Friday, November 29, 2013

November 2013 Top Ummm??

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

More than 3 products this month *shrugs*. It'll probably be more than 3 for December since I've a TON of beauty come in *head palm*. Let's get to it.

I had another work trip this month. Florida this time. Usually I don't go to this meeting but due to a coworker resigning in September and no replacement for her, I ended up being the sucker who had to go. Here some pics of my room and my view. Not too shabby.

As always packing a trial within itself. I kept simple for the most part. Well simple for me lol.  I had ordered the Glamour Now November Bare Minerals Today's Special Value from QVC the Saturday before my trip. I said if it came before I left then I would take it with me. I was able to play with the items the day before I was scheduled to leave. This set is the bomb! It's very rare that I like all the pieces in a set like this. But I like ALL the pieces. The quad is absolutely gorgeous. I also feel that the shadows in this quad very long wearing, more so than so of their other Ready shadows. The luminizer..babaaaayyyeee it's amazeballs! I'm always leery of  highlighters and how they will show up on my deeper skin tone or too shimmery/glittery. No issues with this. Unfortunately the set is sold out on QVC's site. I didn't know it had sold out. Every now and then sets like this show up on Bare Minerals website when they do their one day flash sales. So keep a look out.

As I've mentioned before I have a love/hate relationship with MAC. Maybe I'll explain my issues with them in another post. I picked up the lipstick Riri Woo mainly off of hype. I got it, worn it and I liked it. Had thought that I could have done without purchasing it since I have other red lipsticks in my stash that I really really like. I had worn in a few times before my work trip and I took it with me. I hate to admit it but this lipstick is the bizness. It's the retro matte formula and a little drying on the lips but that easy to solve with moisturizing your lips beforehand. The retro matte formula is very longer wearing. Seriously you don't really need to touch it up. Usually by the end of the day all I do is put a little Carmex over top of it if my lips start to feel dry or I want to have more of a glossy finish. I'm tempted to get another tube.

Another product I that I reached for before my work trip and took with were some OPI nails polishes. I always paint my nails before a work trip and take a couple of polishes with me. I had went back and for between some L'Oreal and OPI polishes that I hadn't reach for in a while. I ended up picking out Suzi Love Cowboys (this cracks me up since my coworker's name is Suzi) and Yodel Me on My Cell. Suzi Loves Cowboys is a perfect nude polish in terms of matching with my skin tone, not necessarily my nail color. It's brown neutral  creme shade. Yodel me Over on My Cell is a a pretty blue green color.

The Wen Tea Tree Oil is part of the original oil that Chaz Dean launched that were $20. They are no longer available which is a bummer. I have an extra bottle on standby. The newer treatment oils are pricier. I've only tried one. Anywho...this oil is a rock star! I use this on my hair daily and use it an as overnight treatment on my hair and scalp weekly. This along with the Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner have done wonders for my hair in terms of manageability and hair growth. I'm bummed that this oil has been discontinued. I have a promo offer from QVC so I plan to pick up the newer Tea Tree Treatment Oil and give it a whirl.

I don't think I've mentioned People's StyleWatch magazine before in a post. I was watching Jerusha Couture's October Favorites (love her videos...check her out if you're a handbag/fashion gal) and she mentioned one of her favorite mags and it made me think of People StyleWatch. I've subscribed to a bunch of similar magazines that talk about beauty, fashion, etc. (InStylye, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Allure, so on and so forth) but this is on the only one that I have kept my subscription for and it holds my interest. I like the length. It's not too long but it's not like a brochure or anything. There's a good number of ads but it's not filled with them like some mags. I also love that the products they show have varying price points and they show looks for less (both fashion and beauty). Not everyone is going to be able to afford or want to spend their pennies on high end brands. They also do larger issues around Spring and Fall fashions which I love as well. They also feature plus sized clothing and articles which I can appreciate. It's just an awesome magazine to have if you're a fashion or beauty girl.

Another beauty TSV I got from QVC this month, was the "Bow and Go"  holiday collection that Tarte brought to QVC. They along with other beauty brand bring specific sets to QVC for the holidays and they are ALWAYS and amazing value. Ok back to the of the items included in this kit is the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. I hadn't had this mascara in my stash in a good while (can't remember if I've mentioned it in a favorites post before). I forgot just how much I love it! I cracked it open the following day when my order arrived. I love everything about the mascara, especially that my lashes feel like my lashes! That's a big deal breaker for me when it comes to mascara. It is also easy to remove. This came with 2 tubes and I had debated on gifting one. BUT ummm that's not gonna happen.

Surprise Products of the Month

Revlon launched some new Kissable Lip Stains. I picked up one of the matte ones called Shameless. It is a GORGEOUS purple shade. I hadn't seen it in my area but when I was in Florida, I saw it Walgreens. It was the last one in the display, so you know I jumped on it. It is long wearing and comfortable on the lips. I thought it would be similar to MAC's Heroine but it's a deeper.

I've had Deborah Lippmann's Ridge Filler Base Coat for a while. I got it in a set from HSN. When I first used it, I didn't really "get" it since I've always used traditional clear base coats. I had grabbed this to see how it would look on its own on my nails. I was like meh when I applied it. So I grabbed a nail polish to put over top. Used it a second time and it finally "clicked" for me. Here is the description for the base coat
"Help your nails and ridges look more healthy. This ridge-filling base coat from celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann not only helps fill and conceal ridges, but it helping provide a longer- lasting manicure. It leaves behind a smooth matte, bump-free finish for your lacquer to adhere."
It made my polish go on easily and evenly. I've had some issues with one nail and it did fill in the problem area. I also had good wear time using this base coat. The bottle I have is pretty much still full, so I'll get plenty of use out of it. Downside is that this joker is $20. So unless I luck up and get in another kit, I doubt I will repurchase it on its own. I also love her Addicted to Speed Quick Dry Top Coat but it's pricey as well.

I received a Jane Cosmetics eyeshadow in Juniper from my beauty pusha. It is described as a black blueish-green. It is a very pretty shadow. I wore it all over the lid with a matte dark brown shadow in my crease blended out. Pigmented, easy to apply, blend and inexpensive. I had never heard of the brand. Apparently they relaunched themselves. The brand is available at Ulta.

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