Thursday, October 18, 2012

My First Trip to MAC

Ok soooo....I do have some MAC items in my makeup collection. It's not a lot compared to others and I don't claim to be a MAC head. There are some folks that are OBSESSED with MAC. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with MAC. They do have some awesome products. I really like their lipsticks and blushes. The only collection of theirs that I kind of went crazy over was the Wonder Woman collection. The hate side towards MAC comes with them releasing new collections every other week, the "hype" behind EVERY collection, stuff selling out online in like two minutes and a few other things. But I digress... I've always ordered online from MAC. I have never set foot in a MAC store or even gone to a MAC counter until recently.

A friend of mine got an invitation to preview the Glamour Daze collection (part of the 2012 holiday collection) in store. She asked me if I wanted to go and I was like sure do! LOL! So I met her at the mall. I got there a little early so I proceeded to have a sit down and people watch. I saw them close the store down early to prepare. They had one of those rope things outside of the store. I was like ummmm this ain't the club! The event was to start at 7pm. People started lining up 15-20 minutes early. My friend did have a appointment time. Well it seemed like the appointment times went out the window because they pretty much let everyone in the store once they checked in.

Ok this MAC store is SMALL!!! When I walked by it I was like ummmm...The event had the potential to be really nice. I spoke with Crystalis007 and she had mentioned to me that she had been to that particular MAC store when they have events. So I was looking forward to it. They had two girls dressed up like the model in the promo pics for the collection and they were singing. Which was nice. But there were SO many people in the store in that you could hardly walk around and look at stuff. The makeup artists that were there were really nice and helpful. But I just couldn't get over all the people that were in there. I kind of hand a mini panic attack. I felt bad for one lady who was in a wheelchair. She had someone pushing her wheelchair but with so many people in there, it was hard to maneuver  I could tell she was getting frustrated. Oh and it was HOT!!!! They had the A/C on but with all they people in there it didn't do much. They also had appetizers and drinks which was another nice touch but I didn't want to partake due to the craziness. I'm sure it was a fire hazard having that many people in the store at one time. Once I checked out, I hauled azz out of the store lol!

Here's a pic of the items that I got:

I got three items from the collection (Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish, Small Vanity blush and Outrageously Fun lipstick) and two additional items while I was there (Viva Glam Nicki lipglass and Beet lip liner. I may get two more items from the collection once it launches. They will be ordered online! So overall my first experience was at a MAC store was interesting to say the least.

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