Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 2014 Favorites

Actually got my favorites in early this month. Go me! You can thank work travel for that. Ha!  Here's what I've been loving in April.


Urban Decay Naked 3 palette!!!! I hinted and hinted that this would eventually show up right? I got this back in February and was ready to shout from the rooftops my love for this palette lol!!! When I first saw promo pics for it, I was like nope I'm not getting it! Then I thought on it and thought on it. So I decided to get it. I made sure I kept my receipt because if I wasn't feeling it was going back! I've said it before, reviews are good but sometimes you have to get a product home and play around with it. I told Crystal (beauty pusha) on deeper skin tones it gives off a natural look suitable for everyday. But of course you can bump it for a more dramatic look with the darker shades in the palette. It described as rose toned neutrals but some of the shades have a purple undertone to me. And y'all know my love affair with purple. There are also some taupe shades as well. So I now have Naked 1 and Naked 3. I've probably get Naked 2 at some point. I said I was passing on Naked Basics. Let's see if that holds. If this palette has sparked your curiosity, check it out and swatch it at Ulta or Sephora. If you do get it, keep your receipt and if it doesn't move you then return it. But I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by this palette.

Whenever I use Urban Decay's The Black Palette, I love it all over again. This palette isn't for the faint at heart. These are black based shadows. I think my favorite shadows in the palette is the blue shadow called Sabbath. If you're looking for a palette that you can get an easy dark/smokey look then check this palette out. This is a good one for one eye shadow looks as well. I lucked up and got it on sale when I picked mine up at Ulta.


A lip color I'm always leery to wear is pink. Now I'm talking lighter/brighter pinks. I'm good with mauvey pinks, fuchsia pinks and deeper pink shades. I had seen The Power of Pink Moxie duo when it came out this past October for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I passed on it then. When I was in Ulta, I kept seeing. I kept looking at it and picking it up. I finally decided to get it.The two shades are Survivor and Tough Cookie. I've worn both shades and I really like them both. Come to think of it most of the brighter pink shades that I do like and comfortable wearing are either Bare Minerals glosses (100% Natural glosses, Buxom or Moxie).

A BRIEF mention on MAC's Heroine. I hadn't worn it a while. Wore it several times this month. I just love this doggone lipstick. I'm glad MAC came to their senses and made it permanent.


Milani released four limited edition Rose Powder blushes. They released a rose blush before but I didn't get it. Once I saw these four shades I was like HELLLLLOOOOOOO!!!!! How freakin cute are these! The four shades are Lady Rouge, Tea Rose, Love Potion and Coral Cove. These are matte blushes. I saw reviews and they were mixed and I wasn't going to get them. But once again I was like you need to try them for yourself. I wasn't in the mood to go from store to store looking for them, so I ordered them directly from Milani's website. THEN I was wondering that if they would break. Saw Instagram post from someone who ordered from Milani and theirs broke. Mine arrived without any issues *sigh of relief* Just like with other Milani blushes I have, they are nicely pigmented and blend nicely onto the skin. These were the only blushes I used for the whole month. So I'm glad I picked them up. Miliani has been coming out with some great products lately. I want to try their new brow gel. I refuse to try the Anastasia one that everyone is raving about. I think it's around $20.


Three polishes from OPI's Muppets collection were favorites this month. Kermit Me To Speak, Chillin Like a Villain and Gaining Mole-mentum. Pictured about is Chillin Like a Villian with Gaining Mole-mentum.


I mentioned last month that I picked up philosophy's Living Grace. I ordered the philosophy super-size embrace love and grace fragrance trio that was the Today's Special Value. The set has the Eau de Parfum, Olive Oil Scrub and Whipped Body Creme. This set was an awesome deal and I love the Olive Oil Scrub and the Whipped Body Creme. The Olive Oil Scrub is a a two in one. You get a body was and a light scrub that you can use everyday. The Whipped Body Creme is nice and light but it is moisturizing and sinks right into the skin. I've ordered other super size philosophy sets in the past. I always get them on auto delivery but usually end up cancelling. I am definitely keeping this one. The Living Grace scent is so nice, not overpowering and for me I'd wear it all year round. It's described as:
"Welcoming fresh neroli to uplift the senses; clean lily of the valley to inspire gratitude; and sensuous warm musk to embrace the beauty of today." from philosophy.com
Another philosophy scent I picked up is Fresh Cream. This scent has been a runaway hit for philosophy on QVC. I think I have mentioned in a previous post that I've been on the hunt for one shower gel that I could use with anything. Well this is it! It is so light and fresh. I had smelled the scent one day when I was in Sephora and I liked it then. QVC had a One Time Only Value that included a 32oz of of the bath, shower and shampoo and the scrub. I haven't tried the scrub. They have hinted that there will be a Fresh Cream TSV in June! I am SOOOO getting it!

HSN's Beauty Report on Thursday has gotten me in trouble a lot recently lol! I was watching on the third and they had a presentation for the limited edition Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy. It was available at event pricing and free shipping. While the presentation was on, I was digging through sample perfumes I have. I could have sworn I had a sample. I also thought I had smelled it before. I messaged one friend asking her had she smelled it. She said no then I text another friend. She said it was her favorite scent. It is described as a floral gourmand fragrance. The notes in the fragrance are:
  • Top: Wild berries and mandarin
  • Mid: Honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine
  • Base: Amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and praline 
Viva La Juicy has a good combination of notes that I like in a fragrance. It wears nicely on me throughout the day. I can still smell it on my wrist at the very end of the day. It's a good everyday, all occasion scent in my opinion. So I'm happy with my purchase and will keep it (if I do return, I'll let you all know). I may pick up the  FLO Refillable Perfume Atomizer from HSN or something similar so I can have it in my purse.

Random Stuff

I rarely drink soda and if I do it's usually ginger ale. Anywho I had an out of town wedding to go to and there's an Exxon station that we always stop at. The have a banging pulled pork sandwich. I needed a caffeine jolt and I didn't want anymore coffee. I was going to get a Mountain Dew but then I saw Mello Yellow. I was like hello! I hadn't had one of these in a long time. They always run a 2 for $2 promo but I only got one. On the way back home we stopped at the Exxon station again and I got 2 lol.

Every now and then I become somewhat obsessed with a book or particular series. Years ago on an author's Yahoo Group, The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward was mentioned. They are these kick ass vampires who are the protectors of their race. These are not your Twilight variety vampires let me tell you! They love rap music are straight alpha males, you feel me? LOL! I borrowed the first book, Dark Lover from the library and was HOOKED. I was making plans on how I was going to go about purchasing the entire series. The newest release The King, came out earlier this month. There was a $1.99 ebook promo for the first 7 books in the series. I already had book 3 but you best believe I got the other 6 books. I've read 3 books from the series this month and these are not short books by any means. So if you're into paranormal books, vampires and what not check this series out! Searching the Black Dagger Brotherhood tag on Instagram, I ran across this. It cracks me up every time. Vishous is one of the Brothers.

Surprise Products of the Month

My skin care kick continues! Serious Skincare got me really good this month. They celebrated their 19th anniversary and the beginning of the month. They had a Today's Special, event pricing, special sets and everything in between. I ordered the Glycolic Extreme Facial Peel  and Cecilia's Over 40 Smooth and Clear Kit. I got both at event pricing. I've used the peel a few times, since you're only supposed to use it once a week. This is very very nice! I'm talking spa quality. It even smells like a fancy peel that you'd get in a spa.  Here's a description of the peel from HSN's website:
"Get ready for a more youthful-looking complexion when you make this extreme facial peel part of your skincare routine. Formulated with glycolic acid, AHAs, and fruit extracts, it helps improve the look of skin's texture in one simple step."
My skin was nice and smooth after using it. I did notice a difference in the texture of my skin as well. I'm glad I got it on auto ship!

The Smooth and Clear kit I had been eyeing for a while since it has some products form their C and Continuously Clear lines. The "over 40" part was throwing me off. I'm not in my 40s but then I looked at the individual products in the set and what they claimed to do. I've also used other vitamin C products in the past and I liked the way they performed on my skin. I mainly used all the product in the kit for about a week and a half. I liked all the products. Name of the kit is spot on. Here's a description on the kit form HSN's website.
"It's never too late to start taking care of your skin. Boasting four Vitamin C-enriched products and a feisty pair of blemish-fighters, this kit helps your skin look and feel moisturized, smooth and radiant."
My skin was smooth, clear and bright. The only thing I did not like is the packaging on the C Cleanser. The cap doesn't close tightly and the product runs into the cap if you store it upright. It becomes messy.

Looks like the event pricing for some items are still available. So take a look!

Meh Products of the Month

For giggles I picked up the elf $1 eye primer. I said why not. It's only a $1 and if works great. If not it doesn't work then it the trash it goes. Wellllll it went in the trash. I gave it an honest go. By like noon my eyeshadow was gone!

Nice and short this month :)

Work Travel Chronicles!

(Courtesy of Microsoft)

I've mentioned from time to time that I travel for work. So it randomly came to me, why not create a blog series about? Some funny things have occurred during various trips. I've been to come cool places too. So I can mention the places I liked, didn't like or were just meh to me. Of course food will be talked about! Nice change from all the pretty talk. Sound good?

Stay tuned...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Platte Play April 2014

I had already mentioned in last month's post that April is Urban Decay Month!! You already know that Urban Decay makes some of my favorite eyeshadows and palettes. I also have a work trip coming up at the end of the month and I noticed that I like traveling with Urban Decay palettes. So here's what I'll be play around with this month!

Week of April 6 - Mariposa Palette

I got this palette during a work trip last year in Portland at Nordstrom's Rack. Annnd I haven't used it yet *hangs head in the shame*. So let's give this one a whirl.

Week of April 13 - The Black Palette

Yes this a dark palette and we are in "springtime" but I wear whatever whenever. I wore the dark blue shade on my eye for me birthday I think in 2012 and my birthday is in July.

Week of April 20 - Show Pony Box

I haven't used this palette in a good while. It has a good mix of neutrals and colors. It's a good one for travel.

Week of April 27 - Naked Palette

This shouldn't be a surprise lol. I wanted something easy for this week since I'll be on travel and have early/long days. So I wanted something that is easy and didn't have to think about. I will also be taking some Tarte Shadow Sticks with me in the shades Taupe, Satin Golden Brown, Moss Green, Mocha Berry and Shimmering Sand. These shadow sticks compliment the Naked palette and they are super long wearing! I have the Naked palette that has the double-ended eye pencil in Zero and Whiskey. I still plan on taking Perversion and Demolition liners from Urban Decay.

March Palette Play Recap

Just a quick tidbit on March's Palette Play. I already mentioned my disdain for the elf eyeshadow duos that I played around with in my March Favorites. They were not the business and I'm not saying that just because it's elf. I only played around with 3 L'Oreal Hip duos Charming, Saucy and Poppy (pictured above). Charming is pretty put there was major fall out with this one. I haven't played around with a lot of the shimmery ones so I was surprised but the fall out. Saucy is hands down my favorite L'Oreal Hip Duo. It reminds me on the Nars duo in Cordura.  The Nars duo is $35 and the L'Oreal Hip duos vary depending on where you get them from but around $8. CVS usually have some on sale when they do their big beauty sales. Poppy is all matte and it was my first time used an all matte L'Oreal Hip Duo. I REALLY liked this one. It created a very pretty neutral matte look It's perfect for daytime or really anytime. The lighter shade in the duo is more orange/peachy than what's pictured above. I didn't really show any Bare Minerals Ready duos any love because I played around with some newer items I picked up the last week of the month.

As always you can find better pictures of the shadows and swatches online. Google is your friend :)

Now let the the Urban Decay play commence!!! Woot!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March 2014 Favorites

Happy March and Spring is upon us!!!! Woot! Deuces to winter!!!! Another long on for ya...jeez!! *insert side eye* Maybe I should go back to top 3 favs. Oye. Dah well! Here are maaaiiii favorites!!


People have raved and raved about L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows. They have been on my list to try but I never got around to picking up any. Weeellll I picked up 3. I got Burst into Bloom and Purple Priority after hearing good thing about the colors and as you can see they are both purple shades. So how could I resist? These two shades are limited edition. So if they are speaking to you then don't wait on getting them. Then Jennifer Wan had mentioned Gleaming Bronze in a recent video. She said it's a must have shade. It's a limited edition shade, so I took to Amazon and found a seller selling it with free shipping. These shadows are nicely pigmented and go on smoothly. They are perfect for one eyeshadow looks. I see more of these in my future.

I pre-ordered the Bare Minerals More Than Meets the Eye March TSV back in February. This kit primarily focuses on the face and the complexion. Their March TSV uses focuses on the skin and your overall complexion. I enjoyed all the items in this kit. An eye product was included in the set that I really enjoyed. It's a newer product called the 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow with SPF15. The shade is called Blushing Apricot. When I first got this product I was like ummmmmm??? But when I used it, I was like oh ok, I got cha. This product is so easy to use. I applied it with my fingers, added a little dark brown shadow to my outer corner and crease and was DONE! I really liked the look. It was easy and didn't require a lot of thought. I went to QVC to see if any other shades are available but I went on auto deliver for the TSV, so I'll wait to see what the other shades I'll get first before purchasing additional shades.

Two eyeliners I reached for a lot this month are Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Violet Ink and Urban Decay's 24/7 pencil liner in Rockstar. Both are purple liners. It's a nice changes from brown and black. These two liners go well with the Naked 3 palette. More on that palette and the lovefest I've been having with it next month.


Was randomly digging through my lipstick drawer and pulled out Wet n' Wild's Wild Shine in Lustful. This shade is purrrty! I had another lighter shade that I can't find. it So I think I gave it away or it's hiding from me. I want to say that these were the precursor to the Revlon Lip Butter and Maybelline Color Whispers. I feel that this is a tad more moisturizing though. Re-applying it throughout the day wasn't an issue and it wore nicely throughout the day.

I picked up the MAC Cremesheen in Playful Petal. It's part of the Fantasy of Flowers collection. It is described as electric magenta. When it comes to MAC glosses, cremesheens are my favorite. This color is in my happy place and I could wear it everyday. Trying to talk myself out of getting another one. I picked up the Heavenly Hybrid lipstick from the collection as well. I like it. It's a purple shade. How can I not like it right?

When it comes to lip products, dark vampy shades are my happy place. So color me tickled and surprised when I opened a box from by beauty pusha with Mally Beauty's Sweet Berry and Nars NARS Bougainville!!! I was shocked! They are both somewhat similar in color. Sweet Berry is a little deeper.  NARS Bougainville is described as a sensual pomegranate and indeed it is! Both shades wore very nicely throughout the day for a lip gloss. I alternated between both glosses for about a week.


I've mentioned some newer liquid foundations that I played around with or had already ordered. Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation did go back due to the shade. It was a little red on me and the formula was kind of the watery side. Not baaaad but it wasn't in my happy place. I may go by the counter and get matched. So I went back to rotating  Revlon's Nearly Naked Foundation in Cappuccino which my Bare Minerals foundation. As soon as I put it on I was like THIS IS MY HAPPY PLACE for liquid foundation! I raved about this initially in my December 2013 favorites  post. It easy to apply, blends nicely into the skin and covers what I need for it to cover. I now kind of what to try the matching power since I've heard good things about it. I have some CVS extracare bucks. I currently use Bobbi Brown Loose Powder in Brown to set it. So we shall see.

Another item from Bare Minerals March TSV that I REALLY enjoyed most was the Ready All-Over Face Color in Elation. It is described as a blissful pink. You can use this however you want since it is an all over face color. I used it primarily as a blush/highlighter. There were a lot of morning that I absentmindedly reached for it. Like every day. I was like oh. It's nice to have a product that you don't have to "think" about and it just works. Excuse my fingerprint in the picture and my messy desk in the background. Oye vey.

The Original Foundation from Bare Minerals is one of the products on my list to use up for the year. I can say that I have used up the jar from my post woot! When I've raved about their foundation, I have always mentioned the matte foundation. Since I have been using the Original lately, I have been really really loving. It  says that it gives you a luminous finish and for someone with oilier skin, luminous can be kind of iffy. But  I have not had any issues with this making more oily. I have the foundation in Golden Deep which I feel is a very good match for my skin tone. Since I ordered the Bare Minerals March TSV on auto delivery, I won't be lacking in this shade option. So I won't be getting the matte version anytime soon. I say this now lol but I have the matte version in Warm Deep.

I've been pairing the Original Bare Minerals foundation with  Rimmel's new Matte Primer. I think I picked this up in January after hearing rave reviews on it. When I first used it I was like meh and was going to list it as a "meh product" for that month. But I said let me play around with it some more. I have been really enjoying it. It feels good on the skin and does help with my oil. It'll be interesting to see how this works when the hotter temperatures arrive.

Kate Sommerville's ExfoliKate is another product on my use up by the end of the year list. I typically use it in the shower when I wash my hair. Every time after I use it I am blown away by how my skin feels. It is super soft, smooth and the skin care products I use afterwards just sink into my skin. I also love that the exfoliating beads in it are not abrasive at all. So if you look for an exfoliating product then check this out. It's pricey but I feel it's worth it. I have some other products to use up, so I will not be repurchasing it any time soon. If I didn't have these other products on hand right now then I would repurchase it.

Remember last month I mentioned that after I used up the Aveeno Makeup Wipes that I wasn't going to purchase anymore? Yea well I lied lol. I picked up a travel pack of the Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes from Ulta. I have heard nothing but good things about these and I can see why. They really do get your makeup off! They're a little bigger and a little more moist than the Aveeno ones. I picked up the CVS version of the Neutrogena wipes since they had a double pack for a good price. So we shall see if they perform the same. I may pick up another travel pack for my work trip.


I played around with a lot of Essie nail polishes in March and 2 that stood out are great neutral polishes for my skin tone were Very Structured and Lady Like. Both are from the 2011 Carry On collection. I also really like Cocktails & Coconuts. I mean how cute is the name? It's a pretty creamy light brown putty shade that went nicely with my skin tone.

I picked up 2 Milani glitter polishes from CVS. Sugar Rush is a really pretty lighter colored glitter polish that I think is very unique. Perfect glitter polish for spring and summer. Sugar High is a pretty blue multi-glitter polish.


I reached for Philosophy's Amazing Grace a lot in March. Been trying to use up a shower gel and body butter by Korres and Amazing Grace pairs nicely with it. I hadn't worn it in a while and of course I'm thinking to myself why? It's an easy scent to wear. It's described as a clean floral fragrance. It's one of their popular scents, if not the most popular. It you are not that into fragrance and perfumes then check out Philosophy. Their scents got me back into wearing fragrance. I have some favorites outside of Philosophy but I could seriously just stick with Philosophy for my fragrances. I recently picked up Living Grace. Philosophy will have a TSV next month and it's a good one! I have a good feeling that it'll show up in my April favorites.


Another new section this month. But there are quite a few brushes that I have been liking this most. So a brush section was fitting. Most of them are  Real Techniques brushes. These are some great brushes that are inexpensive and very good quality.

I've been into smaller eyeshadow brushes. I have been loving using the Real Techniques Shading Brush. It's only $5.99 and small enough to get shadow on the innermost part of your eyelid as well as blend. It's a great brush to use for a one eye shadow look. I liked this brush so much, I went and picked up another one from Ulta.

Two face brushes from Real Techniques that I've enjoyed using are the Duo Fiber Face Brush and the Duo Fiber Contour Brush from the Limited Edition Duo Fiber Collection. The Face Brush I enjoyed using with Bare Minerals new BB Mineral Veil from the March TSV. I also enjoyed how it blended in my foundation. If you feel that you are heavy handed with face powders, try using a stippling brush. Watching several of Jennifer Wan's videos prompted me to reach for my stipple brushes more and to use them with my face powders. I've used other larger duo fiber brushes but I really really like this one. The Contour Brush I used with various blushes. If you're heavy hand or scared of blush then this a great brush to use. I'm debating on if I want to get another set from Ulta. We shall see. I have other stipple brushes in my stash that I can reach for so maybe I won't get another set of the Real Techniques brushes.

Another Real Techniques face brush I enjoyed using this month is the Buffing Brush. This brush is in the Core Collection set. I used it mainly with Revlon's Nearly Naked foundation. But I've also used it with Bare Minerals foundation. It's a great brush for applying foundation. I wish it was available outside of the set. I would definitely get another one.

The Sigma E25 Blending Brush is a dupe for MAC's 217. Various brush brands have a similar brush to this one. This is a great all purpose eyeshadow brush. I have 4 mini ones that I got as a gift with purchase. I always have 2 in reach when I do my eye makeup.

Random Stuff

Wen's Remoist is my favorite deep conditioner. I love that it has a small amount of protein and more moisture. Most of the ones I've used usually have a lot of protein and my hair needs more moisture vs protein. Usually what I'll do is wash my hair and sleep with it in my hair overnight and wash it out in the morning. This makes my hair super soft and moisturized. When my new growth really starts coming in, this is a big big help with keep my hair manageable. I got this small size in a kit but I recently got the big 8oz that Chaz brought to QVC during his March visit. I plan to do this weekly until my next visit to the hair salon.

Surprise Products of the Month

There have been waaaay too many trips to CVS lately. Doesn't help that there's one directly across the street from the job. I said I wasn't going to pick up any of the Maybelline Color Elixirs. I saw Charming Cocoa in a display and the display picture had a model that in my shade range wearing this gloss. I hadn't paid attention to it the last time I was in the store and looked at the collection. Well I got a good look at it and the gloss looked super pretty on the model so I was like *yonk* you're coming home with me. This is a great nude from my skin tone. It also feels very very nice on the lips. I maaaay get the purple or fuchsia shade from the regular line. This shade is limited edition. So if you're interested pick up now.

I picked up the Bobbi Brown Bronze Eye Palette which I think was a part of the holiday collection but I think it in a fantastic quad for the spring and summer. My beauty pusha did a blog post on this quad. I thought the colors were really nice and I kinda wanted to get it but was like no I'm good.  Then Musings of a Muse had posted one of the other quads on her Instagram and we "chatted". She said that the Bronze Eye Palette was her favorite of the three quads that were released. So of course I was like gaaaaah!!!! *head palm*. So as you can see I caved and got it. It doesn't look like "much" but applied on the eyes, the colors are so pretty and Bobbi Brown eyeshadows are fantastic. You don't have to keep building and building for color to show up on your lids. They blend effortlessly and the shimmer/metallic shades are "too much" and no fall out. I can go on and on. Y'all know I love me some Bobbi Brown!

Another Bobbi Brown product I pick up was the Shimmer Brick in Nectar. Can we pause to enjoy the loveliness of this?? I saw this online and was like I kind of need this in my life. Bobbi Brown receives rave reviews for her Shimmer Bricks. Surprisingly enough this is my first one but it will not be my last. I have my eye on the Bronze Shimmer Brick next. It is mainly a highlighting product but as with any powder product you can use it however you like. I've seen these used on the eye and depending on the color as blush. This is grown up shimmer ok! It's is not glittery, it does not make you super shiny. It gives you a nice subtle glow to your skin that is so pretty. It's just er'thang!!!! If you are someone who doesn't really like highlighting products because they are too glittery or make you look shinny then check out Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks. They are a price product but I think they are worth the price tag. In some case you get what you pay for and this is the case to me for this product.

Meh Products of the Month

Ok soooooo I mentioned in Palette Play for March that I'd be play around with a bunch of duos. I had a bunch of elf one's to play around with. I did not like these at all. I played around with one from the evening set first. I had to apply, apply, and apply to build up some doggone color on my lid! So after that I took the rest from the evening set and put them in my giveaway bag. From the day set I pulled out the 2 that I liked the color combos to see if they were any better. But in end, the shadows from the day set went into my giveaway bag as well. Elf has hit and miss products. They were definitely a miss. I got them out sale and it came with their eyeshadow brush. So I'm not terribly disappointed.

I picked up the EcoTools Buffing Brush from Ulta. Emilynoel83 did a review of it on her express channel. So I said why not. It's was only $7 and I'm sure I have a coupon or reward dollars to use. I have 3 other face brushes from EcoTools that I reach for a lot and I like to use. This brush on the other hand was very disappointing due to the fact it shed so much! It shed when I washed, it shed when I used, it shed if I just picked at the hairs! So disappointed! I keep meaning to look on Ulta's website to see if anyone else had the same problem with this brush or maybe I got a bad one. If I could return it I would. But I threw away the packaging that it came it. Oh well.

Phew! And there you have it. On to April!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Polish Play April/May 2014

I played around with one of my dotting tools last month. Isn't this cute?? I swear this is the easiest nail art that  you can do. I used Essie Mint Candy Apple, Revlon Posh and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On. And to my surprise I used all of the Essie polishes I pulled out last month. Woohoo!!

I picked up the Iconic Nail Lacquers and Mani Essentials set from HSN at the end of February when it was a Today's Special. It arrived the first week of March. Was tempted to play with the polishes but I put them aside and said I'll get into the in April. So why not dub April OPI polish play woohoo! The set from HSN had a bunch of stuff in it. It included the nail colors:

  • Big Apple Red (bright, shiny red) 
  • Bubble Bath (sweet candy pink)
  • Cajun Shrimp (spicy coral) 
  • Russian Navy (indigo blue) 
  • Suzi's Hungary Again (warm pink) 
I'm just going to play around with these polishes for the month. I'm going to give my nails a break from nail polish for about a week and use my Rejuvacoate polish like a treatment polish. For my work trip at the end of the month I'm going to try out the Sally Hansen nail strips that I didn't use from a previous month. They are supposed to last up to 10 days which will be great if they work. In the event that they don't, I will take some nail stuff with me just in case.

And this is where the post should have ended *sigh*.

What had happened waaaasssss....I went to Ulta looking to see if they still had the polishes from the Natruel collection from Zoya. I saw one polish but I wanted to get all 6. So this is when I should have turned around and walked out of the store right? But of course I didn't. I walked over the drugstore side of the store and saw a display of OPI polishes. Random and out of place. I took a closer look and it was the new Muppets collection for the movie that came out in March. I didn't even know that there was a new collection. Any who. I looked and looked. I picked up 3 of the polishes and left. I could have gotten more but I was like noooooo I'm just getting these 3 *insert strong side eye* I went back to work and I just had to see if there were any blog posts on the collection. My interest was peeked on some of the other polishes that I didn't pick up. Ulta is on my way home from work. So yep I went back to Ulta and picked up 3 more polishes. So in total I got 6 out of the 8 polishes from the collection. And this where I need to seek professional help.

Here are the polishes that I pick up from the collection:

  • Gaining Mole-mentum - this seems so unique to me and I know I don't have a similar glitter polish like it in my stash.
  • Let's Do Antything We Want! - I'm looking forward to playing around with this one again around the holidays for some reason.
  • International Crime Caper - has some irredescents going on in it that caught me eye!
  • Chillin' Like a Villain  - How can you not like the name of this one lol!!!
  • Kermit Me to Speak - Duo-chromed loveliness!
  • Miss Piggy's Big Number - me and blue polishes *swoons*

Since I have a crap-ton of polishes to play around with and I have work travel coming up I will play around with these 11 polishes for April and May.

Not sure if I'm going to keep these posts up. We shall see come June.