Friday, November 29, 2013

Beauty Remorse

Just a quick ramble....

I was going through my stash yesterday, trying to figure out what makeup I wanted to wear. It hit me yet again that I have way too much makeup. Heck beauty stuff in general. And that's even after I purged a bunch of stuff. I do still have some wish list items. Going to revisit those items and determine if they are still a "want" since Lord knows I do "need" anything makeup wise. Going to hold off getting items like those until sales pop up. Gotta save where you can. And honestly the best time for beauty purchase is around the holidays with various sales and holiday sets. Next year outside of some beauty TSV auto deliveries from QVC, I'm going to try and be in replenish mode only and stick with staple products. Keyword try. Upside I've pulled some other items that I have and started putting Christmas gifts together. So I guess there is an upside to me buy stuff throughout the year. Ha!

Anyone else in this "dilemma"? How do you keep yourself focused and not buy stuff? Let's help each other!

November 2013 Top Ummm??

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

More than 3 products this month *shrugs*. It'll probably be more than 3 for December since I've a TON of beauty come in *head palm*. Let's get to it.

I had another work trip this month. Florida this time. Usually I don't go to this meeting but due to a coworker resigning in September and no replacement for her, I ended up being the sucker who had to go. Here some pics of my room and my view. Not too shabby.

As always packing a trial within itself. I kept simple for the most part. Well simple for me lol.  I had ordered the Glamour Now November Bare Minerals Today's Special Value from QVC the Saturday before my trip. I said if it came before I left then I would take it with me. I was able to play with the items the day before I was scheduled to leave. This set is the bomb! It's very rare that I like all the pieces in a set like this. But I like ALL the pieces. The quad is absolutely gorgeous. I also feel that the shadows in this quad very long wearing, more so than so of their other Ready shadows. The luminizer..babaaaayyyeee it's amazeballs! I'm always leery of  highlighters and how they will show up on my deeper skin tone or too shimmery/glittery. No issues with this. Unfortunately the set is sold out on QVC's site. I didn't know it had sold out. Every now and then sets like this show up on Bare Minerals website when they do their one day flash sales. So keep a look out.

As I've mentioned before I have a love/hate relationship with MAC. Maybe I'll explain my issues with them in another post. I picked up the lipstick Riri Woo mainly off of hype. I got it, worn it and I liked it. Had thought that I could have done without purchasing it since I have other red lipsticks in my stash that I really really like. I had worn in a few times before my work trip and I took it with me. I hate to admit it but this lipstick is the bizness. It's the retro matte formula and a little drying on the lips but that easy to solve with moisturizing your lips beforehand. The retro matte formula is very longer wearing. Seriously you don't really need to touch it up. Usually by the end of the day all I do is put a little Carmex over top of it if my lips start to feel dry or I want to have more of a glossy finish. I'm tempted to get another tube.

Another product I that I reached for before my work trip and took with were some OPI nails polishes. I always paint my nails before a work trip and take a couple of polishes with me. I had went back and for between some L'Oreal and OPI polishes that I hadn't reach for in a while. I ended up picking out Suzi Love Cowboys (this cracks me up since my coworker's name is Suzi) and Yodel Me on My Cell. Suzi Loves Cowboys is a perfect nude polish in terms of matching with my skin tone, not necessarily my nail color. It's brown neutral  creme shade. Yodel me Over on My Cell is a a pretty blue green color.

The Wen Tea Tree Oil is part of the original oil that Chaz Dean launched that were $20. They are no longer available which is a bummer. I have an extra bottle on standby. The newer treatment oils are pricier. I've only tried one. Anywho...this oil is a rock star! I use this on my hair daily and use it an as overnight treatment on my hair and scalp weekly. This along with the Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner have done wonders for my hair in terms of manageability and hair growth. I'm bummed that this oil has been discontinued. I have a promo offer from QVC so I plan to pick up the newer Tea Tree Treatment Oil and give it a whirl.

I don't think I've mentioned People's StyleWatch magazine before in a post. I was watching Jerusha Couture's October Favorites (love her videos...check her out if you're a handbag/fashion gal) and she mentioned one of her favorite mags and it made me think of People StyleWatch. I've subscribed to a bunch of similar magazines that talk about beauty, fashion, etc. (InStylye, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Allure, so on and so forth) but this is on the only one that I have kept my subscription for and it holds my interest. I like the length. It's not too long but it's not like a brochure or anything. There's a good number of ads but it's not filled with them like some mags. I also love that the products they show have varying price points and they show looks for less (both fashion and beauty). Not everyone is going to be able to afford or want to spend their pennies on high end brands. They also do larger issues around Spring and Fall fashions which I love as well. They also feature plus sized clothing and articles which I can appreciate. It's just an awesome magazine to have if you're a fashion or beauty girl.

Another beauty TSV I got from QVC this month, was the "Bow and Go"  holiday collection that Tarte brought to QVC. They along with other beauty brand bring specific sets to QVC for the holidays and they are ALWAYS and amazing value. Ok back to the of the items included in this kit is the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. I hadn't had this mascara in my stash in a good while (can't remember if I've mentioned it in a favorites post before). I forgot just how much I love it! I cracked it open the following day when my order arrived. I love everything about the mascara, especially that my lashes feel like my lashes! That's a big deal breaker for me when it comes to mascara. It is also easy to remove. This came with 2 tubes and I had debated on gifting one. BUT ummm that's not gonna happen.

Surprise Products of the Month

Revlon launched some new Kissable Lip Stains. I picked up one of the matte ones called Shameless. It is a GORGEOUS purple shade. I hadn't seen it in my area but when I was in Florida, I saw it Walgreens. It was the last one in the display, so you know I jumped on it. It is long wearing and comfortable on the lips. I thought it would be similar to MAC's Heroine but it's a deeper.

I've had Deborah Lippmann's Ridge Filler Base Coat for a while. I got it in a set from HSN. When I first used it, I didn't really "get" it since I've always used traditional clear base coats. I had grabbed this to see how it would look on its own on my nails. I was like meh when I applied it. So I grabbed a nail polish to put over top. Used it a second time and it finally "clicked" for me. Here is the description for the base coat
"Help your nails and ridges look more healthy. This ridge-filling base coat from celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann not only helps fill and conceal ridges, but it helping provide a longer- lasting manicure. It leaves behind a smooth matte, bump-free finish for your lacquer to adhere."
It made my polish go on easily and evenly. I've had some issues with one nail and it did fill in the problem area. I also had good wear time using this base coat. The bottle I have is pretty much still full, so I'll get plenty of use out of it. Downside is that this joker is $20. So unless I luck up and get in another kit, I doubt I will repurchase it on its own. I also love her Addicted to Speed Quick Dry Top Coat but it's pricey as well.

I received a Jane Cosmetics eyeshadow in Juniper from my beauty pusha. It is described as a black blueish-green. It is a very pretty shadow. I wore it all over the lid with a matte dark brown shadow in my crease blended out. Pigmented, easy to apply, blend and inexpensive. I had never heard of the brand. Apparently they relaunched themselves. The brand is available at Ulta.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Top 5 Favorite Handbags

Quick disclaimer - I'm not bragging by any means. I have what I have. If you're not interested then cool. Catch back up with me on the next post :D

This post randomly popped in my head while I was sitting on my bed lol!!! Don't know why I didn't think of it for October's Blogapalooza. I haven't done that many handbag posts BUT if you haven't guessed it by now, I am a handbag girl through and through. People who know me can vouch for that. My boss has commented to me several times that I should start a purse blog *shrugs*. Don't know what I would talk about. Anywho..when it comes to styles, my favorites are satchels and hobos. My favorite brand is none other than Dooney & Bourke. And I cannot stand a bag with dark/black lining! Drives me nuts!!! Of course I had to think on this for a minute. Let's see if I can stay within the "top 5" Here we go!

The Dooney & Bourke Leather Hobo with Logo Lock was an easy choice and my number one. I absolutely love this bag and have it two colors (Natural and Navy) and I want more. I'm eyeing the grey. I honestly could stick with this bag in various colors and be a happy girl. Like how some ladies have the Hermes bag in multiple colors. Just an FYI, on QVC Dooney Days are going on where I think all of their bags or the majority of them are on 4 easy pays or more. Easy pay is your friend but can be the devil too lol. All of my bags except for a few, I have purchased from QVC and via Easy Pay. Easy Pay is like reverse layaway. You can break up your payments over x amount of months but you get your item within 7-10 days (sometimes less) and you have 30 days to try it out. What's not to love right? Ok back to the bag....

This bag is the perfect size for me. It's not small and it can hold a lot. I have traveled with this bag without any issues. I can't do small bags. I've tried and failed. It fits over the shoulder comfortably, even if you are wearing a coat. I love the inside. There are various pockets to fit your things and it does have a zip pocket. The cool thing when you order a bag from QVC, sometimes they throw in accessories basically for free. This bag came with a key fob and a coin purse which is a pretty decent size.

The Dooney & Bourke Donegal Crest Satchel is another bag that I got via QVC. I have this bag is three colors. My favorite is the black.  The blue and brown ones I got before they started making the cell phone pockets larger in their bags to accommodate the larger smart phone. There are also two zipper pockets on this bag. The handles are generous enough to carry on your shoulder as well. This bag also came with a wristlet and key fob. Pardon the toe of my grey boot in the bottom corner.

I purchased the Fluevog Soprano Hobo from the Fluevog store when I was in Seattle for work. I still can't believe I bought it outright. It was pricey but I don't regret my purchase. I love the color(dark green/olive) and the shape of this bag. It has a fun blue lining. I also like that you can carry it two ways. Here's a better pic of it I found on Polyvore There was a grey color on their website that I was stalking. It went on sale but I didn't pick up before it sold out. There's a store now in my area but I haven't made my way over to it which is a good thing LOL!

I got the Gucci Joy Hearts Boston Bag (I think this is the name of the bagpre-loved from one of my sorority sisters who was selling it. I love love this syle of satchel. It's a nice size and fits all my stuff. The one downside to it, is that it doesn't have a lot of organization on the inside. There's one small pocket. Still love it though.

I picked up the Wendy Williams Medium Leather Satchel from QVC when she launched her line. I picked it up in green and I honestly want the other 3 colors. If I had to pick one of the three then it would be cognac. I don't know why but I have lightweight obsessed with tan colored bags. When she presented the bag, she let is slip that she designed this with the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag in mind. You're not supposed to mention brand names like that during presentations but we all know that Wendy doesn't care lol! What I love about this bag, that is lacking in the LV bag is organization. This bag has pockets and organization galore! I love the color too. When I carry this I get a TON of compliments.

And there you have it. I stayed at 5 bags woohoo!!! I could probably list another 5. Part 2 perhaps? We shall see.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Product I'm Trying to Use Up Nov/Dec 2013

It just grates my nerves when I have a products that are just about done but never seem to get finished! So I've been eye balling a few products and said that's it! I'm going to focus on using these products up, so I can get them out of my face! This dilemma seems to only occur with hair, body and skin care products. Never seems to be an issue with makeup products. It's a conspiracy lol.

Here are the products that I am going to try and use up between now and the end of December.

  • Carol's Daughter Sugar Dipped Vanilla Rollerball
    • This is one of my favorite vanilla scented perfumes. But as always with stuff we like, this has been discontinued. There's about a fourth left in the rollerball.
  • Philosophy Falling in Love Body Spritz
    • Another favorite scent. I've had this body spritz for a while and it's just about done. So it needs to be gone.
  • Bath & Body Works Sweet on Paris Body Wash
    • This is another vanilla scented product that I got last year during Bath & Body Work's end of the year sale. I can't remember when I cracked it open but it has been sitting in my shower long enough. Time to go!
  • Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub
    • I've mentioned this scrub in my favorites before. I think this is my third tube. I use this in the morning to cleanse my face. But since I have stumbled upon Serious Skincare's Glycolic Cleanser, I haven't been reaching for it as much as I used to when I first discovered it at CVS. There isn't a lot left in the tube, so might as well make the effort to use it and get it out of my shower.
  • The Body Shop Body Butter Duo in Vanilla
    • This body butter has a normal side and dry side. I just used up the normal side. So now I'm focusing on the dry side. I picked 3 of these while in Portland during a work trip at Ross and TJ Maxx for $5.99. I kept 2 and gifted one to a friend. This is the last one.
  • Wen Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner
    • Of the original Wen Cleansing Conditioners, Tea Tree is hands down my holy grail. The results I have had with this cleansing conditioner is just BEYOND! Maybe I'll do a hair routine/favorite products post. Anywho...I have a bottle of Fig that I need to get to. So I want to get this bottle of Tea Tree done. Fig is my second favorite so it will not be a hardship to use it in the interim. Plus I still have some Tea Tree oil on hand, so my hair will have its Tea Tree fix.
  • Black Radiance Shine Control Primer
    • Another product I have mentioned in favorites. There's not a lot left in the tube plus I've had it for a while. I still really like this primer but I think it may be a better fit for my skin during the warmer months *shrugs*.

For some of these products,  you can somewhat see that there isn't a lot left to use. I'll report back on how successful I was in using up these 7 products by December.

Stay tuned...

I forgot to add Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner. So that's 8 products instead of 7.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hello Kindle!

A quicky tech post.

I got a Kindle and for under $10!!! I couldn't believe it myself. Amazon had a promo going on at the end of October. The deal I got was $60 off any Kindle. I got the version that's before the new Paperwhite which is $69 (with special offers). I was like no way! I debated on it since I already have a Nook Color. But there are some ebooks that are exclusive to Kindle and I mentioned that I was able to get it for less than $10 right? It came right before my work trip and I took it with me. I'm still getting use to it since my Nook Color is all touch. But I won't complain since I got it for a good deal! Woohoo!!