Sunday, January 24, 2016

2015 Top 10

This post *insert long deep sigh*. I didn't know how I wanted to go about doing this post then I was sick and THEN this doggone massive snow storm decided to show up! I had wanted to get this up earlier in the month.

I started thinking about this post back in November. At first I wasn't going to this with the categories like I did in 2013 and 2014. I thought about doing a Top 10 post for 2015 to keep in with the theme for 2015. I started my post with the categories and just wasn't feeling it. I had some standout favorites in some of the categories. In some of the others, I was listing something kinda for the sake of having something in that particular category.

So I left that post and started this post. I just started listing items that I constantly reached for, enjoyed using and were just hands down awesome products that I "obsessed" over. Plus I'll throw in a couple of brand mentions towards the end. Sound good?

So here we go!

L'Oreal Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray

I picked this up as a potential alternative to Urban Decay's DeSlick. It's pricey for drugstore but you can always catch a deal, use coupons, reward dollars, etc. I lucked up got two when I ordered two Target Beauty boxes and there were only $5 each. This sets my makeup, takes anyway the powdery look and helps my makeup stay in place all day. Even with everyday use, it lasts a long time.

Philosophy The Present

When I first got this I liked it. I thought it was good but I was kinda nonchalant about it and had no intentions on repurchasing it. The more I used it with or without makeup, the more I really, REALLY liked it! I got it on sale via Philosophy's website. It went on sale again and I missed out on it. This product is witchy magic. It smooths and mattifies the skin. It just makes your skin look good. I've worn this a bunch of times alone over my moisturizer. Using this as a primer for foundation *pauses* it's so doggone good. I'm hoping I can catch another deal but regardless, I plan on picking up another tube.

MAC Raizin Blush

Every time I reach for the blush, it's all I want to use. It looks good on and it goes with just about makeup look. Whenever I use it, I have to force myself to put it away. If for some reason, something happened to all of my blushes and I had to rebuild my blush stash, Raizin would be the first one I repurchase. This definitely is in my top 3 for blushes.

Covergirl Queen All Day Flawless Foundation in Mocha Q835

I've raved about this doggone foundation since I think March of last year. I never thought I would find a drugstore foundation that I would enjoy. Better yet, that would work for my skin tone! I can't get enough of this foundation. I've traveled with it for work, used it on days when I needed something to last on my all day, just whenever I want my foundation application to look GOOD! I originally picked up at Walgreens. After that purchase, I ordered it online from Target and I order two bottles at a time. It blends nicely into skin, has good coverage and staying power. What more can you ask from a foundation? Lol!

Black Radiance Soft Focus True Complexion Soft Focus Finishing Powder

Just like with the Covergirl foundation, I never thought I would find a face powder that I could use at the drugstore. I ended up getting all three shades. My favorite is the Milk Chocolate Finish, It pairs beautifully with the Covergirl foundation. It evens everything out and just makes my foundation application flawless.

Eyeko Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner

I don't know what it is about this liquid liner. Of the ones I've tried, it's super easy to use, gives you a nice dark line and it lasts all day. You can do a thin line, a thick line or a cat eye with ease. I have three shades in Ebony, Mocha and Marine. Mocha is my absolute favorite. I have a backup of it on hand. I'm hoping there's another Hautelook sale, so that I can scoop up a couple more. It's the perfect dark brown shade.

Colour Pop Lip Liners

If you've been following me along, then you know that I pretty much have stuck to a brown lip liner only. I've looked and purchased some other colors from various brands. I feel that they were never deep enough to give the definition I like when I use a brown lip liner. I had look at some from MAC and was going to get some but then I stumbled on to Colour Pop. Their lip liners are $5, pigmented, smooth and last all day. I have 5 (Pitch, Ellarie, Leather, BFF3 and Nevermind). My absolute favorite and most used is Ellarie (blackened violet) which should be surprising since I like berry and darker red lippies. It pairs with those shades nicely. I'll need to purchase another one soon.

Wen 613 Eau de Toilette

I got this fragrance in June and I wore it non-stop. I even took it with me on my work trip to Philly. The notes of vanilla, rosemary and lemon blend well together. It's not too strong of a fragrance but it's not a wimpy one either. It lasts on me all day. This is another product that I kept using and had to make myself put it away. If you saw my fragrance stash then you would know why lol.

Formula X Polish in Beyond

I don't know what is it with this polish. I got it at Sephora in JcPenney and was stuck on it. It was hands down my most used polish of the year. It's a d ark teal shade but it's not too dark that you couldn't wear it in the spring/summer. It's a pretty year round shade. I love formula. You can get an opaque application in one coat.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple

I've used Purity off and on for years. This year I got reacquainted with it and really enjoyed using it. I remember someone saying in a video that it's gentle to the point of being boring, I was like what? It's gentle yes, but I don't think it's boring. It does was a cleanser is supposed to do. It cleans your face without stripping it. It removes makeup nicely and my skin feel so soft after using. So yea not boring at all. A definite keeper in my skincare arsenal.

So you know I would somehow go over 10 right? And since this isn't a beauty product, it's totally acceptable LOL!

My favorite handbag for 2015 was Aimee Kestenberg's Leather Soho Satchel. I picked this up on Gold Distressed when it was a Today's Special Value on QVC. I carried this bag for a while and didn't want to switch it out. It's a good everyday bag that holds all my stuff. I love the long strap that turns into a shoulder bag. I like that on me it came to my hip with the long strap. Some complained that it wasn't long enough to crossbody but I'm fine with it. This isn't the kind of bag I think make a good crossbody bag since it's larger. I would like it in another color *shifty eyes*

Now for some brand favorites!

I purposely didn't mention a palette because I knew I would kind of cheat lol. I've mentioned before that Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands when it comes to eyeshadows. I purchased 3 palettes from them in 2015 (Naked Smoky, Vice 4 and Gwen Stefani) and I love all three and they were my favorites for the year. I also tried out their new blushes in 2015 and they are awesome. I tried some samples of thier lipsticks and they were nice and the one gloss I picked up was nice too. So Urban Decay was tops for me in 2015.

Tarte has been another brand that has impressed me in 2015. The items I've picked up this year have been from sets available from QVC and they have just been awesome. Tarte is another brand that's a eyeshadow and blush favorite. I played around more with their lip products this year and they are really nice. I purchased two of their matte lipsurgence from Ulta. Their lipsurgence gloss in Exquisite was a go to shade for me in 2015.

And there you have it! I tried to keep it short and sweet. Let's see what 2016 brings. I already have some ideas for my 2016 favorites post *insert evil laugh*

Stay tuned...


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    1. I want to get another color. My cousin has the Gunmetal and it's beautiful in person. It was the one I originally wanted but by the time I ordered it was on waitlist. I like the Metallic Camo too.

  2. I purchase UD bittersweet blush today at Ulta and I purchase my favorite clinique mascara. Msvirgo

  3. I purchase UD bittersweet blush on Friday. Really pretty think I will try quiver next Msvirgo.


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