Sunday, November 12, 2017

November/December 2017 Shop My Stash

Hey. Hey there. How ya doin?

I'm coming off a recent work trip, had a ton of laundry to do, just basically getting back to real life. Plus Daylight Savings Time has been a real downer. It's dark at like 5 o'clock and I don't want to jack! So I'm trying to shake the funk off.

Since we're heading into mid-November (yikes!) and into the holiday season, I am going to combine my play post for November and December.

So here we go!

Shadow Play

I picked up two new palettes from Ulta. I got the Persona Cosmetics Identity Palette and the tarte Tartlette Toast palette. I've done a few looks with the Identity palette already and I'm really enjoying it. I think it will be fantastic for travel. I also wanted to play around with some Bare Minerals eyeshadows. I was moved to grab the Women of B.E. Collection. If you'v been with me a while then you know this is an oldie but goody from QVC!

Polish Play

For nail polish, I grabbed a bunch of Zoya nail polishes along with two reds from OPI. I also need to find my Sephora by OPI polish in Good Tidings We Bling. That's a staple every holiday season! It's the perfect red and green glitter nail polish that I pretty much talk about every year. Every now and then Sephora has brought it back for the holidays. If you see it, grab it!

Zoya Emilia, Kelly, Nimue. Ibiza, Neve

Zoya Storm, Marjorie, Finley, Merida, Aurora, Dream

OPI Big Apple Red, Amore at the Grand Canal

Fragrance Play

For fragrance, Lancome is on deck! I have three Lancome fragrances. La Vie Est Belle, Tresor and La Nuit Tresor.

And a bonus item...

I picked up the tarte Blush Bliss palette from Ulta when it was on sale. I think this will be a good travel blush palette. I purged all of my Tarte blushes from my stash and now I kinda regret it. I saw this and said why not. Sephora has a larger blush palette that's part of tarte holiday collection. I'm tempted to get it during the VIB sale or when they do the $20 off $50 offer.

I think this a good mix of item to take me through the end of the year. As always, thanks for following me along. Especially since I haven't been a consistent as I would have liked this year. We'll see what holds for 2018.

Next up will be my October Top 5 post. Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

September 2017 Top 5

Hello. Hey. How ya doing? No rambling let's just get to it!

MAC Girls Mischief Minx Palette

A friend of mine mentioned picking this palette up from Ulta and I was curious. So of course I had to look it up. I liked what I saw and decided to give it a go. Well I ended up really liking it. The value of the palette is really good, there are a nice selection of shades and the highlighter is the palette is stunning. I've looked up the other MAC Girls palettes and I have ordered another one.

Fromm Diane Wide Tooth Shampoo Comb

Along with the MAC palette, my friend picked up two combs and she said they were good. I'm always on the lookout for a good comb for this thick hair of mine. This comb is a good one and it's inexpensive at Ulta. I used it on my dry hair only. I have another comb I use when my hair is wet. It glided through my hair and I didn't have a lot of hair stuck in the comb after combing my hair. So score! I may grab another one.

Mally Shadow Sticks

As I've been going through my makeup, I have been paying extra attention to what I'm actually reaching for. When it comes to shadows sticks, Mally's are the ones for me. She has a wide variety of colors, they last on my oily lids and they hold up nicely including the packaging. I have some other in similar packaging and the caps have cracked. So I'm more than likely going to toss the other shadow sticks and pencils I have unless the color is something I don't have from Mally and stick to purchasing hers from here on out.

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner

I have been without a black liquid liner for a while now. I've tried some inexpensive ones that were terrible! Then I ordered two of the LORAC ones during Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty. While I was waiting on my order, I reached of my Bobbi Brown Black Ink Gel Liner. I forgot how much I like look of gel liner and how easy Bobbi Brown Gel Liners are to apply. Also it lasts all day and I mean ALL DAY! I've had this jar for a while. So I know I'm due for a new one which I will pick up soon. It's always fun rediscovering old favorites.

tarte Tartelette Palette

I've had this palette for while but hadn't reached for it lately. So it was time to decide if it was staying in my stash or if it was going. Well I can say it's staying. It's a fantastic matte eyeshadow palette. It's good on it's own and a good companion palette if you need some other matte eyeshadows to complete a look. I may travel with this later on this month. I keep saying I need to designate my travel makeup, so that when it's time to pack I grab those items and keep it moving. Now I'm really leaning towards getting the Tartlette in Bloom palette and there's supposed to be another palette called Toast with warmer shades coming out soon. Oye vey lol!!!

Now for a surprise palette and a random bonus.

Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette

I was going through some empty makeup bags I had set aside for gift giving. I got tired of looking at them and they were not being used for gift giving. So they needed to go. I picked up one and something was in it. Inside was the Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette!!!!!! I had put it aside to give to someone since I really hadn't used it. I had thought out about this palette recently due to the packaging being special with a black girl on it. I was bummed I didn't have it anymore and then I find it! I started using it and said to myself why did I want to give this away again? It has nice neutral shades including Darkhorse which is one of my favorite Urban Decay eyeshadows and a pop of pink. The pink scared me when I first got this palette. I used it with a pink/purple eyeshadow stick and the look was so pretty! So finding this what a good surprise for the month!

And a random bonus that keeps with my minty things obsessions and doesn't really need an explanation....

ALTOIDS!!!!! I've been eating these thangs two at a time!

And there you have it. September was a simple month. Let's see what October brings.

Monday, October 9, 2017

August/September 2017 Out of My Face

Ok I lied. Next up is empties! I thought this one was for September and October. Here's what I used up in August and September!
  • Wen Summer Tropical Paradise Treatment Oil
  • Wen Summer Tropical Paradise Replenishing Treatment Mist
  • Wen Nourishing Mousse in Fig
  • Wen Tea Tree Replenishing Treatment Mist
  • Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Deep
  • One 'n Only Argan Oil Treatment
  • Skinfix Hand Repair Cream
  • Urban Skin Rx Super C Brightening Serum
  • Serious Skincare Pure Pep Fading Fluid
  • Serious Skincare A Force XR
  • philosophy Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel in Pure Grace 32oz
  • NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Chocolate
  • Andrew Lessman Cranberry Benefits 120 count
  • Skincare Cosmetics Retinol Anti-Aging Hand Cream
  • Covergirl Queen All Day Flawless Foundation in Mocha
  • philosophy Honey and Cream Glazed Body Souffle 16oz
  • Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Mint Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
  • Serious Skincare Mega Force Liquid Exfoliant
  • Serious Skincare Pure Pep Fading Fluid
  • Ashea Shea Butter Pomade
  • Nail-Aid 1 Second Spray Away Nail Polish Remover
  • Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray
  • Garnier 5 Second Blur
  • Nene's Secret Gorgeous Gro
  • Naturelle Luxe Majestic Oil

I think the only new to the list to take about is the Skincare Cosmetics Retinol Anti-Aging Hand Cream. I ordered this from Sally Beauty. I'm always on the hunt for a good hand cream and it has Retinol in it. You know I'm all about Retinol these days. Sad to say I wasn't wowed by this. It wasn't moisturizing enough for me. I would add a couple drops of the Botanics Nourishing Face Oil to it. I saw them mention adding a few drops of their oil to your hand cream Instagram. It helped me use it up. I won't be repurchasing this one.

I used up a lot of stuff huh?

For the next post I'm going to combine October, November and December! Let's see what I can use up for the next three months!

Stay tuned!!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

September/October 2017 Shop My Stash

Since it's already September is just about over *head palm*, I'm going to combine September and October. I'll also mention what I've been reaching using for the most part for September so far.

I had been thinking about what I wanted to play around with since towards the end of August for the month of September. Toyed around with a few things but nothing stuck with me. The main thing I wanted to start doing this month is tackle my nail polishes. I've gone through my makeup quite a few times but hadn't really touched my nail polishes. For eyes I randomly reached for two past MAC favorites and I did pick up the Butter London palette I mention in my Denver Top 5 post. For fragrance I have one that I want to try to use up this month if possible.

So here we go!

Shadow Play

I picked up the  Butter London + Pantone Color of the Year Eyeshadow palette on sale from Ulta. I have not used it yet. So we shall see if I like it or now. I've also pulled out my two MAC Extra Dimension eyeshadows that are past favorites (Havana and Rich Core). I also pulled out my tarte Tarlette palette. Trying to decided if I'm going to pick up the Tarte in Bloom palette and I wanted to see how it compare to the new all matte Milani eyeshadow palette that recently came out. Then there's supposed to another tarte palette I think it's called Toast due out. I've seen sneak peeks on Instagram and it's pretty. I've also be on a Mally eyeshadow stick quick. They're nice to pair with powder shadows but they are so awesome on their own. My Juvia's place palettes may make an appearance as well.

Polish Play

I was going to tackle my nail polishes by brand. I was going to start with Essie and I did take a bunch of Essie nail polishes out. I've worn three and now I'm like meh. This basket has all my Essie nail polished and most of my OPI nail polishes. The above picture is an old picture of the basket. I've had it for a while now and it's coming apart. This is what started my whole "let's go through my nail polishes and get rid of some". So for now I'm just going to randomly reach in here and pick nail polishes to use to see if they are keepers.

Fragrance Play

I have some Bath and Body Works scents that I want to try and use up (Beautiful Day, Amber Blush and Be Joyful) along with philosophy's Amazing Grace Whipped Body Creme and Spray Fragrance.

Kinda boring *shrugs*.

For 2018, I'm thinking about switching this post to towards the end of the month and talking about what I actually reach for during the month. I think that may be better since I'm losing steam on picking out select items and using them for the month. We shall see.

Next up should be my Top 5 for September!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Current Music Musings

Haven't talked about music in a while. These are some songs (new and not so new) that get turned up real loud in the car or I seek out and listen to with my headphones on.

The Weeknd - I Feel It Comimg

I have an on and off again feelings for The Weeknd lol! The video is kind of weird but I do really like this song. It has a nice groove that I can't help by vibe to.

DJ Khaled - Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

Santana's Maria Maria was my ish back in the day. When I heard this, I was like ooooh!

Linkin Park ft Jay-Z - Numb/Encore

When I heard that  Chester Bennington committed suicide I was heartbroken. I've always been a fan of Linkin Park. I randomly grabbed an old mix CD (yes CD) that I had the Encore mashup. I played it loudly and on repeat in my car.

Jazmine Sullivan x Bryson Tiller - Insecure

I heard this on the radio and I said wayment that's Jazmine Sullivan! I LOVE me some Jazmine Sullivan! When I got to work I took to YouTube and have been listening to this since.

What have you been listening to lately?

August 2017 Top 5

No babbling. Let's just get to it.

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's Palette

Even though I pulled out my Urban Decay Naked palettes to play with for the summer, I still played around with other palettes. Every now and then I pull out one of the twoLaura Mericer Artist palettes I have. This has been a favorite in the past and I have traveled with it multiple times. This was the second one that was launched and it's still available at Sephora. My last makeup purge I got rid of the majority of my Bobbi Brown palettes. I think that both brands are similar when it come to eyeshadows but I think Laura Mercier's shadows are a tad better. Also I like the shade selection more so that what I had in my Bobbi Brown palettes. My go to eye look with this palette was Truffle on the lid, Espresso Bean in the outer corner/crease and Fresco under my brow bone. All three eyeshadows are matte. You can wear this eye look with  just about any lip and cheek color combo. I've you are a brown and purple eyeshadow lover then this is the palette for you. It's pricey palette but I feel that it's worth the price. The shadow quality is very good they are easy eyeshadows to use and they blend nicely.

philosophy Candy Cane Shampoo Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

For some reason I was legit obsessed with mint, tea tree, eucalyptus, etc items in August. I probably could have done post just on them. The one that I enjoyed the most is philosophy's Candy Cane shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath. This is generally available around holidays and I got in November of last year. I think I have found my holy grail shower gel! philosophy shower gels are a long time favorite and I thought Fresh Cream would be the one that I would eventually use as my regular shower gel. Well now Candy Cane is it! It has nice fresh peppermint scent that now too overpowering but enough to pep you up in the morning or calm you in the evening. I picked up the 32oz from QVC. When it becomes available again I am definitely getting two. I'm tempted to take it out of my shower now so I can use up some other shower gels I have lol.

Bath & Body Works CocoShea Cucumber Foaming Scrub

I was in Bath & Body Works picking up some hand soaps and I noticed some new body scrubs that I saw in an email. I picked up the CocoShea Cucumber Foaming Scrub. When it comes to body scrubs I don't like ones that's too abrasive but  don't want it feel like I'm using a shower gel. I really enjoyed this one. It's just abrasive enough and the cucumber scent it nice. My skin feels super soft after using it. When I use this one up I want to try the CocoShea Coconut Body Buff next.

MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick

When I pull out lip products to play around with I always pull out a red lipstick. MAC's Ronnie Red was in rotation for August and I forgot just how much I like it. It is a fantastic red lipstick. It's a brightened pink-red with blue undertones and it's matte. It's a very flattering red lipstick. It wears very nicely throughout the day and it doesn't dry out my lips. The only downer is that it was limited edition. If MAC every brought this one back, I would definitely get another one.

Julep Super-Size Oxygen Nail Treatment Kit with Bag

This was a QVC TSV in August. When I saw it, I was curious. I paint my nails twice a week and I really don't let then "breathe". So I was intrigued by the Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment that gave your nails a hint of color but also treated your nails. The two with color in the set are Sheer Pink and Sheer Ivory. The Be Strong Oxygen Nail Therapy is clear and I did use it as a base coat with other nail polishes. I used the items for about two weeks and I really liked them. My nails did look better. My favorite item in the set is the cuticle oil. It has a nice light scent. The oil over all is light but it absorbs quickly and it is not runny. I also like that it's a roller ball delivery system. The one item I did not care for is the nail file. I think OPI's crystal nail file is much better. An auto deliver options was available and I did order it when it was available and I think it's one I'll actually keep and not cancel.

September go!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Top 5 - Travel Edition (Denver)

Happy Monday all and Happy Labor Day to all my US folks! I so do not want to go back to work tomorrow. Dah well. Let's talk about Denver and some favorites shall we?

I wasn't expecting much going to Denver. Usually when we travel for work we peg some restaurants to go to and maybe some sites to see if we have the time. But nothing really came to mind since I've never associated Denver as a "food city" and there wasn't anything I really wanted to see. Well let me tell you Denver has some good food! Even the food at the hotel I was staying at was really good. Downtown Denver was pretty nice with a lot of shops, restaurants, and people playing music. The view of the mountains was pretty as well. I will say being at a higher altitude did a number on me while I was there. I was like oh I'll be ok. Yea not so much. I didn't sleep well, I had very bad headaches and I felt like I couldn't get hydrated. So if you ever travel to Denver take the necessary precautions and drink LOTS of water.

As always I try not to take a lot of beauty stuff but then I'm gone a week. So it is what it is once I pack it all up. Here are the five items that stuck out the most.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Let's Go Crazy

First of all I love the name of this lippie. Shout out to Prince. Let's Go Crazy is definitely in my top 5 of Prince songs. I think I got this as a point perk from Sephora. It is described as a vivid pink. NARS lip pencils are very nice. They are not drying on the lips and wear nicely. Since it's NARS they are on the pricey side. I would love more colors but the price gives my pause. These lip pencils are $27?!?!!! So whenever I can grab a deluxe sample size with points I jump on it if I like the color.

philosophy Microdelivery Wash

This stays in my travel bag and I use it as am morning face wash. This is a long time favorite and I have been debating if I want it back in my routine on a regular basis. I don't know if it was because of the drier air in Denver or just the stress from traveling or the meeting but my face was like YES the week I used this. It really helped smooth out my skin and in turn my serums and moisturizers absorbed into my skin nicely. My foundation application was also very nice. Getting that layer of dead skin off your face is major key to any skincare routine. If you're looking for a face scrub that is not abrasive then this is the one you want to try. You can catch some nice deals on the various sizes so keep your eye out at various retailers.

Butter London + Pantone Color Of The Year Nail Lacquers 

I go these polishes some time ago from Ulta and hadn't used them. I don't see them on Ulta's site anymore so I guess they've sold out. But looks like they are still available on Buttler London't website and on sale. When I got them I was kinda annoyed by the fact that these are the normal full size Butter London polishes and I paid the normal full sized price. I was going to return them but that's a hassle in itself. So I kept them. I picked up Greenery (vibrant, yellow green crème), Caramel Cafè (warm caramel brown), Rich Gold (warm golden shimmering beige). All three are very nice. My favorite of the three is Rich Gold. I think I may have found my holy grail gold nail polish. It's not super bright which I like and it very flattering on. I'll get a post on these up in September. There's also a palette in this collection that I've had my eye on. Let's see if it ends up in my hands.

NYX Perfect Filter Shadow Palette in Golden Hour

I went back and forth, round and round and everything in between on what doggone palette I was going to take with me. It was very annoying! I really need to decide on set eyeshadows, blush and lippies that I will take with me when I travel. We'll see if that actually happens. I don't know how I decided on the NYX Golden Hour Palette but I was happy with my choice. I also took the 4 matte NYX eyeshadow (mention in my June 2017 Top 5 post). They are good companion shadows for this palette. I mentioned this palette back in my February 2017 Shop My Stash post. I thought I had mentioned this as favorite. Guess not. If you're look for an inexpensive warm neutral palette check this one out. The shadow quality is very nice and I enjoy the mix of shades in this palette. Also you can catch NYX on sale at various stores, so you can get this for less than the list price of $19.99. I picked up another Perfect Filter Shadow Palette that's a perfect Fall palette. So stay tuned for that.

Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion

When I used up my favorite Neutrogena toner this was next on my list to use. I got this in a giveaway with a bunch of other Mario Badescu items. I had never tried anything from the brand. When I was packing up my skincare items a thought came to me. Maybe it isn't a good idea to take a new skincare item. What if I have a reaction???! I was like well whatever, we'll go with it. I did not have any issues and really like this cleansing lotion. It smells really nice and feels refreshing on the skin. Here are the claims from Ulta's website:
"Refresh and re-balance combination, oily skin. Natural astringent and skin-softening properties found in cucumber extract help minimize T-zone shine while nourishing skin with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Oily skin gets the cooling, clarifying cleanse it needs to look healthy and revitalized."
I can say a big YEP to this. Would I repurchase this again? Most definitely. I have quite a few toners on hand now (don't know how that happened *shifty eyes* lol!!!) so I don't really need to repurchase the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion right now. But when it's time I will get another bottle.

And here's the view that I had from my room.

My next work trip will take my to Florida at the end of October. So we will see what that brings.

Next up my top 5 for August. Slowly getting back on track here. Slllowwwllyyyy!