Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 2013 Top 3

Fall is here!!!!! I love when the weather transitions from summer to fall. Bring on the boots, cozy sweaters and yummy good food!! Football is back!!!! Woot! Also bring on the deeper shades of makeup. Especially the lippies! Speaking on lippies, I feel like this is the favorite lippies edition since everything is a lip product. Excuse the nail polishes show below. If you're wondering it's Essie's Damsel in a Dress.  This polish has been on my wish list forever and I randomly stumbled upon it in Walgreens. Now for my favorites!

I am OBSESSED with Maybelline's Lavender Intrigue lipstick....OBSESSED. I gushed about this lipstick on Instagram. Called it the wrong name and everything! *head palm* It is just gorgeous. I could wear it everyday and be happy. It's not too dark, wears well throughout the day and feels comfortable on the lips. I don't have a lot of Maybelline lipsticks (outside of the Vivids) but I like the ones that I have. One of the "trends" for fall beauty is purple lipsticks. These trends kind of irritate me. I'm like where have y'all been? Purple has BEEN the trend. At least with a lot of people I know. So I guess we're ahead of the curve LOL! If you are a purple lippie lover then you should definitely check this out. It's limited edition which SUCKS! It's part of Maybelline new Fall collection.

Mary Kay True Dimensions lipstick in Rosette was given to me courtesy of my beauty pusher Crystalis007. I swear she's become my beauty BFF lol! I hadn't tried this line of lipsticks from Mary Kay before but had seen posts about them. These are great. They remind me of Revlon Lip Butters. This color matches my natural lip color. So it's a good everyday shade that I can throw on with any eye/blush combo.

Maybelline Lavender Lavish lipgloss is the BUSINESS!!!! It's also part of Maybelline's Fall collection. My beauty pusha Crystalis007 did a post recently on this gloss and she mentioned that she's already gotten a backup. I said to myself I wasn't going to purchase anymore back ups of color products (lipstick, glosses, eyeshadsows, etc) because Lord knows I do not need them (you'll see this during October's Blogapalooza). BUT she was nice enough to scoop one up for me when she was out and about! I have looked in couple of stores but some trifling people had OPENED them up! I hate, hate, HATE THAT! It's sealed for a reason you big dummies! Hmph! Anywho...This gloss pairs well with lighter purple/lavender lipsticks. I've paired it with MAC's Daddy's Little Girl, Revlon's Berry Haute and another lipstick that escapes my mind right now but it was in the same color family. I was like OMG with each lip combo. So I'm glad that I got a backup since I plan on wear this lipgloss a lot!

Something a little different...I guess I'll call this the surprise item of the month. There are times when I want to mention an item but it's not necessarily a favorite because I haven't used it enough. If that makes sense and these items did take me by surprise. I picked up two of the Maybelline Eye Studio quads that are part of the Fall collection. They are limited edition. I saw them in CVS when I was looking for some of the lip products from the collection. I told myself no, you don't "need" them. I ended up in Walgreens looking for one of the lipsticks that I couldn't find and ended up picking up Violet Femmes and Fall Temptation. Neutrals and purple shadows are my weakness. I've played around with them and they are really nice. I've never tried these quads before. Some have compared them to the Lancome Color Design palettes.

Let me mention a quick regret purchase for the month. I had picked up Sonia Kashuk's Jewel of an Eye palette from Target. A couple of weeks ago there was a deal on Target's Cartwheel app. If you are a Target lover then download this app to your phone and save on various products. The deal was 20% off her larger palettes. So I was like sweet! I didn't have any of her palettes at the time and people have spoke highly of them. I had 2 single shadows of hers, but never really used them since they were colors I didn't really wear (I don't have them anymore). I've played around with this palette and now I'm like meh. I could have done without it. The brown/neutral shades are nice. Some of the colors I had to DIG into to build up color on my lid. I thought maybe I was tripping. I had mentioned to a friend of mine who got different palette with the Cartwheel deal. She felt the same way about the palette she picked up. I was going to pick up her other 2 neutral palettes but now I'm not. Debating if I was to keep this palette or put with my giveaway items.

And there have it! Maybelline got a lot of love from me this month. Let October Blogapalooza commence!!!!! \O/ Hopefully I can keep up.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Remember...

I posted this on my various social networks today. My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones on this day 12 years ago. I'm sure we all can remember where we were when the events of this day happened. I know I gripe about the ills and happenings of the United States and "joke" about moving abroad, but at the end of the day there is no where else I really want to be. In times of tragedy I amazed how we can all come together. I only wish it didn't take a tragedy for everyone to come together.

Never forget...

Be easy good people.

October Blogapalooza is Coming!

I was going to try and do this in September but didn't give myself time enough to prepare. Next month I am going to try to do a blog post everyday. Keyword being TRY O_o. I'm in the process of making a list now and will get to work on it in the next week or so. A lot of beauty related posts but I going to throw some other random things in the mix since that's what I do lol. If there is anything you would like to see/hear about let me know.

Stay tuned....