Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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Long tine no see! I am back from my work trip and I have some posts to catch up on don't I? Plus I have a bonus post of sorts that popped in my head while I was away. But first, here's what I'm playing around with for May.

Shadow Play

I went back and for on what eyeshadows or palettes to play around with and I drew a serious blank! Then I said let me play around with some single eyeshadows. These are mainly from Makeup Geek. I have a couple of eyeshadows from Anastasia and one from Obsidian that I think came in a Allure Box. I recently purchased some magnetic palettes from tarte that are very nice. Trying to decide if I want to purchase some more eyeshadows to fill this palette up. I have my eye on single eyeshadows from Juvia's Place.

Polish Play

Butter London nail polishes are on deck for May. I traveled with some of these and I was annoyed by the fact that there was some serious chipping going on. I'm thinking it's the base and/or top coat I was using. I've used these polishes in the past and never had chipping issues. So I'm going to pay close attention to chipping while using my regular top and base coats. If the chipping is still an issue then these are going in the trash.

Teetotal, Sprog, Wallis, Brown Sugar
Pistol Pink, All Hail The Queen, Lovely Jubbly

Fragrance Play

Drew another blank here on what fragrance to use. Then I decided on philosophy's Falling in Love.

Phew! Annnnnnd go!

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