Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The trials and tribulations of an avid reader...

(Courtesy of Microsoft)

Ok mini rant --- since our abrupt move (which was a while ago now but a move is a task enough when you plan for it.  worse when it just happens) we had to put some stuff in storage.  I put the majority of my books in storage but I did keep a few out and I have been buying stuff (of course).  Now 3 books that SHOULD be on my shelf are m.i.a and I got reaaaallly frustrated last night!  I'm kind of in re-read mode plus I have some other connecting books that I have the most recent book at home but the book before it that I haven't read is in storage...gah!  I have a Nook Color which I love.  Halfway tempted to just get it on my Nook buuuutt yeaaaah....Ok I'll shut up now *end rant*

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