Saturday, July 26, 2014

Drugstore vs High End

Hey alllll!

It's been a busy month. Hopefully things will slow down a bit and I can get a new charger for my laptop and get back to bizness!

So as I'm sitting here catching up on YouTube videos and deciding on what I want to use various coupons and a gift card I have at Ulta, pricing stuff and what not, I'm lightweight over 'high end makeup'. I say this now but this is just random musings. Don't get me wrong. I love my Urban Decay palettes, Tarte blushes, so on and so forth. Buuuuuuut when you see various blog posts or YouTube videos on dupes and similar products, it gets me to thinking why am I spending my money on midrange/high end makeup. I'll even throw skin care into the mix. Right now all of the skincare products I have been using for the last say month and a half have been drugstore products.

One of my big peeves with drugstore makeup is with foundations, powders and concelars. Brands have gotten better. I have mentioned Revlon's Nearly Naked foundation in a past favorites post and you just might see it again soon. Some could still do better with their shade ranges. My other issue is access. Certain lines that may be geared towards women of color are not in the drugstores I frequent. Or not all the shades are offered with the traditional drugstore makeup lines. I'm not driving around place to place looking for something. Even finding stuff online can be a task.

In some cases you do get what you pay for. But just because something is $30 doesn't mean it's good. Or if something is $5 doesn't mean it's bad. I'll end my rant here lol. Up next will be my July favorites!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Palette Play July 2014

(Courtesy of Microsoft)

In thinking about what I wanted to play around with this month, I drew a blank. I opened up my various drawers that house my palettes and was like ummmm *scratches head* So then I was like, well play around with the new stuff that you've gotten. But then I wasn't feeling what I said was going to use. Then I was like what the hell dude! See this in a clear indication that you gots too much crap! Jeez! So I was still drawing a blank at the time I was trying to get this post up. So I went back to the drawing board. I went back and looked at past posts and then started digging in my cart yet again....

I got NOTHING! Oye vey! So we're going rogue this month! When I do my favorites post for the month, I'll tell you what I ended up using and what I ended up taking on my work trip. I have some shorter weekend trips and I already know I'm taking Urban Decay's Smoked palette along with some Mally shadow sticks. That's all I know *blink blink*

June 2014 Favorites

Here is what I've been loving in June!


Had fun playing around with various Bobbi Brown eyeshadows this month. My absolute favorite shadow was Cocoa. This shadow right here *pauses*. It does not look like much in the pan. It's matte and it's fantabulous. It's a great eyeshadow for a one eyeshadow and all occasion look. It is described as a ashy plum brown. It's in the top right on my quad. Seriously washed out in this pic *shrugs*

I have also be loving Bobbi Brown's Downtown Beauty Palette. I think this was my first Bobbi Brown palette. I forget how much I love this palette! It doesn't look like much but once you apply it *pauses* perfection! I used all the shades in the palette. For first time though, I used Black Plum (darkest shade) all over my lid and blended it out with the matte lilac shade next to it. Even though Black Plum is a dark shade, it is totally wearable. Even if you build it up, you don't look crazy or like you have a black eye. I know I sound like a broken record, but Bobbi Brown makes some of the best eyeshadows.


I randomly pulled out one of the new Milani lip glosses in Raspberry Rush. These glosses are awesome! I may like a tad bit more than the Maybelline Colorsensational glosses I dubbed as my favorite for 2013. They go on smoothly, wear nicely are hella pigmented for a lip gloss. It's picture here with some other goodies I picked up from the drugstore back in March.

I also played around with various Moxie and Buxom lip glosses. I'm mentioning these together since they are somewhat similar and by the same brand. These are my favorite glosses be it high end or low end. When my lips are out of sorts, be it chapped or just feeling funny, I always slap on one of these glosses and it makes them feel better. I want to pick up the clear Buxom gloss in Krystal. I wound love to have it on hand to wear on its own and especially for overnight. I've only been able to find it on eBay though. Grrrrr!


I've gone back basics with my skincare routine. You'll hear why a bit later. Had some serious skin issues this month. I had watched Young Wild and Polished skin care routine video. She has mentioned L'Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Serum before and I have watched other YouTube videos on this product. I was curious and started reading more about it. I had a coupon and some reward dollars to use at Ulta. So I picked it up and the L'Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Day/Night Cream. These products are 'pricey' for drugstore. You can REALLY spend a lot on skin care. So this isn't too bad depending on where you get it from. Both products are $24.99 at Ulta. But since it is drugstore you can catch sales and use coupons. For about a week I cleansed my skin and only used these two products. They did help get my skin back on track. The serum reminds me of a Lancome one I have tried before from the Visonaire line. Wouldn't surprise me if they are similar products since Lancome is owned by L'Oreal. I layered the SPF I use over the Day/Night cream and it didn't make me extra oily or anything. Oddly enough it's a cream that mattifies the skin. So I will continue to use it for now. Isn't the packaging cute? And's is substantial. Not plasticy or anything. I'm not usually a sucker for packaging but I like this. I'll go into more detail about my revamped skincare routine in post. Stay tuned for that.


My favorite mani of the month was from using two Funky Fingers polishes, Power Play and Save The Glitter. Power Play dried to matte finish but was fine once I added a top coat. The glitter polish is a unique one with pink, white and blue. May check Five Below for some other shades *shifty eyes*.


Every time I use Nivea Creme, I always ask myself did I mention this in a favorites? And if I haven't then I need to. This little tin of fabulousness is the perfect creme to use on your hands and to keep in your makeup bag, your desk at work, in your get my drift! It's moisturizing without being greasy. I picked up 3 from CVS.  They have a deal if you get 3. I think it's 3 for $3. Thought about getting the larger jar but it's pricey. Maybe when I have a good CVS coupon I'll pick up a the larger jar. Best hand cream ever!

Memorial Day weekend I found myself in Ulta. I was looking for the Essie summer collection. I didn't see it. I remembered that I wanted to check out The Body Shop's Shea Body Mist. One of my favorite YouTubers Jennifer Wan mentioned it in one of her favorites video. This mist OMG! I have smelled the Shea scent before using their body butter and soap. But the body mist takes the scent to another level. I got it on sale for $6 too. It's originally $12 which isn't pricey but it's always nice to catch something on sale. Now I want to check and see if there's a smaller bottle that purse friendly *shifty eyes*

Before I hopped on the Fresh Cream train, I ordered the philosophy seasonal 3-in-1 shower gel trio Auto-Delivery from QVC. I had been looking on QVC's site to see if they had an auto delivery of the food inspired shower gels. I hadn't seen one and this was presented and I jumped at ordering it. I think I had mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to have a shower gel that I could use with any fragrance. I've always loved these shower gels, so this set fit the bill. Then there had the nerve to have the Fresh Cream One Time Only and the TSV! Hmph! LOL! The Spring set included Senorita Margarita, Melon Daiquiri and Passion Fruit Daiquiri. I've been using and enjoying Senorita Margarita this month and it smells just like a margarita! Salt and all! With the food inspired shower gels, you enjoy the scent in the shower or bath but you don't smell like the scent for the rest of the day. But since I did order the Fresh Cream TSV, I gave it some thought and I canceled my auto delivery. So I only got the summer scents. I was going to keep it. But did I really need to? No. See progress LOL!

Random Stuff

*sigh* lol....during one of my work meetings, Ben & Jerry's ice cream was one of the desert options in the hotel restaurant. You got 3 scoops. The scoops were vanilla, strawberry and coffee. The strawberry was delicious. Need to look up the actual name to see if I can find it in store. But the one I was seriously crushing on the coffee ice cream which was Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz. It is coffee ice cream with fudge espresso beans. I looked for in when I got back home and couldn't find it. I think it was some time in May, my coworker text me and said she found it in Safeway. I was like whaaaaat!?!? So I went to Safeway and sure enough it was there! And the rest is history. I've caught on sale for $2.99 and had an additional coupon from Safeway's Just Four You program. Let's just say that I need to leave this alone for a while. If you're a coffee ice cream lover, give this one a taste.

I've been diggin Google+ this month. I would hop on there from time to time and I do post my blog posts to Google+. However, I never really engaged myself with it like other social media networks. I lightweight sick of Facebook and have debated on deactivating my account. People do THEEEE most on Facebook. Ugh! I still enjoy Twitter and still love Instagram. I can't really say why I've been loving Google+ more. It's a good way to keep up with your favorite bloggers, if they have a Google+ page. Or if you want to connect with other people who share your interests like fitness, cooking, etc. I know people have counted Google+ out but I believe I saw a post on Twitter saying that it's doing well and gaining momentum.

Surprise Products of the Month

This is more a surprise use for a product. I have talked about the philosophy Olive Oil Scrubs before. Right now I have Living Grace. My favorite hand scrub I use once a week before I polish my nails is the Perlier Hemp Smoothing Scrub for Hands and Feet. It's kind of pricey. It was recently on sale and I jumped at the chance to get another tube. But then once the shipping & handling was added along with the tax, I was like wait a minute. When I got home later than evening something was like try the philosophy scrub just on your hand. So I applied some to dry skin, worked it and rinsed my hands. AMAZE BALLS! My hands were super soft and hydrated. I have the 32 oz bottle anyway, so why not use it as hand scrub too. I should try it on my feet as well. It's great to find multiple ways to use a product that you already love. So I will not be repurchasing the Perlier scrub anytime soon! Woohoo! Money saved!

Meh Products of the Month

This one kind of hurts. Now Bare Minerals Matte foundation in the shade Warm Deep has been a favorite. The meh is towards the shade. *sigh*. Now when I got matched in this it was in the winter time. I had already been wearing the shade Golden Deep with no issues. So when the makeup artist matched me in Warm Deep I was like say what now? I didn't buy a jar right then and there but eventually I did pick one up from Ulta when I had a 20% off coupon. Every now and then I thought it looked red on me but it wasn't bad bad. Recently however it looked more red on me. Since my jar was getting low I got another one from Sephora. Well I exchanged it for Golden Deep. I keep sayin that I wanted to go back by the counter and see what my "summer shade" would be. Golden Deep works for me a good part of the year unless I'm out in the sun. But I'm really not out in the sun much. We shall see. When I did the shade match thing at Sephora (the machine the put up to your chin and it electronically matches you to all the foundation they carry in your shade), it matched in me a totally different shade. Again I was like what you say!?!? So I may just stick with Golden Deep Matte in the spring/summer/early fall and wear Golden Deep Original late fall/winter/early spring. The original formula is a tad lighter but it still works well for my skin tone. Don't mind the Extra Dimension Skinfinish pictured. I'm still loving that!!!

This one is kind of a bummer. When the Maybelline Vivids were released, I jumped on the bandwagon HARD with everyone else and I did like them. I played around with a few this month and I'm not wowed by them as I once was. One of my favorites is Vivid Rose. When I went to put it on it was kind of patchy and I had to put way too much effort into it "looking right". I was like what the what?! But again my lips have not been the best and we you wear shades like this your lips have to be on point. Then I played around with some other ones I have and the same thing. So I went through the ones I had and pulled Fuchsia Flash, Orange Edge and Electric Fuchsia. I've kept Vivid Rose, Pink Pop, Brazen Berry and Hot Plum for now. I had some others on my list to pick up but I will not purchase anymore lipsticks from this line. Bobbi Brown has launched some new lipstick shades and some of them are bright. I may check those out. Bobbi Brown makes her stuff wearable first and foremost. So I'm sure I would comfortable trying some of her bright lippies out.

Back in April favorites I mentioned the Cecilia's Over 40 Smooth and Clear Kit  I got from HSN and how I was loving it. I don't know if it was because it was that time of the month or products I was using but my face broke out really bad. Now I do get breakouts from time to time. But my face has not been this bad in a LONG time. So I started freaking out. I think the culprit was the Vitamin C cleanser. So I took to HSN's site and read various reviews of the product. The majority of people like the Vitamin C cleanser but there were a few reviews that said it broke them out. This was the only product that I added into my routine. So I packed it and the rest of the items in the kit up and sent it back to HSN. It was after the 30 days and I wasn't sure if HSN would accept the return. They did.Also the Vitamin C day cream was ok. At first I really liked it but I started not liking it. It was making my oily. I'm already oil and do not need something that is going to make my oilier!! The eye gel was just ok too. I still have the Gycolic Peel but haven't really bee using it. See skin care can be amazeballs at first. But then you have to see how your skin reacts with continued use. Like I said above I'm going back to basics with my skincare routine.

Two mascaras that I did not like this month are the Dior Iconic mascara and L'Oreal Manga mascara. The Dior mascara I picked up when QVC did their Beauty With Benefits event. Part of the proceeds from items purchased went to cancer research. I'm always down with beauty for a case. BUT the main thing that got me was the gift with purchase. It was a bunch of samples and a really nice makeup bag that Sonia Kashuk designed for the event. However when I got my mascara, I did not receive my gift with purchase. I contacted QVC and they ran out! Ughhhh!!!! Ok back to the mascara...the brush head on this mascara is big and I'm over large brush heads. It also flakes and smudges on my lower lashes. A bunch of people have said great things about the new L'Oreal Manga mascara. The wand is a flexible one which I really don't care for, the formula is just ok, it doesn't really separate my lashes annnnnd it smudges and flakes on my lower lash line. So thumbs down on both of these.

I wasn't feeling a lot of things this month!

On to July and my birthday month! Woot!!! \O/