Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Non-driving Mofos!!

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Now I don't claim to be the best driver in the world.  I have a lead foot and have a teeeeeeeny bit of road rage.  However there needs to be a a recall on driver's licenses!  Aye Dios Mio! These fools hold up traffic just to switch lanes or catch an exit.  They zip in and out of lanes where the speed limit is like 35, there are only two lanes and you're in a residential/business area.  Folk don't use their blinkers.  Some people don't know how to do the speed limit and go super slow for no reason.  They ride your bumper.  If I have to slam on brakes for some reason yo azz is gonna be in my trunk!  One morning on my way to work, there were two accidents on the same street not even two minutes a part.  Oye vey! Deeeeeeen all these radios ads run stating that police are cracking down on aggressive drivers yadda yadda yadda.  Bullish!  One thing police in my area have done is strategically place a cop car at various intersections.  Let me tell you there is NO ONE in the doggone car!  And here's the kicker.  The same car will sit in the same spot and in the same position for at least 4 or 5 days!  I'm like come on!  If I ever come into some money, one of the frivolous things I would do is get me a driver stat!  I swear these mofos get my pressure up just about everyday!  My drive to and from work is my time to get my mind right and also get my jam on lol!  I don't have the patience for the foolishness I see how on the road on a daily basis.  Other drivers on the road probably think I'm crazy because I'll go off in a minute.  The next thing you know there is like 8 car spaces between me and the person behind me.  HAAA!!!  Shoot on the weekends if I don't have to go out I keep my simple self in the house! -___-  If I do go out I try to do it eaarrrly so that by time everyone is out and about I'm already back home!  Hmph!

And there you have it.  My take on non-driving mofos!  LOL!

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