Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's just a phone....right???

So says the girl who always has her phone in hand! LOL!

Along with buying up beauty stuff, a tech toy is thrown into the mix every now and then.  Let's see the last tech toy I bought was a Nook Color which I love.   It has satisfied my want for an e-reader and tablet (well for now on the tablet end).  Now my interest has turned to a new cellphone.  I currently have a Blackberry.  Trying to decide if I should wait on the new ones that are supposed to come out later on this year oooooooorrrr...should I go with the Droid or *holds breathe* an iPhone!  I'm not all into Apple like some people I know.  I've played around with the iPhone and it is nice. *sigh* Haven't played around with any Droid phones but they are allllll the rage now.  Or will they fade into existence? What to do??


  1. How DARE you?! Its not just a phone!!! Especially to us who are addicted to all things w/ batteries and plugs! I'd hate to lose my BBM buddy but I understand the desire fore something new! You know my motto if you want it go for it!!!!

  2. Teehee I kid, I kid. Who knows what I'll do. I need for RIM to get their act together! Hmph.


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