Sunday, June 10, 2012

Makeup Purge??

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On one beauty boards I've been reading a lot lately, the subject of too much makeup came up.  And of course quite a few people chimed in saying that they have too much.  Others said no they didn't and that they've figured out "the" products that they want to use and don't really buy new stuff.  The set of comments I found interesting were the ones that said that they started out with too much makeup and gradually purged their collection.  I was like hmmmmm.  Since I've been doing monthly favorites blog posts, "shopping my collection" and using my green basket to use items, it got me realizing what brands and items that I have been reaching for the most and what items I want to continue using and not cycle out each month.    I've been thinking if I did do a purge what would I keep?  What would I be ok pitching or giving away?  For example I've been loving the BE/Bare Minerals lip products that I have.  For blushes I've reaching for the tarte Amazonian Clay blushes that I have and so on and so forth.  On the other end of the the spectrum I have thrown out items that haven't work for me like some eye primers and a tinted moisturizer.  Usually I feel "bad" for throwing out stuff but this go 'round it felt good.  What's the point of keep something that you don't really like or use?  All it's doing is taking up space.  I also recently did a small purge of items that I gave to some other makeup friends.  So we shall see.  Maybe at the end of the year or early January I might do a BIG purge.  Stay tuned.....

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