World came out when I was in high school and I was in "love" *strong side eye*

Good Woman Down from The Breakthrough takes me back to a time to were if things would have been different I would not be here.  Just going through what I was going through.

 And I think just about everyone can relate to No More Drama.

I could go on but then this would be a long post.  Soooooo yea MJB is alright with me.

So who has provdied the soundtrack of your life?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My neck, my neck and my back!!!

Ok really my back....

I have been in THE most excruciating pain!  I've always had problem off and on with my back but the last few weeks have been a real kicker.  Last week about this time I could barely get out the bed to get dressed for work.  The week before my primary doc prescribed some meds that didn't help but so much.  Did some Google searching and had a rough idea of what was going on.  Went to see a referral doc and my self diagnose was confirmed.  A pinched nerve!  Youch!!  I'm a bit better and can move around more.  I swear I haven't cried as much in the last week in a long time!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Work Life - Bosses

So if you follow my tweets or pay attention to the stream in the upper right corner then you know every now and then I vent work frustrations.  Ok more like everyday and often lol! I'm sure I've lost a few followers because of it but dah well *shurgs* Everyday when I walk through the door I chant my various mantras.  "I'm going to do my work and go home",  "I an not going to let these mofos stress me out", "I am only one person" so on an so forth.  Then it's like when I open my email, check a voice mail or once my other coworkers arrive I get in a tizzy and I ready to go home for the day.  I work in a small office which has its ups and downs.  It wouldn't be so bad if my "boss" was truly a boss.  There's no real guidance, focus or direction from her.  She's knowledgeable in some areas.  In other she relies on outside people to tell her what to do.  I could go on but I'll stop here.  Looking back over the various jobs I've had I've ran the spectrum of the kinds of bosses one can have.  Strict, anal, micro managing, cool, easy going  knowledgeable  friendly, nit wits, etc.  I tweeted today that the role of manager is not for everyone.  In my boss' defense she's doesn't get the support that she needs for the higher ups and is working with limited resources.  However on the flip side she's not making an effort to learn the skills and what not that could help her be a better boss and make our present work environment less stressful.

And that's all I have to say about that *Forrest Gump voice*

Nail Lovin - Color of the Week

This week I'm wearing Reva by Zoya.  It is described as a strawberry red color with sparkle.  Pretty huh?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Haul-age - QVC & Sephora

This past Saturday on QVC they had Super Saturday were net proceeds from certain product sold went to Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.  Also items were at a special price.  So of course I had to do my duty and buy a thing or 2 or 4! lol :)  Here's what I picked up:

    Theeeen I had a coupon for Sephora that I just haaaad to use.  Got some more of the OPI by Sephora nail polish remover that I like.  The 4 oz bottle lasts a long time and I do paint my nails once a week (sometimes twice).  I also picked up Bobbi Brown's new Bronze Tortoise Shell Eye Palette. Loooooooove *sing song voice*

    A lil of this and that :)

    Tech Lovin - Samsung Galaxy S II

    Sooooooo one of my tech lovin sorority sisters sent me an email yesterday about this phone.
    Introducing the Samsubng Galaxy S II .  Pretty snazzy huh?  Maybe one or two of the Android phones have made me take second glance but haven't moved me.  This one on the other hand....we likey!  No deets on which US carrier or carriers will get it.  This phone just might be mine *fingers crossed.  Now time to take to the blogs to get the scoop on this here phone!  Late birthday gift to myself perhaps *nods head in approval*

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    The trials and tribulations of an avid reader...

    (Courtesy of Microsoft)

    Ok mini rant --- since our abrupt move (which was a while ago now but a move is a task enough when you plan for it.  worse when it just happens) we had to put some stuff in storage.  I put the majority of my books in storage but I did keep a few out and I have been buying stuff (of course).  Now 3 books that SHOULD be on my shelf are m.i.a and I got reaaaallly frustrated last night!  I'm kind of in re-read mode plus I have some other connecting books that I have the most recent book at home but the book before it that I haven't read is in storage...gah!  I have a Nook Color which I love.  Halfway tempted to just get it on my Nook buuuutt yeaaaah....Ok I'll shut up now *end rant*

    Friday, July 8, 2011

    Fall 2011 Makeup Collections

    (Courtesy of Microsoft)

    Ok soooooo...various new makeup collections are due out this fall or have already been released.  In looking at the various offerings and such I have had a moments of excitement.  But then when I really look at what the various collections are comprised of dare I say that I am not moved.   I'm not moved because as I look at what I already have I'm like I have neutrals, this color, that color, etc.  Now I know someone folks are loyal to a brand and buystuff regardless.  There are various brands that I do like BUT I think for me it's coming down to the fact that I have one face and how many neutral eyes shadows do I need, how many more lip glosses do I need, etc.  Ok for example when I saw the eye shadow palette from Bobbi Brown's Tortoise Shell Collection I was like "oh my word, gotta have it!"  The colors in the bronze palette are very pretty but again I have several neutral palettes and other eye colors.  Also the palette is $60 *blink blink*.  So again yeeeaaaaa.  I think I'm getting to the point of where I'm good with what I have and will be more selective with it comes to beauty purchases going forward #kanyeshrug.  We shall see.  I have my eye on a few more things I want to add to my collection (then again I need to look at those again too).   Anyone else getting to this point or already at this point?

    Monday, July 4, 2011

    Random Musings - Rut

    Have you ever been stuck in a rut and you just don't know how to get out of it?  All around with work and home I feel like I am in this blah moment.  I feel like any progress I make is shot to shit and I'm just going to be stuck in this rut.  I'm at the point where I just don't care about anything and that's just not me.  I'm just going through the motions.

    Sunday, July 3, 2011

    Time to Pump the Brakes - Makeup

    (Courtesy of Microsoft)

    There comes a time when you have to take stock, fall back and slow it down.  In looking at my makeup collection I think I've done a pretty decent job building it up.  It is not a big and some of the ones that you see on YouTube or in the "blogisphere".  However on the other end of the spectrum some may consider it too much for one face (which could be true).  I've been looking at various blogs talking about MAC's upcoming Semi-Precious collection that's due out very soon.  I made a list of items that I may want to purchase.  At first it was kind of long.  Looked at some reviews and videos again and seriously shortened it.  Thinking some more I may not get anything.  I'm not a MAC head like gals and gents who get loooooove MAC and jump on every collections that comes.  I did go overboard on the Wonder Woman collection but to me it was a really nice collection. What I've been doing lately is writing down any particular makeup items that spark my interest.  In looking at various collections that are coming on this fall I'm like this is nice or that is pretty.  But in the back of my mind I'm also like these colors are similar to what I already have.  Again I have only one face and I'm not a makeup artist.  Soooo yea.  I think I may do the list thing and maybe pick something up from there perhaps once a month or every other month.  We shall see how this goes.  Anyone else have this dilemma (with any product?  It doesn't have to be just makeup)

    Wednesday, June 29, 2011

    Haul-age - Sephora

    I know, I know lol!  Welp picked some eye shadow palettes from Sephora (like I really need more eye shadow).  I got the eye shadow palette from the Tarte for True Blood Collection.  I also got the Sephora Collection Color Palette for $12 bucks!  Not a bad deal.  I have one of their color play palettes that I like.

    Tuesday, June 28, 2011

    Haul-age - e.l.f.

    Yeaaaa ummm.  Picked up some stuff from e.l.f's studio line.  Got one of those deals where I paid $10 for $25 worth of products or something like that.  Here's what I got:

    • 2 blushes - Peachy Keen and Blushing Rose
    • 4 eye shadows - Amethyst, Coffee Bean, Raspberry Truffle and Saddle
    • Powder Brush
    • Conditioning Lip Balm - Bombshell Brown
    • Daily Brush Cleaner
    • 2 Anti-bacterial Hand Wash -  Lavender Blossom
    Used to use e.l.f years ago but their regular line.  Hoping I like the brush cleaner.  $3 for 8.5 fl oz is half bad when I've paid $12-$15 for half the amount of product (Sephora brand, Smashbox and Ulta brand).  I picked up two of their studio brushes from Target that I like too.  Any e.l.f. lovers?  What cha like/don't like?  

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    Haul-age - MAC

    So I ordered a few things from the new MAC Bloggers' Obsession collection.  I got two lip glasses, All My Purple Life and Evolution Revoltion.  I got one eye shadow Sparkle Neely Sparkle.  Was tempted to get one more eyeshadow butttt now looking it's sold out and lipglass.  Gah! *hides* lol.

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    It's just a phone....right???

    So says the girl who always has her phone in hand! LOL!

    Along with buying up beauty stuff, a tech toy is thrown into the mix every now and then.  Let's see the last tech toy I bought was a Nook Color which I love.   It has satisfied my want for an e-reader and tablet (well for now on the tablet end).  Now my interest has turned to a new cellphone.  I currently have a Blackberry.  Trying to decide if I should wait on the new ones that are supposed to come out later on this year oooooooorrrr...should I go with the Droid or *holds breathe* an iPhone!  I'm not all into Apple like some people I know.  I've played around with the iPhone and it is nice. *sigh* Haven't played around with any Droid phones but they are allllll the rage now.  Or will they fade into existence? What to do??

    Haul-age - Ulta

     Soooooo I went to Ulta today.  Had some rewards dollars to use by the end of the month.  Had my eye on like 1 to 3 things and came out with MORE than I intended...GAH!!  Anywho here is what I picked up:

    Yeeeaaa ummmmm lol!!!  I said after this month I'm going to put myself on restriction from buying beauty products.  We shall see how THAT goes.  Anyone else pick up anything fun this month?  How do your restrict yourself from overdoing your purchases?

    Saturday, May 7, 2011

    How Much Is Too Much?

    Sooooo as I sit here looking at my makeup collection I'm thinking to myself how much is too much makeup? I've had an on and off again relationship with makeup. Recently I just got back into it. With Q vendor presentations, youtube, bloggers and some makeup guru friends I am now actually having fun with makeup. I've tried stuff, found some holy grail products and stuff that is a no no for me. Now I have a nice collection but then I'm like I only have one face lol! I have given some stuff to friends and what not but how much is too much makeup for one person to have for personal use? Or is there such a thing lol!!{} What do you do with makeup that is still good but you just don't use anymore?

    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    I'm DONE!!!

    So I am officially done with grad school!?!?! *cart wheel* *cabbage patch* *running man*

    Courtesy of Microsoft)

    I've submitted my last discussion posts, responses and filled out course surveys! Phew!  Now I don't know how to act.  Not looking forward to theses student loan payments again :/ Dah well.

    Now let's see what the future holds!!  I guess I'll blog more...yut oh LOL!!

    When did it happen...

    (Courtesy of Microsoft)

    I've had an on and off again relationship with makeup.  My mom doesn't wear a lot of makeup.  Every now and then she may throw some on if she's going out and such but it's minimal.  In high school I dabbled but nothing seemed to "match" and I didn't "get it".  So I mainly just did lipstick. Fast forward to the world of youtube, the Internet and blogging and now you can find out just about anything on what to do and not to do with makeup.  Slowly I've been trying out different things.  I've become borderline obsessed with  youtube videos.  I bug friends who know a lil more than I do lol :) (thanks chicas).  So yes now I have a "collection".  I don't think it's a lot *evil grin".  I guess you can say my lip glosses and nail polishes are a tad much #judgeme  I don't think I'll ever get into doing youtube videos but I may post stuff here.  We shall see.  So when did it happen to you?  Or do you think makeup is overrated?

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011


    On my way to work this morning I saw a bumper sticker with the word incompetent.  The "o" was the "o" that Obama used in his campaign materials.  Similar to this one:

    With everything that has been going on I got somewhat pissed.  Has Obama done the best job?  Some would say yes.  Others would say no.  Others would say he and his administration are doing the best that they can with what they were given when they took office.

    When I think of incompetent I think of that f*ck Bush.  When I think of incompetent I think of the loonies in the Republican and Tea parities.  They are so busy spouting crazy sh*t and instilling fear into the public INSTEAD of coming up with viable solutions to get this country back on track! People don't realize it took time to get in the situation that the country is in.  Eight years is a long time to f*ck sh*t up and we have seen and felt the damage.  AND things are not going to miraculously change with 1, 2 or 4 years.

    Everyone is in entitled to their own opinion.  Everyone in entitled to free speech (which is another debate for another day).

    I was going to tweet my thoughts but it was a tad much for 140 characters. :)

    And that's all I have to say about that.  At least for now.