Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Palette Play July 2014

(Courtesy of Microsoft)

In thinking about what I wanted to play around with this month, I drew a blank. I opened up my various drawers that house my palettes and was like ummmm *scratches head* So then I was like, well play around with the new stuff that you've gotten. But then I wasn't feeling what I said was going to use. Then I was like what the hell dude! See this in a clear indication that you gots too much crap! Jeez! So I was still drawing a blank at the time I was trying to get this post up. So I went back to the drawing board. I went back and looked at past posts and then started digging in my cart yet again....

I got NOTHING! Oye vey! So we're going rogue this month! When I do my favorites post for the month, I'll tell you what I ended up using and what I ended up taking on my work trip. I have some shorter weekend trips and I already know I'm taking Urban Decay's Smoked palette along with some Mally shadow sticks. That's all I know *blink blink*

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