Saturday, May 7, 2011

How Much Is Too Much?

Sooooo as I sit here looking at my makeup collection I'm thinking to myself how much is too much makeup? I've had an on and off again relationship with makeup. Recently I just got back into it. With Q vendor presentations, youtube, bloggers and some makeup guru friends I am now actually having fun with makeup. I've tried stuff, found some holy grail products and stuff that is a no no for me. Now I have a nice collection but then I'm like I only have one face lol! I have given some stuff to friends and what not but how much is too much makeup for one person to have for personal use? Or is there such a thing lol!!{} What do you do with makeup that is still good but you just don't use anymore?


  1. My makeup collection just seems to be getting bigger and bigger even though I keep teling myself that I'm not buying anything till I actually use the products I already have! I'll generally give products to my kid sis if I know I'm not gonna use them again. Or sometimes I'll have a clear out and do a blog sale or makeup swap with friends (very handy cos it means you get to try lots of different goodies without spending a penny!)

    You mention holy grail products... dont suppose you could do a post on that if you get a chance? I love hearing about other peoples favourite products cos it always gives me ideas on whats actually worth buying! :)

    Joy xx

  2. I could do that. I have a younger cousin that I could give stuff to since she is getting into makeup. I say the same thing yet I'm on BH Cosmetic's site looking at two palettes...smh. I do give stuff to my other makeup friends. Debated about doing a blog sale. We shall see. :)


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