Friday, November 29, 2013

Beauty Remorse

Just a quick ramble....

I was going through my stash yesterday, trying to figure out what makeup I wanted to wear. It hit me yet again that I have way too much makeup. Heck beauty stuff in general. And that's even after I purged a bunch of stuff. I do still have some wish list items. Going to revisit those items and determine if they are still a "want" since Lord knows I do "need" anything makeup wise. Going to hold off getting items like those until sales pop up. Gotta save where you can. And honestly the best time for beauty purchase is around the holidays with various sales and holiday sets. Next year outside of some beauty TSV auto deliveries from QVC, I'm going to try and be in replenish mode only and stick with staple products. Keyword try. Upside I've pulled some other items that I have and started putting Christmas gifts together. So I guess there is an upside to me buy stuff throughout the year. Ha!

Anyone else in this "dilemma"? How do you keep yourself focused and not buy stuff? Let's help each other!

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