Sunday, June 24, 2012

Book Lovin - Rediscovering the Library

Ok back to our regularly scheduled blogging. Sorry for the tangent. It happens. Anywho...

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I read an article on Huffington Post about earlier this week titled "Wasting Money: 29 Ways To Stop Throwing Away Cash".  The article didn't highlight anything new for me.  It reinforced some things.  Number 8 on the list was "Buying Books".  For a book lover like me I was like well then hmph! *arms crossed* But I do get the author's point.  The author indicated that she is an avid reader and hadn't paid full price for a book in years.  Well alrighty then.  She highlighted the library, book swapping services and going to garage sales to check out books.  I will say in the last few weeks I have rediscovered the library.

This week I've checked out 4 books. Two were items I placed on hold which I love doing.  I get an email saying the books are ready for pickup.  Now they have hold items where you can get them yourself.  They also now have self checkout.  So it's an easy breezy process.  It wasn't bad before when they were behind the checkout area and the librarian had to get them for you and check you out.  I'm sure the new process had to do with budget cuts and how to streamline certain processes.  The other two books I stumbled upon when I was browsing the new books section.

My county also has e-book borrowing which I've tested our recently.  So it got me to thinking that maybe I should check out my library more often.  For newer books this will work. I might not be so lucky with older books but we shall see.  I did notice for some of the popular titles you'll have to wait for them.  For one book I was going to place a hold for there were already 300+ people ahead of me!  I was like yowza.  Also I noticed on some of the newer titles they are nonrenewable and are limited for check out.  Typically you can borrow a book for 3 weeks and can renew it up to 3 times (unless someone puts a hold on the book).  On some of the popular titles you can only borrow them for two weeks.  Which is plenty of time but you just have to be prepared to read the book when you get it.  So overall the library ain't half bad.

Now I will say I have some favorite authors and I will still buy their books because they are my favs and I don't wait to wait on the library.  Or be restricted to a time limit.  And of course if I like the book then I want to keep it for my collection.  So for the remainder of 2012 I'm going to try and be more discriminatory when it comes to my book purchases.  The hope is that this will help me not spend as much on print books and ebooks and help me get through the many books that I already have.  Oye vey lol!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

In my feelings...

I'm in my feelings right now, so take this however you'd like.

• I hate people.
• I could die today or tomorrow and no one would give a shit.
• Friendship is overrated
• I probably should see a psychiatrist or something.
• Tried of other people's crap.
• I feel alone 99.999% of the time.
• I feel like I'm a waste of space.
• I feel like I serve no purpose.
• I probably will never get married or have kids.
• I feel like I just can't "win"

Oh well. Until next time...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I HATE Going to the Hairdresser!!!

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Today was the day of my much needed hair appointment.  I was excited too.  I had tweeted about it early in the week and this morning.  So I head out, made a couple of stops along the way and then headed to my appointment.  I arrive on time as usual.  I walk in and there are a lot of people about.  I walk in my hairdresser's area which is in a separate room.  There was already one lady in her chair, someone under the dryer and she was at the shampoo bowl with another later.  Annoyance starts to set it.  So I sit down, make small talk and wait and wait.  I hop in her chair so that she can prep me.  This was only a few minutes and I'm back waiting again.  It was over an HOUR before she did anything with my hair.  I was so tempted to walk out!  When I got in her chair she told me how she got behind due another client and what really needed to be done to her hair. Then she was like she needs an assistant and how she hires people but they don't want to work.  I'on know what to tell you!  Then I had to wait on her AGAIN to actual style my damn hair!  I was too through.  My situation could have be avoided if she would have just called me.  I live about 10-12 minutes away from her shop.  It wouldn't have been a hardship for me to either come later in the day or reschedule the appointment.  When I called her earlier in the week to make my appointment, I said what's the best time for YOU, NOT where you can squeeze me in.  Because from jump I already know what the deal is so I'm giving YOU the chance to be realistic.  Well that shit didn't work!  One of the ladies who was in there before me told my hairdresser that she needed to leave at 11:30.  She had to be some where at 12 and of course my hairdresser was like ok and that she would be done by then.  My hairdresser was rinsing my hair and the lady came in and was like I have to go.  Old girl took her own rollers out her hair and was OUT!  I'm not mad at her one bit!

This is the main reason why I hate going to get my hair done.  No one wants to be sitting in a salon all day getting their hair done.  Well at least I don't.  Then she was like "I wish you would come every two weeks".  I'm thinking hayle to the naw!  If you can get me in and out then cool.  But I know this isn't the case.  My time just like yours is valuable.  I don't what to spend a Saturday or whatever day in your salon hours upon end.  Not to mention cost is a factor.  It's not cheap to get your hair done.  Heck I'd rather spend that money on quality products that work for my hair and only see YOU when I really need to.  Not to mention having the flexibility to do my hair when I need to and not waiting on YOU!  I was in there almost 4 hours!  I've heard other horror stories where ladies have been in the salon like 6, 8 and 10 hours!  That's a doggone work day!  I had other errands and such I wanted to do today.  But now I'm so wiped.  I was starving when I left.  I went to get some food and high tailed in home!  So yea I'll see you when I see you hmph!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Hair

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Ok soooooo...

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.  The hate part comes more so when it's time for me to get it done since by this point it is super thick.  Guess I should back up and say that my hair is relaxed and it's thick.  Yes I'm probably one of the five black women that still relaxes their hair.  I'm not there yet on the natural train.  Maybe I'll get there some time soon, then again maybe not.  I'm not knocking it by any means but for right now it's not the option for me.  As I've stated numerous times I'm product  junkie.  Hair products are not excluded.  The majority of the items I've used probably since I graduated college and got a "real job" would be considered "high end" with a few drugstore items thrown in here and there.  I've used Keracare for a good while.  I jumped to Ojon, Carol's Daughter and now I'm using WEN.  The main "issue" I have with my hair is that I use too much heat.  I can't find a happy medium when it comes to styling my hair on a daily basis.  The flat iron is the culprit but I don't know what else to do with my hair.  I hate rollers with a passion.  I don't like sleeping with them and 99.999999% I don't like how my hair looks when I take them out and attempt to style my hair.  My hair is long enough that I can put in a ponytail but I don't want to that everyday.  So what am I supposed to do?  I joke often that I'm going to karate chop all my hair off.  Short hair is cool but then you deal with the whole growing back process and when you have thick hair you HAVE to keep it up or you'll look crazy!  This go 'round is the longest time I've gone between touch ups which is ten weeks and it ain't pretty lol!  It's not bad bad just reaaaalllly thick!! When I do see my hair dresser she's probably gonna talk about me...ha!  When I do see her I'm going to be like look, real talk what am I supposed to do with this hair!?!

30 Pounds Down!!!

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Had a doctor's appointment this morning.  As we were finishing up I asked my doctir if he could weigh me.  I weighed myself at home earlier but just wanted to see if it was "right".  So I hop on the scale and it was the same as it was at home.  He looked through my chart for the last time he weighed me.  I'm 30 pounds lighter than what I was March of last year!  Woot woot!!!  I was so happy!  Heck I still am!  I've mentioned in some earlier posts that I've been working out more, trying to watch what I'm eating and all that stuff.  I've had some setbacks and been quite frustrated lately.  I didn't really think I was "doing" anything.  I mean I have seen some results and others have commented that they noticed my weight loss.  I guess it's a mental thing that I need to work on.  Oh well I'm pleased as punch and pressing on.  Onward and upward!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Makeup Purge??

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On one beauty boards I've been reading a lot lately, the subject of too much makeup came up.  And of course quite a few people chimed in saying that they have too much.  Others said no they didn't and that they've figured out "the" products that they want to use and don't really buy new stuff.  The set of comments I found interesting were the ones that said that they started out with too much makeup and gradually purged their collection.  I was like hmmmmm.  Since I've been doing monthly favorites blog posts, "shopping my collection" and using my green basket to use items, it got me realizing what brands and items that I have been reaching for the most and what items I want to continue using and not cycle out each month.    I've been thinking if I did do a purge what would I keep?  What would I be ok pitching or giving away?  For example I've been loving the BE/Bare Minerals lip products that I have.  For blushes I've reaching for the tarte Amazonian Clay blushes that I have and so on and so forth.  On the other end of the the spectrum I have thrown out items that haven't work for me like some eye primers and a tinted moisturizer.  Usually I feel "bad" for throwing out stuff but this go 'round it felt good.  What's the point of keep something that you don't really like or use?  All it's doing is taking up space.  I also recently did a small purge of items that I gave to some other makeup friends.  So we shall see.  Maybe at the end of the year or early January I might do a BIG purge.  Stay tuned.....

May 2012 Favorites

Ok let's get to it!


Ok I needed another neutral palette like I needed another hole in my head.  But the Too Faced Neutral at Night palette is awesome!!!!  Too Faced has other neutral/natural palettes but I didn't think that they would do much for me or show up on my skin tone.  Even though it toted as a "night" palette you can definitely used it during the day.  Since I am a deeper skin tone, I feel like I can "get away" with the deeper shades in palette during the day.  This is my first time using Too Faced shadows.  They have great pigmentation and stay powering.  I had to force myself to cycle this out of mt basket of items for June!

Lancome had their first beauty today's special on HSN not too long ago.  One of the items that was included was the Taupe Craze eye shadow palette.  When it comes to eye looks I do like color every now but I can say that neural looks are my fav.  This palette is great for everyday and can definitely take you into night for a more smokey look.  These palettes are pricey on their own and the special that HSN offered was a good deal.  I'm trying to be good and not get another palette.

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara was also included in the kit I just mentioned.  I've used it before and I liked.  I never bought another on it's own.  This gives your lashes a nice full look and it's buildable.

I think I can finally say that I have found my holy grail eye shadow primer.  The NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base works with any kind of eye shadow I use.  Usually my eye looks would crease by 2pm or sometimes as early as noon.  Not anymore!  I come home in the evening and my eye looks the same as when I applied it in the morning!  Woohoo!!!  I had some other primers that I was going back and forth between.  They have been pitched and I will be getting another tube of this soon since I'm almost out!


I was at the mall with a friend of mine and we walked by the Chanel counter.  Shhhhheee did the slow walk and started looking at stuff and I was like oh lawd here we go.  We looked at the orange lipstick and lip gloss that is in their Summer 2012 collection.  We both ended up get the Glossimer in Calypso. The color is beautiful and right on trend with the orange being the color is makeup.  This is my first Glossimer and ummm yea.  The lip gloss junkie in me is quite pleased.

Ok sooooooo I have several Buxom Lip glosses and there are some of my absolute favorite glosses.  I have seen on one of the blogs I follow that some new Lip Creams were being released.  I was like huh?  I wasn't istantly moved and was like ok I'm good and don't need em.  Welllllll fast forward to watching some youtube videos are people were raving over the lip cream in White Russian.  This shade is hard to keep in stock online and in stores at Sephora.  So for giggles I put in my email address to be notifited when it back in stock online.  So I get the alert that is's back so I ordered White Russian and Purple Haze.  I love em!  I was in Sephora in JcPenny not too long ago and looked at some of the other shades and I'm in trouble lol!  White Russian is the perfect nude color!  I use it with a brown lip liner and can you say perfection!  Purple Haze is an awesome color.  They make look scary in the tube but they apply nicely with the right amount of color on your lips.  I really can see myself getting the other 5 colors *head palm*

A go to lip combo for May was Bare Minerals lipstick in Berry Cordial and lip gloss in Cherry Pie (got in a set).  I saw lipsh0ck used the lipstick in one her tutorials.  After watching it I grabbed it out of my lipstick drawer.  A nice berry/red look that I like a lot.


tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Amused is quite scary when you look at in the pan.  It's the very bright hot pink.  However it does not show up on your cheeks as such but as a nice pink shade.  The title is spot on beceyse you do look amused lol!!! These blushes are my favorite because I don't have to keep building and building to show on my skin tone.

I had smashbox's Blush Rush in Gingersnap for a while now and it's one of my go to blushes when I don't know what to use.  It adds a nice color to my cheeks and can go with any look.


Chanel Holiday is also part of Chanel's Summer 2012 collection. So I picked it up along with the gloss I mentioned.  I wore it on my hands and it's very pretty!  Next time I go get a mani/pedi I'm talking this one with me to the nail shop.

Julep's Ellie and Kylie were the polishes I received in my April Maven Box.  Very pretty colors.  Kylie came  with a magnetic and you're supposed to get some waves or whatever when you use the magnet.  Didn't work for me the first time I tried it :(  I may try it again but if it doesn't work I'm fine with it since I like the color.

So I've had a couple of interviews this month and I looked through my nail polish stash to see what would be acceptable to wear for interviews.  I had tried a couple of options and they were ok but then I stumbled upon OPI San Tan-torino.  This is a good neutral for me.  Even outside of going on job interviews, I liked it just because.  I see myself reaching for this when I don't know what to put on but don't want bare nails.

This and That

 I think I mentioned the WEN cleansing conditioners back in January.  I hadn't tried the Fig cleansing conditioner at that time.  This one is toted for being good for those that need moisture in their hair, coarse hair, overprocessed hair and ethnic hair.  Well that's me through and through.  I am rough on my hair and use way too much heat on it.  So I finially got this forumlation and I love it.  It's definitely moisturisixing and this go round I think it has helped me strecht out my relaxer.  Right now I'm sitting on 9 weeks and I've neeeever gone this long without a relaxer.  My hair is thick and usually I can only go but so long between relaxers and this mess would be hard to comb.  I'm lightweight tempted to go another weeek or two but then my hairdresser is going to be like ummmm what is wrong with you! LOL!  We shall see.  I'm also kind of freaking out because some people have exerperienced hair loss due to WEN.  Some folks said  it was immediate while others had be using it for years and then experienced the hair loss.  Sooooo I'm like what to do!  Ugh!

I pick a pack of three of the Barr Co. oatmeal soaps from a store called Jade when I was in New Orleans for work.  They're pretty pricey and I'm not sure I will get more.  The bars are huge and last a good while.  They smell awesome and feels good on the skin.

I picked up a pair Marcos Santi Bronze Metallic Flats from Sole Society.  They were a monthly subscription shoe service.  Now you can buy whatever you want and only pay for what you buy.  I didn't buy this pair until they removed the monthly fee lol!  These go with anything and are comfortable.  For my skin tone they are almost a neutral for me. I wouldn't mind buying another pair since the pair I have now are kinda worn out.  I didn't take a pic of my pair because the are not as pristine and I don't what y'all talking about me :)  They're kind of similar to this pair style wise in the silver color.

In a couple blog posts a while back I talked about getting a new phone.  My previous phone was a Blackberry Storm 2.  I toyed around with going Team iPhone or Team Droid.  Up until I went to the Verizon store I was set to get in iPhone.  Then I went into the store and I was like uuhhhhh.  Of course the sales person showed me some of the other phones and I seriously did not know what I wanted!  This is soooooo not like me when it comes to tech toys!  However one of the phones he did show me stuck out and I ended up getting the Droid Razr Maxx.  I've had it for about 3 months now and I'm happy with my choice.  I'm having fun downloading a bunch of apps.  The one downside is the email but I think the MailDroid app is helping with that.  Next upgrade who knows I might get an iPhone.  I lightweight anti-Apple but then again I want an iPad lol!!!!

On to June!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Book Lovin - I'm so behind!

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I am so behind in my reading!  Some my favorite authors I'm behind on and that usually does not happen.  I'm behind on several series books.  I have books on the ereader that I want to read or new ones I want to download.  I have some books that I got out of our storage unit and brought home.  It's already June and I've only read about 33 books so far for the year.  Oye vey!

I've started purging some books that I know I'm not going to read.  Around 2005/2006 I went on a book buying craze on sites like, sellers on Amazon, eBay, etc and the bargain/sale section at Barnes & Noble and Borders when they were still around.  I did find out that the place where I donate clothes and shoes to takes book donations.  I was like excellent!!!  Was going to take them to library but I know they only take so many books per visit.

Now I'm trying to figure on how to get "caught up".  Doubt it'll really happen but I need make heads or tails on this some kind of way.  In the past I would list whatever books I'm going to read for the month on a spreadsheet.  Yes I track what I read from month to month.  I told y'all I have a lot of books! (And have nerd...I mean intellectual bad ass tendencies).  LOL!  I may do this again and try to stick with it.  It works for the most part unless something comes out that I really reallllly want to read or if I get the urge to reread a book.  I'm going to make a go of really sticking to it for the rest of the year.  Let's see how this goes....