Sunday, January 8, 2017

December Top 5 & More

Here's what was going on in December for all things beauty and we have a couple of non-beauty items too. Let's get to it!

Top 5

Trish McEvoy 24-Hour Eyeshadow and Liner Duo - Smokey Quartz and Topaz

I purchased this duo from HSN. The duo is currently sold up but the shades are available individually for purchase. I scooped this duo up when I had a coupon. I was tickled by the fact  that Mally Beauty has shadow sticks with the exact same names. I don't know who came out with theirs first. Smokey Quartz is very similar between the two brands. Topaz is different between the two brands. Smokey Quartz is described as a shimmering raisin and Topaz is described as a shimmering golden bronze. I LOVE Topaz! It's a bronze shade that not too warm and doesn't run red. When I first got these I swatched them on the back of my hand and the staying power was absolutely crazy! I washed my hands several times and these jokers would not come off! I was shocked. When I wore them on my eyes the staying power was good especially since I have oily lids. So I highly recommend these if you can catch them on sale or if you have coupon code. There aren't a ton of shades. So I may check out the others at some point.

L.A. Girl Pro Face Matte Pressed Powder

A friend was nice enough to pass on to me the three deepest shades available in these powders. I have Toffee, Chestnut and Cocoa. Toffee is the shade I use all over to set my face. Chestnut is on the warm side. I've used it to set my under eye concealer and I was surprised by how much I liked it for that. Cocoa is the deepest shade and I figured it would be too dark for me to use to set my face right now. I may be able to use it during the summer months. Looking at it, the shade kinda reminded me of Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powder in Chocolate that was my holy grail. So I said let me use it as a bronzer/contour and I really it for that. These powder have given the Black Radiance powsers that I have raved a run for their money. These can also be use on their own for a "soft radiant look."  I have not tried them on their own yet but I'm looking forward to it.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal

I got this little guy from Ulta as a freebie with an online order. It's so tiny and cute! For some reason I thought that Opal wasn't for deeper skin tones. So I never really looked at in store. Opal is described as a golden opal pearl and it is so pretty! When I put it on my cheeks I was like oh hello glow! It's not an extreme highlight. It just gives a nice glow to the cheekbones and wherever else you put it on the face. So score for this freebie! It should last me a while.

Lip Combo - MAC Whirl Lipstick and Buxom Hot Toddy

I mentioned Hot Toddy back in July as a favorite. I thought I had previously talked about Whirl but I guess not. MAC's Whirl lipstick is a matte and it is described as a dirty rose. To me it's more of a warm brown shade. Or it appears that why against my skin tone. It's one of MAC's lipsticks that everyone talks about. A friend was nice enough to pass it on to me. It has been a lipstick that I reached for a lot lately because it's so easy to wear and goes with just about any eye look. Recently I have been pairing a lipstick with a gloss for later in the day. In the afternoon I don't always want to reapply my lip color. So I've been reaching for lip glosses with some color and that are conditioning for my lip. Buxom Lip Cream fit the bill! Buxom's Hot Toddy is described as a toasty nude and pairs beautifully with Whirl. If you're looking for a new nude lip combo to try then check these two out.

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Krystal

This gloss had been on my wish list for a while before I got my hands on it. It had been discontinued, so I took to eBay to see if I could find one. Then I lucked up and found a Buxom set with this included. I've used it here and there but recently it was just sitting in my basket. Since I've had more no makeup days than wearing makeup days, this is what I have thrown on my lips and I love it. I'm already a fan on the Buxom glosses. This is just nice for some shine on your lips, along with hydrating and treating your lips. When I run out of this I hope I can find another one. Buxom needs to stop playing and add it back to their line up!

Bonus fav - Bruno Mars 24K Magic

I've been good all year sticking to five favorites but why not add an extra for December! I loovvve me some Bruno Mars and I picked up his new one 24K Magic. I have been playing it non-stop in my car. I'm kinda bummed that it's only 9 songs *shrugs*. The two songs I have been playing on repeat are Chunky and Versace on the Floor but I enjoy the entire album. I so want to go see him in concert. Maybe I can make that happen this year.


Turkey Haymakers Hill Tea in Sweet

I randomly picked this up from Safeway when it was on sale. I've picked up multiple bottles since then. It's different. It's not overly sweet and tastes really good. It has ginger, honey, molasses and vinegar in it. The vinegar part is interesting to me. I don't taste it. I do taste the ginger and I like it. I think I saw a lemon version that I may pick up next.


L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer

This isn't a total fail but more of I'm not sure about it. The same friend sent me the pressed powders alos sent me two shades of this concealer in Toffee and Fawn. I feel that these two shades may be too light for my skin tone. I did make them work and used them with the Pro Face Matte Pressed Powder in Chestnut. So it didn't look bad but I feel like it was a lot of "work" to make them work. If that makes any sense. I don't like my makeup routine complicated. I just want to apply the products and keep it moving.. If I'm comparing this concealer with other inexpensive concealers I've tried then I'd say go for the NYX HD or Maybelline Better Skin concealers. I know these L.A. Girl concealers have a cult following but they're just not my cup of tea. I may try the deeper shades, if I ever see them when I'm out and about in stores. Otherwise I have other concealer favorites that I enjoy.

Trish McEvoy No. 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk 9 Eau de Parfum

Yea so this was an impulse buy from HSN. I was getting some Christmas gifts and this was on sale for $85.50 (original price is $135) and on free shipping and said what the hey. It's 3.4 fl oz so you're getting a lot of product. I got it, gave it a sniff and thought this is just like philosophy's Falling in Love which is one of my all time favorite fragrances. I  noticed that over the course of the few days I wore it that the scent didn't last. I was like ooook. So I took to the internet and read reviews and saw people commenting on the staying power. I also saw others saying that it's similar to philosophy's Falling in Love. So after some thought I decided to send it back. This is pretty pricey even at the sale price I purchased it at. You can get a Falling in Love set with multiple items and layer the scent vs what you'll spend on this fragrance. Plus I don't have any issues with the staying power of Falling in Love.


I'm a nerd and I track how many books I read each year. My whooping grand total for 2016 was 35 books. I'm used to reading way more. Dah well. It happens. *shrugs*

And there you have it! Let's see what January brings.

January 2017 Shop My Stash

Happy New Year! I'm going to continue with these posts for 2017. I'm still on a clear out my stash kick. My hope is that posts will help me go through my stash, use stuff and then make some decisions on what can go. We shall see. I'm running out of ideas on what to do with the stuff I don't want anymore. So here is what I'm playing around with for the month.

Eyeshadow Play

I didn't really play around with the Bare Minerals eyeshadows I took out last month. So I'll use them and probably add some other to the mix. These shadows are ones I really want to clear out of my stash. Once I clear out the ones I don't want anymore, I have no idea what to do with them.

Polish Play

I've been trying to figure out what I want to do for nail polish this year. The idea popped in my head to go through my stash by brand. So that's what I'll do and you make see a brand for a few months at a time. I am going to start with Essie. Some of these colors aren't "appropriate' for the current season but I don't really care *shrugs*.

Tour de Finance, The Lace is On, Under the Twilight, Navigate Her, Vested Interest, Resort Fling

For the Twill of It, To Buy or Not To Buy, Cocktails & Coconuts, Cashmere Bathrobe, Ole Caliente, Find Me an Oasis

Fragrance Play

I'm going to continue using Living Grace since I had the whipped body creme that almost done.

Kinda boring but dah well. Even though I'm trying to stick to using what I have in my stash doesn't mean something new won't pop up here and there *shifty eyes*.

Let's go!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Out of My Face December 2016

Happy New Year! 😎

I've been toying around with posting empties in a separate post. Some stuff I use up I don't necessarily talk about in other posts. Also  my feelings may change about a product as I use it that may have been a past favorite and such. So there you go. There may not be a post every month. Depends on how much I use up in a month. Some of this stuff takes forever to use up!

So here are my empties from December!
  • Serious Skincare A Force XR Serum Concentrate 1oz
  • Wen Treatment Oil in Tea Tree Eucalytptus 4oz
  • Serious Skincare Olive Oil Body utter 4oz
  • Serious Skincare Glycolic Cleanser 16oz
  • Serious Skincare 4 Million IU A Cream XR 2oz
  • tarte Maneater Mascara 
  • Skinfix Ultra Rich Hand Cream
  • Serious Skincare Vitamin C Ester Pads 60 count
  • Wen Replenishing Treatment Mist in Tea Tree 12oz
  • Serious Skincare Pure Pep Cream Riche 
  • Wen Replenishing Treatment Mist in Winter Vanilla Mint 6oz
  • Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent
  • Serious Skincare Mega Force Liquid Exfioliant
  • One 'n Only Argan Oil Hydrating Mask 
Everything on this list I have mentioned before in past posts and they'll stay in my rotation. There are two newcomers on the list. The first newcomer is the Skinfix Ultra Rich Hand Cream. I got a small bottle of their Daily Lotion in one of the Allure Beauty Boxes. I left it on my desk at work and used it on my hands. I really liked it and was curious if they had a hand cream. I hopped on to Ulta's site and sure enough they had one. It's only $9.99, so I said what the hey. This is a really good hand cream! I've already purchased two more tubes. It has a nice thick consistency but it's not too thick. I doesn't have a scent that lingers or tickles my nose. It feels so good and makes my hands super soft and moisturized but not greasy. If your'e looking for a hand cream then check this one out. Now I'm curious about other products in the line. The second newcomer is the Serious Skincare Vitamin C Ester Pads. I think I got these in a larger Vitamin C kit from HSN. I've used them here and there but not on a consistent basis. I've been wanting to incorporate Vitamin C into my routine since it's a powerhouse skincare ingredient. I really enjoyed using these pads. They are a nice size, nicely saturated and do not leave a sticky film on my skin. I definitely noticed my skin looking brighter, smoother and I felt like I had less breakouts. I have already ordered more.

And there you have it!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

2016 Top.....

For 2016, I'm going to do a top 5 for each category for eyes, lips, face, skincare, nails and body! I'm toying around with don't one just for eyeshadow palettes. I got the idea when emilynoel83 did her 2015 favorites. She broke them up into categories and did a top 10. I am going to stick to 5 items. I'm not sure if  these posts will go up at the end of December or early January. I'm still planning on doing a Top 5 for December. Oye vey. So there's a lot going on. For this I need to make a good old fashioned list! Started writing before I snapped a pic. HA!

Let's see how all this goes! Stay tuned!

November 2016 Top 5 & More

Sorry for the delay but life things have popped up and life is currently in progress. It happens. But I need to take my mind off some things. So I decided to go ahead and finish up this post. Another month has come and gone. Here's the good and bad that got my attention in November.

Top 5

philosophy Candy Cane Shower Gel

QVC got me once again. Didn't need any more shower gel but they had some of their holiday scents in super size and a buy more and save promo. I picked up Gingerbread Man which I am enjoying but they one I am LOVING is Candy Cane. It's just pepperminty goodness that gives you a little kick in the shower. I would definitely use this one year round. Trying to hold off and not get another bottle but I just might and then go on an extended no buy for shower gels. We shall see.

smashbox Mega Photo Op Palette

This was a shop my stash item in November. It's a past favorite and I always enjoyed using it. I hadn't reached for it in a while and I had put in the items in my second Glambot shipment. Well y'all know how that turned out. If not check out my Glambot review post. So once I got it back I said well hell let me use it. Smashbox was one of the first mid range brands that I played around with and I loved their eyeshadows. I had a lot of fun using this palette. In the past when I used it, I stuck with using  it how it's laid out in trios and two quads at the bottom. This time I bounced around all over. I also enjoyed using the highlighters in this palette. I may have used them here and there back with I was "scared" of highlighters. I didn't use any of the cream/lip products. I'm not sure if they're still any good. I did play around with the coral colored blush and it does nothing against my skin tone. But still the eyeshadows and highlighters alone are enough for me to be satisfied with this palette. I think this may be the palette I travel with for 2017.

LaFemme Blushes

Another past favorite. Super pigmented and inexpensive blushes that I always enjoy using whenever I reach for them. The main shade that I reached for is Russet. It's a beautiful shade to wear this time of year. The other shade I used a lot was Bordeaux.

Wen Fall Ginger Pumpkin

This is the Wen seasonal cleansing conditioner that started it all. This is one of my favorites but I hadn't used it in a while. A friend of mine gave me a bottle since she's not a fan of the fall scents. Then I purchased a set from QVC on auto delivery that included the cleansing conditioner, oil and replenishing treatment mist. I love the scent. I you are a pumpkin scented lover then you will love this scent. More so I love how these products feel in my hair and how they work in my hair. The cleansing conditioner is creamy and moisturizing. The oil is phenomenal and the replenishing treatment mist is a nice refresher for my hair that I use daily.

Bobbi Brown Cocoa Eyeshadow

My Bobbi Brown eyeshadows were in the Glambot shipment that came back. Bobbi Brown's Cocoa eyeshadow is another past favorite.This was used a lot in November. I mean a lot! It is described as ashy plum brown. It doesn't look like much but it's the perfect one eyeshadow.  You can use lightly for a light wash of color on the lid. Or you build up it and smoke it out. It really is a versatile shadow.


Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Scarlet Siren

One of my author/beauty friends had talked about Estee Lauder on her blog. I had commented that I hadn't tried anything from the brand and she was nice enough to send me a few things. The shade reminds me of Kat Von D's Archangel (burnt red). Scarlet Siren is a creme whereas Archangel is matte. The Pure Color lipstick formula is fantastic! This goes on so smoothly, it's not drying on the lips and the staying power is fantastic. I definitely want to check out more shades from this line.

Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer

I got this is a sample size that I got two uses out of the packet (not pictured). I was really surprised by this. This primer claims are "controls oil and reduces shine so makeup looks smooth, even, flawless." per the Estee Lauder website. I say yes to all of these! It similar to philosophy's The Present which is my current holy grail primer. But after two used of Estee Lauder's primer, it may have a run for its money. I have it saved on my Ulta Favorites list as a reminder. I may pick up a full size when I get through the primers I have on hand.


Covergirl Supersizer Mascara Waterproof

This is a past favorite. I did not know when I ordered it from Walgreens that it was the waterproof version. Yea I don't like the waterproof version at all. Mainly due to it being hard to remove and I didn't like how my lashes felt. The only reason I got it was the Star Wars packaging. Dah well.

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation Stick

I mentioned this back in February as a favorite. I was going to mention it a favorite this month. It's still a favorite but I noticed when using it that it started bending and there was a crack in it. Then one morning it happened. It broke off while I was applying it. GAHHHH!!!! *wall slides*. So this is the only reason it is a boo for this month. I  may repurchase it at some point when I can get some kind of discount since it is a pricey foundation but I do really really like it.

And there you have it. A lot of past favorites reappeared this month. On to December!

Monday, December 5, 2016

December 2016 Shop My Stash

December! DECEMBER! Oye vey. This year flew by but this year has also been a rough one. So honestly I'm kinda glad to see it go. I decided to keep it kinda of simple this month since this an all over the place month with the holidays thrown in the mix. Here's what I'm playing around with for the month!

Palette Play

For some reason the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette popped in my head. So I'm going to play around with it and some single Bare Minerals shadows.

Polish Play

I'm still playing around with some of the Milani nail polishes I pulled out last month. I'm adding some nail polishes for December that are a little more festive. From OPI, I'm adding Amore at the Grand Canal, Live and Let Die and First Class Desires. From Sephora by OPI, I'm adding Good Tidings We Bling. It's almost on it's last legs *tear* lol! Also I think I have found my holy grail red nail polish with Amore at the Grand Canal. I will definitely do a nail post with this one.

Fragrance Play

For fragrances I plan on reaching for philosophy Living Grace, philosophy Eternal Grace and Boyfriend by Kate Walsh.

Out of My Face

Here is what I used up in November:
  • Wen Summer Coconut Lime Verbena Cleansing Conditioner
  • Serious Skincare A Force XR Serum Concentrate
  • Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Rinse
  • philosophy Pure Grace Body Lotion 16oz
  • tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Masacara 
  • tarte Tarteist Mascara
  • Bath & Body Works Nourishing Hand Cream in Limoncello
  • NYX HD Concealer in Nutmeg
  • Eyeko Visual  Eyes Liiquid Eyeliner in Ebony
  • Serious Skincare Ultra-Mare Pure Marine Infusion Concentrated Serum
  • Ashea Shea Butter Pomade
  • HK Girl Fast Drying & Super Shiny Clear Top Coat
  • Serious Skincare A Wash 12oz
  • Bioderma Sensibio H2O 500ml
  • Arm & Hammer Ultra Max Deodorant in Powder Fresh 
Thanks for following me along as I go through my stash! I plan to keep these posts going for 2017.  I may switch it up a bit. I'm hoping to purge and use more stuff up!

Monday, November 28, 2016

#ManicureMonday Milani Natural Touch & Sangria Rush


If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope that you had a good one. I ate way too much but that's nothing new lol!!

Today I am wearing two nail polishes from Milani. I am wearing Natural Touch which comes across as a pinky brown nude against my skin tone. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's different for me. I'm more used to wearing brown nudes on my nails. We shall see if it's a keeper. Let me know what you think. As an accent nail, I am wearing Sangria Rush is a pretty purple wine color. It is in my nail polish zone. I'm definitely keeping this one and plan on doing a full manicure with it.

TTFN - ta ta for now!