Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 is here! Time to refocus!

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I don't typically make resolutions.  I try to set goals and what not throughout the year of things that I want to do.  Been thinking on some things lately and here's a random list of things I've come up with:

  • Reduce my debt (outside of student loan. Them jokers ain't going away no time soon)
  • Get organized! Seems like paper and clutter have overtaken my life.
  • Curb sporadic shopping.  Well yea...y'all have seen some of my previous posts lol
  • Create "wish lists".  If I'm moved by something add it to the list, think on it and if I REALLY want it then plan for it.  Trying to see in Pinterest will help.
  • Cook more.  This will help not spending so much on food and help with eating better.
  • Try to work out 3 times a week between Monday and Friday.  
  • Workout on Saturday and Sunday.  Oddly enough I'm good during the weekday and slack off on the weekends.
  • Do better with taking care of myself (doc appointments, limit stress, etc).
  • Use what I have.  As I mentioned before I'm a product junkie. Sooooo I gots stuff lol!  I need to use up what I have before I buy something else.
  • Get my "professional self" together - updating the resume and cover letters, maybe find a mentor in my area, continue to "softly" search for a new job.
  • Do better with keeping in touch with folks.
I think that's it for now o_O Phew that's a lot! 

What are you planning to do for 2012?

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