Friday, September 21, 2012

Bag of the Moment - Dooney & Bourke Donegal Crest Domed Satchel

Here is another Dooney & Bourke bag that I purchased via QVC. I like this bag so much that I have it in 2 additional colors. Right now I'm carrying the brown. This is the Donegal Crest Domed Satchel. It came with a wristlet and key fob. I love just about everything with this bag. The only downside it that the cell phone pocket it small. I got this pre the larger smartphones era. No big deal though. The zip pocket on the inside is large enough to hold my phone and other stuff. It's a nice size everyday bag and I like the shoulder straps. I can get it on my should without any issues and with the colder weather coming I do have issues with it while wearing a coat or big sweater. I promise you I do have other non-Dooney bags. Stay tuned...


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