Sunday, January 29, 2012

I need to declutter!!!

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Clutter is taking over my life and it has got to stop!!! (dramatic much?? lol).  But seriously I look around and I'm like how did this happen?? At home I kind of know.  We had an abrupt move.  Moving is bad enough when it's planned and worse when it isn't.  Yes we've been here for a while now but I feel like you never truly  are unpacked.  With work it's lack of time and a boss who doesn't know which way is up.    The bulk of it is filing is paper.  Filing is the bane of my existence (among other things).  I need for them to step into 2012 and not use so much paper!  At work I'm also dealing with limited space to put things away.  Hell I'm dealing with limited space at home too.  I have stacks and stack of publications in my office due to the fact that there is really no where to put them.

One thing I've noticed is that I get more mail.  Most of it junk (catalogs, credit card offers, etc).  I'm like when did that happen??  Before I rarely got mail now...hmph!  I try to go through it when I check the mail but yea that doesn't always happen.  I have a small basket that I would put mail in and go through it weekly to trash, file, shred, etc.  That was working but I fell off.  First I need to go through the basket.  It's kind of overflowing with old stuff *head palm*.  I say that I'm going to this and that on the weekends but then other things pop up and let's be honest some times it feels nice just to do nothing on the weekends.  Judge me if you want but I'm telling the truth.  Then I say I can take at least thirty minutes in the evening during the week to go through stuff.  After dealing with the crazy mofos at work and traffic, I just want to chill when I get home (and make sure I get my workouts in)  

I feel like I'm on hoarders!!!  Ok for real it's not THAT deep hahaaa.  I can't bring myself to watch that show.  The commercials alone freak me out o_O.  So what do you all do to keep clutter to a minimum?

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