Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gone too soon...

Friday morning I received some heartbreaking news.  A sorority sister of mine had passed away due to complications of a medical condition.  I was speechless, floored, shocked, numb and a host of other emotions.  I could not wrap my head around the fact that she was gone.  I was talking to another sorority sister of mine who told me the news and I was just numb.  I was sitting on my bed and I could not move.  My heart began to ache for her two little girls who will not understand why their mommy isn't here anymore.  My heart ached for my other sorority sisters who knew her better than I did.  My heart ached for her other friends and family dealing with the loss.  Something like this brings your own mortality into question.  We are the same age.  It emphasizes the fact that tomorrow is not promised.  She just celebrated her birthday last week.  You want to know the kicker?  I never met her face to face.  We live the the same metropolitan area but I have never physically laid eyes on her.  We "met" through the power of the Internet.  We were on the same sorority listserves and connected via Facebook and Twitter. We connected around various things such as music and nail polishes lol.  She invited me to her baby shower for her second child.  I'll forever be heartbroken that I was unable to attend.

The news of her passing spread on Facebook and Twitter.  But you want to know the amazing thing?  A lot of these same people on Facebook and Twitter who were grieving had never met her face to face.  The power of the Internet connected her to so many of these people who were just as hurt and shattered by her passing just as if they knew her in "real life".  Her passing also got me to thinking (and folks on Facebook and Twitter) that at the end of the day you don't know when your time is going to come.  While you are here live life.  Sounds cliche I know but we you are gone there's no coming back!  You get one shoot at this thing called life.  Yes there are going to be times when you get stressed, frustrated and all of that but if you look at that particular situation and that particular point in time  is it really that bad?  Are there a few things that you can change now or work toward changing to make things better?  I know I bitch and moan about certain things in my life.  Some things I know I have the power to change.  Others it is what it is and either I can deal with it or remove myself from it.  Sometimes it's really that simple.  I think that we make things more difficult than what they need to be.  I guess this what I plan to work on.  I don't what to go through my time on the earth mad and frustrated all the time.  I want to enjoy life!!! My sorority sister lived life, spoke her mind, held no punches and genuinely was a good person.  She will be missed.  Gone but never forgotten.  RIP Soror Cryssy!!!

**I'm typing this on the fly and it my be jumbled and not make a whole lot of sense.  Just needed to get my thoughts out**

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