Thursday, October 6, 2011

Soundtrack of Your Life

Everyone now and then I may hear the comment "the music of such and such artist has been the soundtrack of my life".  Some people say The Beatles, some say Elvis, Madonna, Michael Jackson, so on and so forth.  If I had to pick just one right now I would say Mary J. Blige.  I was first introduced to MJB when we came back to the States in '93 (former military brat).  My cousin got me the cassette tape (yes I said cassette tape which I still have) of My Life.  I listened to it CONSTANTLY!  Then I went back and got What's the 411.  I have continued to purchase her music and I've seen her in concert twice (would pay to see her again).  Certain songs from her many albums/singles I can pinpoint various moments in my life.

 For example, Not Gone Cry makes me think of the time when my parents were going through their divorce.

MJB's Everything and some other songs on Share My World came out when I was in high school and I was in "love" *strong side eye*

Good Woman Down from The Breakthrough takes me back to a time to were if things would have been different I would not be here.  Just going through what I was going through.

 And I think just about everyone can relate to No More Drama.

I could go on but then this would be a long post.  Soooooo yea MJB is alright with me.

So who has provdied the soundtrack of your life?

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