Friday, November 4, 2011

Is going on a "no buy" realistic

We all have our "things" that we buy.  For some it may be different kind of candles, scarfs, ties or watches (you get the idea).  I would love to buy any tech toy I wanted, when I wanted it, but I know that's not realistic.  I've gotten better with buying clothes and shoes.  I think it's more so I'm happy with what I have and there's not point in buying more (other than if something needs to be replaced like tees, socks, etc).  I've gotten better on the handbag front.  There are couple I have my eye on.  I have gotten better with the "I gotta have it now" feeling.  I've gone through what I have and pulled some to give away (I can't be bothered with the whole eBay/Craigslist thing).  On the beauty front....weeeeellll...

In a couple of earlier posts (How Much is Too Much? and Fall 2011 Makeup Collections) I mentioned that I was toying around with the idea of going on a "no buy" when it comes to beauty products (skincare, hair, makeup, etc).  I'll admit *raises hand* that I'm a product junkie.  I like trying out different things.  I do use stuff up and when I get tired of something or if I don't really like it I give away to friend and family (depending on the product) who want it (they appreciated it lol).  Again like with my clothes and such I think I have a nice collection if you will, of various products.  My ramblings lead to the question is it realistic to completely go on a "no buy" of a particular thing or product?

When I go to Target or CVS to pick up something I need I then on auto pilot go over to the beauty/makeup sections and peruse the aisle.  I don't always buy something.  I also like watching various youtube videos and they highlight various products in their tutorials or review products.  I also watch QVC and HSN when certain brands are presenting to see what's new and to learn new makeup tips and tricks.  Again I don't always buy something.  Same with twitter with the various people and brands I follow that are beauty related.  I also have friends that I talk to on a regular basis about makeup/beauty stuff.  I would think that for this "no buy" to be effective I would have to shut myself off from these other things so that I won't know what going on or so that I won't be "tempted" to buy.  Or this a bit extreme?

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