Sunday, February 27, 2011

When did it happen...

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I've had an on and off again relationship with makeup.  My mom doesn't wear a lot of makeup.  Every now and then she may throw some on if she's going out and such but it's minimal.  In high school I dabbled but nothing seemed to "match" and I didn't "get it".  So I mainly just did lipstick. Fast forward to the world of youtube, the Internet and blogging and now you can find out just about anything on what to do and not to do with makeup.  Slowly I've been trying out different things.  I've become borderline obsessed with  youtube videos.  I bug friends who know a lil more than I do lol :) (thanks chicas).  So yes now I have a "collection".  I don't think it's a lot *evil grin".  I guess you can say my lip glosses and nail polishes are a tad much #judgeme  I don't think I'll ever get into doing youtube videos but I may post stuff here.  We shall see.  So when did it happen to you?  Or do you think makeup is overrated?


  1. The women in my family didn't wear much make-up so I didn't have much exposure. Like you I dabbled during high school but it was nothing major. When I did try years later, I felt that foundation was heavy and eyeshadow a waste since it would disappear from my lids a few hours later. Dabbled here and there during the years then about 3 years ago I became a beauty addict. YouTube, blogs, vlogs beauty mags, friends (like you), tv, seeing beautiful women of color weearing make-up and it enhancing their natural beauty inspired me to have fun with color. Now I just can't get enough of it.

  2. Woot Woot (as I'm in the process of putting a Sephora order together). HA! Not really a makeup order though :) well trying not be a makeup order.

  3. Have to watch Sephora, somehow a make-up item tends to slip in all of my orders from them.


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