Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Got Water?

I was in Safeway this morning eyeballing some things. I stumbled upon Sparkling Ice during another Safeway trip. Sparkling Ice is a "naturally flavored sparkling spring water". I initially tried the lemonade flavor. It was good, so I picked up a few more flavors to try.

As I'm walking down the water aisle, I saw this HUGE bottle of Smart Water. I was like that's a big bottle. So of course I picked one up lol. I have been terrible lately at getting my water in for the day. Plus I'm 'weird' when it comes to drinking water.

Like if I drink water out of a glass, it just sits there (unless I'm eating out). Drinking it out of a bottle makes me drink it. Also I don't like really cold water. If I take a bottle of of the refrigerator, I  usually let it sit.

So I'm trying to figure out how to do better with drinking water. I had been doing really well. Can't tell you what happened. How do you go about getting in your water in for the day?


  1. Congratulations with restarting your water journey. I just kick started mine again last week. While at work I either drink my water from a liter bottle or I will use my 24oz sports bottle that has a flip-top and a straw. I try to drink a liter before 11am, one before 3pm and one at home. My biggest struggle is drinking water at home, especially on the weekends. I try to use the same routine but I fall short - way short. I hope I get better as the summer rolls in.

    I use True Lemon crystallized lemon packets to flavor my water. They also have lime and grapefruit which are also pretty good. I love those things - I carry them in my purse and they can be used to cook, bake and season with. They have 0 calories, sugar and sodium so that's another plus. I also love Deer Park flavored sparkling waters. I usually drink those with lunch and/or dinner.

    1. I'll have to come up with some kind of "schedule". I said if I drink a bottle to and from work, 2-3 more at work and then at least 1-2 at home in the evening then I should be good. On the weekends at home I'm good. I wish our water cooler here was maintained properly. It isn't. So I don't drink from it. I keep a case of water under my desk.

      Oh I'll have to check those out! I love Safeway's sparking waters. They give me my 'soda fix'.


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