Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 2012 Favorites

Aaaaahhhh Fall is upon us! Ok since the last couple of favorites posts have been looooong, I'm going to try to keep the rest of them short. Let's see how this goes...


Maybelline released some limited edition Color Tattoos. There are 4 bright shades and 4 neutral toned shades. The block has been hot trying to find these jokers! I lucked up and found all 4 neutral toned shades at CVS. I've only been able to find 2 of the brighter ones. I'm still on the hunt but seriously doubt I will find them. Anywho I in LOVE with the neutral toned ones. Gold Shimmer is the one I reached for the most this month. This one *pauses* *gushes* I could wear it everyday and be happy. Bad to the Bronze was my favorite of the regular Color Tattoos. But Gold Shimmer gives me a little more. It's just awesome all over the lid when some liner and off you go. I did reach for Bad to the Bronze as well this month.

Urban Decay shadows are on the list again. This month I reached for the original Naked palette a bit. I mentioned this palette in the post I did about rebuilding my makeup collection. Hands down this would be one of the items I would repurchase. I love color on my eyes but I'm a neutral girl through and through. To me there is so much versatility in neutral eye looks. The Naked Palette has a nice mix of warm neutral tones along with a black and silver shadows. I've debated on getting the Naked 2 palette but I'm still undecided.

I picked up another drugstore mascara. I got L'Oreal's Voluminous Full Definition because of makeupbytiffanyd. She mentioned it in her July favorites (I think) and compared it to one of her favorite high end mascaras, Armani Eyes to Kill. So I said hey why not. At first I was like meh and wasn't really liking it. The more I used it and I guess air getting into the tube, I loved it! I like it better than Carbon Black which I think I mentioned as a favorite but now I would reconsider it as a favorite. The full definition one is just that. It full defines your lash and gives them extra volume. Well at least it does on my lashes.


I picked up two more colors in the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains. They are two of the deeper shades in Smitten and Crush.  I have been really enjoying them and I may pick up one more in Adore and maybe Romantic *head palm*. I had to force myself to put them away and use some of lippies. If I didn't have so many lip product this wouldn't be a "problem".

I reached for two of my favorite berry/purple toned lipsticks from Revlon in Berry Haute and Iced Amethyst.


Since I have reorganized my Bare Minerals products I can see what I have better and play in them. I have fallen in love all over again with  Bare Minerals blushes. I grabbed like 4 or 5 blushes to play around with for the month and was reminded why these are some of my favorite blushes. They are similar to Bobbi Brown's blushes in that they go on nicely and the you can build the color on your cheeks. Two that I reached for a lot this month were Rosy Outlook and Avant Garden.

Two other blushes I reached for a lot were Milani's Baked Blushes in Fantastico Mauve and Red Vino. These blushes are very pigmented and you have to be careful to not pick too much product up on your brush. I get carried away sometimes with Red Vino :D


A while ago crytalsis007 talked about Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear polish in Pacific Blue on her blog and I believe she posted about it on Instagram. I have searched high and low for this polish! I was in Ulta walking around and something said go check the Sally Hansen polish section. And sure enough there it was! I couldn't wait to change my nail polish lol! It is a very vibrant and pretty blue color. I've gotten tons of compliments when I wore it.

My nails grow and are strong for the most part but I have issues with them peeling. So I posted a question on QVC's Beauty Banter board on suggestions for a good base coat. Duri Rejuvacote was one of the recommendations. I found a duo on eBay for inexpensive. They have larger quantities available but I didn't want to get a bunch if I didn't like it. You can use it alone or with nail color on your nails everyday until your nails are better. Then you can use it as needed. I've been using it as as a top and base coat. I tried to use it everyday but of course I didn't, but I still was pretty consistent with it. I'm just about done with one of the bottles. I've been really liking and my nails are much better.

During Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty they had a deal on Butter London polishes (buy one, get one free). Now *pauses* I had no intention on get anything! I only have one Butter London polish. Love the color but it chips like in a day. I was online looking at 2 colors I saw on Instagram but I was not going to pay shipping on 2 polishes. So moseyed on over to Ulta near my office. I didn't see the two polishes I was looking for but ended up picking up 2 glitter polishes. The Black Knight is the one I have be LOVING this month. It has a black base with various colors of glitter. Two coats and you have a full look with glitter. No other base color is need. So now my interest in Butter London has resurfaced *head palm*

This and That

I have been all over everything pumpkin spice from Starbucks! I love the latte. I picked up the new Ready Brew coffee in pumpkin spice. You add hot milk and it is delicious! Now I'm just waiting on the red cups lol!! \O/

I got a bracelet from Landau. There was a shop in the hotel where my work meeting took place in August. I moseyed in there and they had a table of bracelets that were $20. I like this bracelet because it's casual.  Just throw on and go.

I picked up CVS' Skin Purifying Astringent Deep Clean and there's a story behind it lol! A lady walked in before me and we walked over to the beauty section display. She was looking and looking for something. She picked up this big bottle and walked on. Me being nosy I was like was what she looking for lol!  I haven't used a toner in YEARS. This bottle is huge and I think it was $4. So I said what the hey. I've been using it twice a day and have been liking it. I use my Clarisonic in the evening to get my makeup of and I love it for that. One of the things I hated about wearing makeup is that I could never get it all over. I felt like I had to wash my face 3 times. This toner helps get any residual whatever from around the edges of my face. Oddly enough my face feels really soft after using it. So score for me being nosy ahahaa!

Ok not too bad this month. On to October!


  1. Thanks for your favorites! Love the pink polish with sparkles. I've been in a bit of a makeup rut but you're making me want to shop my stash!

    1. Shopping your stash is a good way to get out a makeup rut and it's fun to rediscover what you have :) The polish is duo from OPI. It'll be in my October favorites.


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