Monday, January 25, 2016

Buyer's Remorse - Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

*insert sigh*

Soooooooo I made an online order and visited two stores during the recent Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale. The online order was supposed to me my only purchase and it was a "focused" purchase, getting what I wanted and not a bunch of random stuff. I ended up forgetting to get some hand soaps. So I went in store. The first store I went to didn't have much but I got a few things. Then one day, I go the random urge to check out the store in the mall. Their selection was better. I ended up with a TON of stuff (what's pictured above). As I slowly started putting stuff away, I said to myself why did you get all of this? Yes, it was on sale but still!!

I did get scents that I like. I do like "layering" scents using the same body wash, body lotion/cream and fragrance. But it's not really "necessary".  I prefer their body creams vs. their body lotions. I did get a couple of body lotions during another trip before the sale since these particular scents didn't have the body creams. The body creams work well for me for the most part. During the winter time when it's really cold and the air is dry, I need something a little more moisturizing.

2015 was supposed to the year that I decided on a body wash, lotion, and scrub to use. I wanted something that didn't really have a scent or something really light that I could use no mater what fragrance I wear. This could be Philosophy's Fresh Cream for me. It's a light enough scent that it doesn't interfere with whatever fragrance that I decide to wear and I just love the scent. I ended up getting the philosophy a year of seasonal shower gels set from QVC on auto delivery. There is also a single shipment available. With the auto delivery, you'll get new scents for each season (a total of four shipments). I love philosophy shower gels and it's a good deal. The scents really don't linger on your body. You experience them in the shower and then can use whatever fragrance you'd like. For body lotion/cream there are several from Nivea (Extended Moisture Body Lotion and Essentially Enriched Body Lotion) that I really like. They're not travel friendly though. I also like Johnson's Baby Oil Gel in Shea & Cocoa Butter. I recently got a huge jar of the Nivea Creme (400 ml) for less than $10 at CVS. I use the small tin as a hand cream and love it. I have some other items on my radar to try at some point based off of recommendations or have seen on HSN/QVC. So this year is going to be the year for selecting a body lotion/cream to use, instead of having a bunch of different ones.

Upside is that I got everything on sale and I had coupons on top of the sale prices. So I don't feel too bad and some of it will get used.  Plus I have some stuff to reach for if I need a gift for someone. Also I'm sure my mom or cousin will gladly take some of this off my hands lol!!! So lesson learned. It's time that I leave Bath & Body Works alone. I do like their scents but I have noticed that I get tired of them quickly. I'll just stick to purchasing their hand soaps since I do really like them and they don't dry out my hands.

See I'm evolving lol!

Stay tuned for more revelations!


  1. I understand what you mean. Before Christmas I went crazy In BBW with the specials they had on the soaps for 2.50 I purchase 12 and then when the candles was 8.50 I purchase 8 and the fragrance mist 5.00 I purchase 6 and used coupons for all it it the soaps came to 1.66 and the candles 6.00 a piece and mist was 3.33. Only thing I need now is the body creams and I missed that sale so now I'm on a hunt for coupons lol!! Msvirgo!

    1. I didn't take adavantage of those specials. Which now I guess is a good thing. I already had candles. I picked up Twisted Peppermint during the sale. With it being on sale and the coupon I had, I think I I got it for $6. I wanted to hit up the soap sale but it was on Saturday and I couldn't make my way over to the store and didn't feel like placing an online order. It's easy to go crazy at BBW when the price are so good. That's the trouble.

    2. I know I'm kicking myself that I didn't get to the body cream sale when it was 5.00 lol But I guess the B3G3 with coupon will have to do!

    3. How do you like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette? Msvirgo

    4. I like it. I have the Semi Sweet palette too. I plan on getting the Bons Bons one at some point. They have a warm toned palette coming out this summer that looks really pretty.

    5. oh ok so it seems like the quality is good. Msvirgo


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