Monday, January 25, 2016

Bag of the Moment - Snob Essentials Embossed Tote with Tassel

I got this bag from HSN on sale and with free shipping. I got it in gray which is still available. It's also available in blue. I also wanted the pink croco but it's sold out. This is a nice everyday bag. It's lightweight to start out with which is always nice. There's a lot of room on the inside but it's not big and bulky like some totes can be. I may travel with this bag this year. I like that the chain detail is silver. I'm typically turned off by gray bags with gold hardware. The Drew tote which is similar is also available on sale with free shipping. I'm tempted to pick up this on up in brown. We shall see. *shifty eyes* Check out the video presentations for more details!


  1. Nice bag! I bet the brown is gorgeous. 😃

    1. Is it?! I'm waiting to see if the price goes down more on the brown.

  2. Nice bag! I bet the brown is gorgeous. 😃


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