Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What is it about Christmas music?

(Courtesy of Microsoft)

I'm talking about both kinds of Christmas music. Meaning the songs that are in reference to the holiday/season and those that in reference of the birth of Christ. I have two mix CDs (yes CDs lol) that have both kinds of music on them.  I was listening to them on my way to work this morning and my commute was rather pleasant and I have this peaceful like feeling over me. I'm going to create a list on Spotify so that I can list to it on my computer at work. One of my absolute favorite Christmas songs that references Christ is O Holy Night. I have quite a few favorite holiday ones. One that gets my bopping around is Rockin Around the Christmas Tree lol! I also like listening to The Preacher's Wife soundtrack during the holidays. I may try and see if I can post my Christmas Mix list to this post.

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