Thursday, December 8, 2011

Confessions of a produt junkie....

If you haven't gathered from a few of my blog posts I like trying out different things *insert sheepish grin* lol!  Not sure where I get it from but hey it is what it is.  It kind of happens in spurts.  Then I'm like ok kid time to pump your brakes.  Like right now I'm on this hair products kick.  Back in the day (circa high school and college) I would use drug store products and/or something my hairdresser would recommend.  Fast forward to 2008/2009 I started dabbling in products that were considered "high end".

Lately I've gone back and forth between Carol's Daughter and Ojon products.  I have various products from these two lines.  I've been skeptical of WEN for the longest time but received a sample size that I finally used.  So of course the product junkie component of my brain was like hmmmmm....So now I have what I have and it does get used.  However when I look at what it under my bathroom sink I'm like -_-  Now I'm trying to pinpoint what my daily and weekly product regime is going to consist of.  But I'm sure something else will come out and it will get my attention and my money.  As you can see #thestruggleisreal lol!!!

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